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779 Ungrateful And Treacherous!

    The sky slowly darkened, turning day into night.

    The boundless darkness was about to shroud the entire land!

    Chi Tian Feng walked into a neighboring town and found an inn, where he proceeded to boil a pot of tea in a leisurely manner. There, he sat for a good half a day and listened to some stories until the sun was almost gone. Finally, he stood up slowly, placed some silver on the table, and left.

    With the setting sun before him, Chi Tian Feng's figure casted a long shadow behind him. He looked somewhat sullen and lonely

    A moment later, he found a carriage and bought quite a large amount of wine and delicious food, filling the carriage with them. There were nearly 20 jars of wine, and each one was 50 jin heavy. He climbed onto the carriage and slowly pulled out of the town, journeying toward the south.

    Normally, when one reached the Saint realm, they would not care much about eating or drinking any more. In fact, it was completely normal even if they didn't eat for 10 days or half a month. Once they entered secluded cultivation, it wasn't rare to not eat or drink anything for months. Whether there was food to eat or anything to drink was already not a concern in their lives anymore.

    But today, Chi Tian Feng's suggestion of a feast was quite unexpectedly met with the agreement of the rest of the Saints!

    Even Chi Tian Feng, who proposed the idea, was somewhat shocked at the response. It turned out that he was not the only one who did not think favorably of their chances in a fight against Jun Mo Xie's master. The others also thought the same way!

    Therefore this time, Chi Tian Feng had bought several times more food and drink!

    Since everyone decided to get drunk, then they should get thoroughly drunk!

    Who would have thought that they would lose three Saints from the Illusory Blood Sea just by trying to deal with a mere fourth level Venerable Mei Xue Yan, causing their total strength to fall by a third? Even if it was because of the appearance of the shocking Saint King Pills, this result was still too exaggerated!

    Later on, if they went up against Jun Mo Xie's mysterious master, what kind of price would they have to pay? That was a matter that no one could predict with confidence. But there was one point that was hammered clearly into their heads from that fight with Mei Xue Yan. Saints were not invincible existences to those experts below the Saint level!

    Saints could also die!

    Right now, they still had six people on their side.

    Wanting to eliminate that grand expert without suffering a single casualty was undoubtedly a pipe dream! It was a completely impossible matter! Even if the six of them surrounded and attacked a Saint of the same rank, there would still be casualties! Not to mention that that mysterious expert was very possibly many times stronger than them!

    Chi Tian Feng traveled absentmindedly all the way until he reached the place where he had parted with Jiang Jun Ji. Although he loathed to see that fellow, they had agreed on the meeting earlier. But after waiting for some time, the weirdo still had not turned up. Chi Tian Feng did not put the matter to heart, thinking that that fellow must have gone somewhere. Without waiting any further, he turned the carriage around and returned to the cave.

    When they reached the foot of the mountain, he paid the carriage driver a piece of gold, and under the shocked eyes of the carriage driver, he stretched out his hand and all the goods in the carriage seemed to be grabbed by a gigantic palm, stacking up to 40, 50 zhang high!

    The more than a thousand jin worth of wine and food were directly hoisted away, and Chi Tian Feng skipped up the mountain like that, without so much as turning his head back.

    The carriage driver was so frightened that his stomach was twisted and cramped. The word "demon" came to his mouth, but he didn't dare to shout it out. His hands and legs trembling fiercely, he climbed onto the carriage and whipped the horse in an urgent manner. His face was pale and his lips were green, as if he'd seen a ghost. Without any hesitation, he rushed back with a speed so great, it was as if a family member had died. The journey that normally would take six to eight hours to travel was actually completed in just two hours. Of course, the poor carriage was rattled so hard that most of its part was already torn away from the frame

    Even after he stepped into his house, he was still engrossed in a nightmarish state. His hands were cold and clammy, and when he opened his tightly balled fist, the dazzling gold ingot still laid within. As if not daring to believe that it was real, he brought the gold to his mouth and bit down on it. His tooth grew numb, and the gold still remained solid. From the looks of it, this gold ingot was real. But because of it, he became even more frightened

    The poor carriage driver even fell sick because of this incident

    Seeing Chi Tian Feng returning by himself and carrying much stuff with him, Chen Chong and the rest could not help but be slightly stunned.

