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Path to Heaven Chapter 972

    "Someone's coming out!"

    Just as they were 2000 miles away from the valley, Ling Tian suddenly cried out in a cold voice. Dark clouds covered the sky and a beam of light suddenly shot out from amidst the thunder and lightning.

    "It was detected so far away? "Sister Steel Teeth, don't expose yourself first. I'll investigate what the other party's background is!"

    Wei Suo's eyebrows shot up. He opened up a distance of several dozen feet from Ling Tian. His body began to emit an icy purple divine imprint, giving off the impression that he was an Ice Element Mystic Three powerhouse.

    With Wei Suo's eyesight, he was still unable to clearly see what was happening in the valley. The opponent was definitely the same as Yu Hua Tian; there must be some unique technique that allowed him to sense the subtle changes in Qi flow caused by the approach of Ling Jing Tian.

    "Who is this person?" "Why haven't I seen him before?"

    "He's a cultivator that cultivates a thunder-attribute cultivation method, a martial artist at the early third level of the Divine Profound Realm!"

    "A third level Spirit Xuan expert?"

    With a single glance, Wei Suo was able to see the cultivators within the light and was immediately surprised when he heard Ling Long Tian's voice transmission.

    The person who had flown out of the valley was a mysterious expert who was clad in jade-like clothes and was standing on a strange golden beast. He had a sinister expression on his face.

    This Divine Xuan expert was around 50 years old. His face was long and narrow, and he had a white beard. His hair was entwined with streaks of white cold electricity, and he exuded the aura of a Martial Saint.

    This Supreme Elder was completely unfamiliar. Wei Suo and Ling Tian had never seen him before.

    The golden beast he was treading on wasn't a magic treasure, but was completely a powerful demonic beast. It was shaped like a lion, had a pair of short wings, a single horn on its head, was covered in long golden fur, had a body as bright as a sun, and a pair of eyes the size of bells stared at Wei Suo and Ling Tian.

    "What kind of demon beast is this, why have I never heard of it before?!" This demonic beast's aura is too strong, and it seems to be even more shocking than a cultivator at the fifth level of the Aurous Core Stage! "

    "This demon beast was made from a cross between a Golden Hou and some kind of qilin. It has powerful Qilin blood and strength similar to the two ancient demon beasts in the Reincarnation Tower!" Ling Long Tian's voice transmission and the green-robed elder's loud shout also sounded in Wei Suo's ears at almost the same time.


    "The set-up of the small Heaven Realm, coupled with the secret technique of fellow Daoist Zhantai, can indeed draw out the might of the vault of heaven!"

    At this moment, the Sect Master of the Merit Sect, the Sect Master of the Ascending Immortal Sect, and the Zhankai Ling Lan were all located at the north side of the valley. At this moment, the Sect Master of the Merit Sect, the Sect Master of the Ascending Immortal Sect, and the Zhankai Ling Lan were all at the north side of the valley.

    In the valley, dozens of giant crystal columns were connected and emitting beams of light. Countless ancient light talismans of various colors had already floated up from the ground and floated in the sky. They were strange and bizarre, like stars in the sky.

    Countless threads of light were like water as they filled the entire valley.

    All the cultivators of the Merit Sect and the Immortal Seeking Sect were in a state of extreme shock, their mouths wide open, unable to make a sound.

    The glittering lights in the sky were like ships from ancient times, already arriving above the valley. The glowing symbols rising from the countless valleys were like b.u.t.terflies, gathering above the milky white crystal lights. Waves of mysterious energy spread between the heaven and earth, just like the scene from the sky earlier, shocking everyone.

    "Third level of the Divine Profound Realm, a Supreme Elder who cultivates an ice attribute cultivation technique!" I've never heard of anyone. "

    A white mirror also appeared in front of the Sect Master of the Immortal a.s.sa.s.sin Sect. It displayed the scene of Wei Suo and the almighty being stepping on golden beasts in front of him as well as the Sect Master of the Merit Sect.

    "Don't worry about him. Kong Jiu Li's divine ability is astonishing, and his mount has strength close to the Divine Profound Realm. It's not a problem to take care of him." "It won't affect us much."

    Also, Kong Jiu Li's true self was deceived by me, so the restriction will be activated very soon. Our cultivation bases can be raised by anyone, and if he doesn't make it back in time, then our cultivation base will be greatly increased. Even if he were to suffer a huge loss and go on a rampage, we wouldn't even need to fear him or the ZhongTian Thunder Sect!

    The Sect Leader of the Merit Sect had a stern expression on his face. His usual expression completely disappeared as he let out a low roar.


    As the countless light talismans twined around them, the crystalline light that first descended upon the valley began to turn into milky white streams of Essence. It actually formed into a tiny white figure above the valley.

    These white-colored imps were all sitting Dao Sovereigns. If the Exquisite Heaven were to see them, it would be easy for it to recognize that these sitting Dao Sovereigns' appearances were very similar to that of Daoist Void from her era.

    "Where did this fellow cultivator come from? How could he cause such a great change in the heavens?"

    On the other side, Wei Suo didn't pause for even a moment. He continuously approached the almighty elder in jade-like clothes, obviously trying to intercept him. He took the initiative to inquire about the other party's background.

