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Chapter 2711

    Feng Ruxue nodded his head. The phoenix in the Phoenix Mountain Villa had flight rules, and this was already a known fact. The two Tai Sisters had also told Chen Xiang about this matter before.

    "Usually how many there are." Chen Xiang asked again.

    "Our foundation dao veins are the fusion of the Law of Flight, Law of Regeneration, and Law of Fire. Of course, only phoenixes of pure bloodlines have these; they aren't the other phoenixes that have evolved." Feng Ruxue said.

    "So that's how it is. In that case, what is your cultivation level now?" Chen Xiang was secretly shocked, his basic dao veins did not have any power of laws, but this phoenix actually had three as one.

    "The Tai Dao realm is already at the tenth level." Feng Ruxue answered truthfully.

    Chen Xiang rubbed his chin, looked outside to confirm that there was no one around, and then said in a low voice:"Ru Xue, can you release the power of the Law of Flight  In other words, can you extract it and refine it into a Law beads? "

    Feng Ruxue frowned slightly, then shook his head:"We were born with the power of the laws, even if we extract it out, it would be very difficult for others to use, and there would even be serious consequences.

    "In other words, you are able to extract the power of the law of flight from your foundation." Chen Xiang asked again.

    "This "Sure." Feng Ruxue lowered her head, she knew what Chen Xiang was planning, but facing Chen Xiang, she couldn't lie.

    "Don't worry, I'm just curious." Chen Xiang saw that Feng Ruxue's face was warped, and he laughed.

    "If I really need them, I can condense two Flight rule beads in a day, but none of these are useful. They can only be used by me." Feng Ruxue sighed softly.

    "Then can you give me some? I just want to give it a try and use it in pill refining." Chen Xiang's heart stirred, and he said:"I can use the Dao crystal to purchase them from you."

    "Young Master Shen, if you need it, I can give it to you." Feng Ruxue said:"Roughly how much do you need?"

    "Thirty pills." Chen Xiang decided to give it a try, and see if he could refine it using her Law beads. If he succeeded, he could save a lot of Dao crystal, and at most give Feng Ruxue back some Dao crystal.

    "This is not a problem. I can condense two pills every day. I'll come back ten days later. At that time, I can give you twenty pills." After Feng Ruxue finished speaking, he thought for a while, then stood up with a serious expression. He said:"Young Master Shen, you must not use it on your own. Furthermore, you can't tell others that this is a taboo in the Phoenix Mountain Villa. If I were to meet the elders of the Villa, I will receive a very severe punishment. "

    "Mm, I definitely won't speak carelessly. Rushuang, don't worry." Chen Xiang did not want others to know about this either, so he would naturally not speak carelessly.

    After Feng Ruxue left, Chen Xiang was secretly elated. He felt that he would definitely succeed if he used the Heavenly Alchemy. At that time, as long as he obtained the spatial laws, he would be much safer in the Myriad Tao Mausoleum in a year.

    Tai Bo brought fifteen reborn Law beads and gave them to Chen Xiang.

    After obtaining these rebirth Law beads, Chen Xiang immediately entered the secret room to refine them. In a day's time, he had finished refining them all, and after that, he gave them to Jiang Sijing for her to refine the rebirth Law beads and cultivate the rebirth dao vein.

    Jiang Simei had also come out of seclusion, he had already successfully cultivated the Death Meridian, and even demonstrated the Death Flame and various types of Death powers to Chen Xiang, it was very scary.

    "Let's see who dares to bully me. If I try my best to release the power of death, even if he's stronger than me by a bit, I will still kill him." Jiang Simei was extremely confident at the moment.

    "Meimei, Feng Ruxue came to retrieve the pill two days ago. I originally wanted to talk to you, but it was only because you are in closed door cultivation." Chen Xiang laughed:"Do you want to look for her now?"

    "Alright, I've already mastered the Dao of Death. You don't have to worry about me." Jiang Simei replied:"With that last time, I'll pay attention to it this time."

    Chen Xiang nodded his head, it was impossible for him to stay on tenterhooks all day, furthermore, the Myriad Tao City knew that he, Chen Xiang, was working with the Phoenix Mountain Villa again. Although the Phoenix Mountain Villa rarely made enemies with others, this did not mean that the Phoenix Mountain Villa was easy to bully.

    Jiang Simei went to find Feng Ruxue, and Chen Xiang went into the secret room, where he was refining a Gumai Dan.

    The Tianhun gold Dan s did not have much medicinal ingredients left, but the Gumai Dan s had a lot of ingredients. He planned to refine more Gumai Dan s in one go, if not he would have a huge backlog of medicinal ingredients.

    In the remaining time, Chen Xiang did his best to refine the Gumai Dan, because he did not lack medicinal ingredients, he used many of them in every furnace. In order to stimulate his own potential, he used his Dawan refining method to the maximum, to the point that he even refined Gumai Dan, it could be said to be extremely crazy.

    In just a single day, he was able to refine over a hundred thousand pills. This was twice as much as before, but it also made him exhausted.

    Even though he was exhausted, he only needed to rest for four hours to recover his spirit to its peak state before he could continue concocting pills.

    Eight days had pa.s.sed and Chen Xiang came out of the secret room. He had already refined eight hundred thousand Gumai Dan, which was enough for Myriad Tao City to consume for a while.

    Every time, the first one to come would be Tai Bao.

    "Because of the medicinal ingredients, there are only Gumai Dan left." Chen Xiang handed over four hundred thousand Gumai Dan s to Tai Bao, while Tai Bao gave Chen Xiang the payment for the last time with the Tianhun gold Dan s.

    "Not a few, it's been for a long time." Although it was a lower levelled Gumai Dan, Tai Bao and the others still earned quite a bit, so they didn't mind.

    After Tai Bao, was the time Feng Ruxue came. Jiang Simei immediately went out to welcome him, and it could be seen that during this period, Jiang Simei had frequently gone to find Feng Ruxue, so their relationship had become extremely good.

    Feng Ruxue had already given the last Dao crystal to Jiang Simei, so he would hand Jiang Simei over to him the moment Chen Xiang came out of seclusion.

    "This time, it's Gumai Dan, five hundred Dao crystal. Your Phoenix Mountain Villa's shop didn't sell any of them, right?" Chen Xiang pa.s.sed the Gumai Dan to Feng Ruxue, and Feng Ruxue also gave Chen Xiang a Storage bag, saying:"There's two hundred million Dao crystal inside."

    The Gumai Dan s were cheaper alone, so even if there were four hundred thousand of them, it would only be two hundred million, so Feng Ruxue was able to get rid of them this time.

    Amongst the two hundred million Dao crystal that Chen Xiang had given him, there were still twenty of them.

    "Thank you very much." Chen Xiang whispered to Feng Ruxue.

    "You're welcome. Next time, I'll give you ten pills." Feng Ruxue replied, at the same time he smiled at Chen Xiang. Although she was only politely smiling, it carried a hint of gentleness and flirtatiousness.

    Now that Jiang Sijing had successfully cultivated a reborn Rule Dao line, the speed at which he grew medicinal ingredients was many times faster. From now on, Chen Xiang did not have to worry about the medicinal ingredients required by the Tianhun gold Dan.

    "That's right. I might have to go into closed-door training during this period of time. If you don't see me after ten days, then we'll postpone it for another ten days." Chen Xiang said.

    "Alright." Feng Ruxue nodded.

    Chen Xiang took the Flight rule beads and immediately entered the secret room, he was already itching to refine it.

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