    "Where's Jiang Jun Ji?" Chen Chong asked with furrowed brows.

    How come that fellow didn't come back with Chi Tian Feng this time? That was a little strange. On the other hand, he was also taking the chance to have a little laugh at Chi Tian Feng.

    The feeling of being together with Jiang Jun Ji was truly quite unforgettable

    Chi Tian Feng nearly tripped and dropped the wine jars. Shaking his head with a lingering fear in his heart, he hurriedly said, "Boss Chen I besiege, you, please don't mention that fellow in front of me anymore I really had enough of him today"

    "HAHAHA" The others all laughed in a gloating manner. Just thinking of it also gave them slight gooseb.u.mps.

    "Who cares, everytime that fellow goes out, he'd engage in things offensive to G.o.d and reason. Who knows where 'she' ran off to this time, committing some unthinkable acts. Boss Chen, since Jiang Jun Ji isn't here, the five of us brothers can have a good drink. When that fellow comes back, the rest of us would only feel more uncomfortable." Cui Chang He laughed happily.

    "Exactly, it seems like Jiang Jun Ji still has some sensibility to leave us alone this time." Sa Qing Liu laughed aloud as he grabbed the stuff from Chi Tian Feng and moved them into the cave.

    Chi Tian Feng hands were finally freed. Wiping away the cold sweat that had formed on his forehead from the mention of Jiang Jun Ji, he smiled bitterly, "Brother Chen, now I finally know how difficult it is to live in your Elusive World of Immortals!" Although these words sounded strange, they were definitely Chi Tian Feng's heartfelt words!

    They were his honest feelings!

    He had only interacted with Jiang Jun Ji for half a day, and he'd already been brought to the edge of a mental collapse. What more several hundred years? With Chi Tian Feng's words, Sa Qing Liu and Cui Chang He suddenly looked at Chen Chong with more impressed expressions.

    Those are strong willed men, ah to be able to endure that weirdo for several hundred years

    Chen Chong smiled helplessly and shrugged his shoulders. "To be honest, all of us cultivate separately if there's nothing important, even if dozens of years go by, it would be difficult to see each other even once"

    The other Saint who hadn't spoke until now looked coldly at everyone and pursed his mouth. "I've never seen that fellow before. If not for this outing, I wouldn't even know of his existence."

    Chen Chong rolled his eyes with exasperation. "You've never even been out of that cultivation cave of yours; is there anything you've ever seen?!"

    This frosty looking Saint was exactly like his name, Leng Tong, meaning cold eyes. He was also known as the Demon Pupil Saint!

    As they spoke, Cui Chang He had already finished laying out the food and wine. Using his bare hands, he cut out five stone bowls from the cave walls. The thickness of the bowls were perfect for holding and drinking wine. The five's faces were wreathed in smiles as they sat together.

    After three rounds of wine, the smile on the faces of everyone slowly grew less wide, and their complexion grew heavier. Originally, each person would crack a few jokes, but the more they drank, the heavier the atmosphere became.

    Drinking was normally something that would start off reservedly, and grow more lively as time went on. But for these five people, it was completely the opposite.

    After a long time, Sa Qing Liu sighed deeply and put down the bowl in his hand. "This wine today:the more I drink it, the more tasteless it's becoming"

    Leng Tong snorted coldly and rolled his eyes. "To be honest, we should not even be out here this time! Us Saints have hundreds of years of cultivation behind us, and all of it is simply to duke it out with the strange races' Frenzy Blade Enduring Ghost and Frenzy Blade Enduring Earth?! Since when were us Saints being sent out for such nonsensical matters like this?"

    Chen Chong shook his head helplessly. "This matter is also because there's no choice!"

