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Chapter 1330 (Teaser)

    Chapter 1330-Challenging the Undying

    "Great Elder!"

    Many people screamed out.

    It was because this was just too dangerous, simply like throwing his life away!

    Just now, anyone with eyes could see that creature’s vicious might couldn’t be challenged, not even the clans working together could do anything to him. How terrifying was this? This could definitely be considered matchless divine might!

    Everyone knew that Great Elder was extremely strong, but compared to an undying being, he was definitely still lacking somewhat. He wasn’t the other party’s opponent, this was just throwing his life away.

    "Great Elder, stop!" Shi Hao shouted. His mind was overwhelmed with worry. He clenched his fists, truly wanting to immediately rush over.

    The faces of everyone from Heavenly Deity Institution immediately turned white, fearing that Great Elder would fall on the spot. That would be a tremendous loss they could not afford.

    At this moment, a large black hand reached out from the abyss below the ruins. It was like a dark cloud, covering heaven and earth, crushing down forward. Everything in its path was destroyed.

    The void broke apart, the mountain peaks collapsed, great cracks extending. The rotating stars fell, suspended moons exploding, great rivers on the earth even more so long dried-up.

    The scene was too terrifying. There was nothing that could stop his advance!

    There were originally eighteen blood

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