    Leng Tong snorted coldly again, in an even more annoyed tone. "What do you mean by no choice? No choice my a.s.s! This is simply a case of Mo Wu Dao wanting to exact revenge for his own brother! He's satisfying private ends by utilizing public means! This kind of action truly causes one's heart to lose all respect! When did us Saints of the three Holy Lands turn into tools for other people's vengeance?"

    Chen Chong laughed bitterly and shook his head. "Leng Tong, say less words. Everyone is drinking just fine; what's the point of saying these dampening words? Everyone, let's continue drinking!"

    Leng Tong's eyes trembled, and he slammed the stone bowl in his hand down, shattering it into pieces. "Still drink what, fart! How am I being a spoilsport? Am I not just speaking the truth? Why? That fellow can do this, but I can't even speak about it?"

    Who would have thought that the two Elusive World of Immortals Saints would suddenly start arguing with each other. Chi Tian Feng and the rest could not help but look at each other awkwardly.

    Chen Chong laughed dryly in response. "Old brother Leng has been immersed in secluded cultivation within the Holy Land for a long time and hasn't been much in touch with the affairs of the world. Hur hur, so his character is more straightforward and brash"

    Leng Tong rolled his eyes and snorted unhappily. "You don't have to try and cover for me. I've always been direct with my words. How do I not understand the ways of the world?"

    With a stretch of his hand, a large piece of rock was removed from the cave. With a casual swipe, the rock was hollowed out and smoothed into a huge bowl. Lifting up the wine jar, he poured himself a full bowl and gulped it down in one go. "Just to handle a mere fourth level Venerable, nine Saints were actually been sent out this time! In addition, three Saints from the Illusory Blood Sea lost their lives!"

    His eyes grew red, and he raised his voice. "That's three Saint realm experts! What impact will that have on the War for Seizing the Heavens? How many Saints are there in the entirety of the three Holy Lands? Do you all really not know? If all the Saint experts died, could it be that we would need to send Saint Kings to deal with the likes of Frenzy Blade Enduring Ghost and Frenzy Blade Enduring Earth? If that's the case, who will go to deal with Supremacy Enduring Heavens when he appears?"

    The other four fell silent, unable to reply. Together, they lifted up their wine bowls and drank deeply.

    "There's still more! Those youngsters beneath us are performing all manners of evil as they please, running amuck without care and dealing with Tian Fa! Mother f*cking h.e.l.l, I simply don't understand" Leng Tong downed three large bowls of wine without pause and wiped his mouth, continuing. "What's the deal with Tian Fa? What's wrong with them? What wrongs have they committed?! What wrongs has Venerable Mei done? Why do they have to pick on her? What rights do they have to pick on her?"

    His ice cold eyes suddenly turned hot and fiery, as he swept his eyes across everyone.

    "You're drunk!" A hint of anger appeared on Chen Chong's face.

    "I'm not drunk! I'm not drunk at all!" Leng Tong roared with rage. "It's been 10,000 years. For the past 10,000 years, the Ferocious Land of Tian Fa has been an important factor in every single War for Seizing the Heavens! Tian Fa is the same as us! They've guarded this land for an entire 10,000 years! Not to mention that they haven't done anything wrong, and even if they have with the great contributions they have made, isn't it enough to cover over any mistakes?"

    Sa Qing Liu snorted coldly. "Brother Leng, Tian Fa's wrongs lay in the fact that even if their contributions are greater, they're just a bunch of wild beasts in the end! Animals! Do you understand now?"

    Hearing this, Leng Tong laughed loudly in a crazy manner. "Bulls.h.i.t! Complete bulls.h.i.t! How come n.o.body complained about them being wild beasts and animals in the previous War for Seizing the Heavens? When the three Holy Lands were weak and powerless during the War for Seizing the Heavens and had to rely entirely on Tian Fa to control the situation, how come no one minded that they were just some wild animals? When we honor all those seniors whose bones are buried atop the Pillar of Heavens Mountain and offer incense to them, why didn't anyone call those seniors 'wild beasts'?"

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