    "This sovereign is the ZhongTian Purple Thunder Sect's Supreme Elder, Master Lei Shu Xu Jiu Li. Who are you?" The golden-veined jade-robed elder continued to walk towards Wei Suo. His long and narrow eyes constantly sized up the Exquisite Heavens behind Wei Suo and Wei Suo.

    "ZhongTian Purple Thunder Sect?" This was the super sect of the Yuheng Continent! The Merit Sect and the Ascension Sect, they actually even allied with the super sects of the Yuheng Continent?! Could it be that they want to join forces with the sects of the Yuheng Continent to swallow the Profound Sky Continent?! " Upon hearing the words of this Divine Mystical Master, the green robed old man immediately shouted out loud.

    "Is it a Supreme Elder from the Yuheng Continent?" Wei Suo's eyes flashed, but the expression on his face didn't change as he casually said, "I'm next season's Li Jun, I'm a cultivator from the Forbidden Continent."

    "Cultivators of the Nihility Continent? This kind of ice attribute cultivation technique is definitely not someone from the Vast Expanse family or the Changsun family, it does not have any powerful background. " Divine Lord Lei Shu, Xu Jiu Li, was staring at Wei Suo. His eyes were flickering, and it was hard to tell what he was thinking. He simply didn't care about the Exquisite Heavens behind him.

    "Brat, their arrangements are going to be activated soon! It's people from the Merit Sect and the Immortal Seeking Sect! "

    At this time, Wei Suo's eyebrows fiercely jumped. A sharp and clear voice entered his ears.

    "Thunder Prison, kill!" At this moment, Divine Master Lei Shu seemed to have completely made up his mind. His eyes suddenly flashed with killing intent as he roared at the mount beneath him.

    "Lightning Sovereign!" Thousand Thunderbolt Violent Kill! "

    In the time it took to let out a long whistle, all of the ten thousand acupoints on Divine Master Lei Shu's body shot out streams of divine might. In the time it takes to let out a long whistle, all of the ten thousand acupoints on Divine Master Lei Shu's body shot out streams of divine might.

    "Boom boom boom boom boom!"

    This ten thousand or so lightning b.a.l.l.s didn't scatter after they were shot out. They gathered together and formed a single ball.

    This thunder ball was only the size of a fist, but it rippled with a terrifying thunder aura that was hard to imagine. It was like a sky full of lightning that swept over.

    "Roar!" At the same time, the strange golden beast beneath him let out a loud roar as well. A huge golden wave of light descended upon Wei Suo.

    "Sister Steel Teeth, do it, kill!" Just as Divine Master Lei Shu let out a long roar and shouted for his strange beast to take action, Wei Suo also let out a loud roar at the same time.

    "You actually want to kill me?!" With just you alone, you think you can stop my collaboration with the Thunder Prison? " As soon as Divine Master Lei Shu made his move, he heard Wei Suo's shout as well. He was momentarily stunned before a disdainful sneer appeared on the corner of his mouth.

    "Dong!" However, just as his sneer appeared on his face, his body seemed to have been hit by an invisible sledgehammer, and there was a violent earthquake. Countless lightning sparks shot out from his body, and countless cracks appeared on his jade-like clothes.

    "It's actually the Supreme Magic Sound Power?!"

    Such an inconceivable thought flashed in the minds of both Lei Shu and Wei Suo at the same time.

    That was because at the same moment that Wei Suo's multiplication technique was used to suppress Lord Lei Shu, an enormous wave of might also struck him.

    The strange golden beast beneath Lei Shu's feet also emitted a magical sound like the power of a multiplication!

    However, the only difference was that when Wei Suo's sonic wave struck the body of Divine Master Lei Shu, he was actually slightly slower than before.

    As for Wei Suo, most of the power that had struck him had been neutralized by the power of the Great Way of the G.o.ds. His body only trembled slightly, and he wasn't affected much by it.

    "I've only relied on this strange beast and haven't yet comprehended the power of the Great Dao's jurisdiction. I'm still thinking of killing me!"


    Wei Suo laughed coldly and sent out a series of broken moons, shaking the world and colliding with the incoming golden b.a.l.l.s of lightning. The two mighty powers smashed into each other, completely gaining the upper hand.


    The strange golden beast beneath Lei Shu spat out a large amount of golden light, wanting to protect its master.

    However, at this very moment, the crescent moon that was almost identical to the one before had actually pa.s.sed through the colliding energies that had yet to disappear. In an instant, it arrived in front of Divine Master Lei Shu and the strange golden beast.


    "How is this possible!?" Even a master of the fifth level of the Divine Profound Realm would not be able to unleash two of these skills at the same time.

    Astonished, not a single person on his face could be seen as countless arcs of lightning and profound energy shot out from his body.

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    However, it was simply too late. The power emitted by the golden beast below him had been completely shattered. Both of them had been sent flying backwards.

    "How is this possible!"

    "Missing moon! How could this person create two incomplete moons at the same time!"

    The valley where the Merit Sect disciples were at was also completely shaken and in complete astonishment!


    Divine Master Lei Shu's body split apart as blood and thunder sprayed out. A ma.s.s of Divine Profound Energy flew out from the top of his head, attempting to escape.

    But right at this time, a purple light that he hadn't paid attention to before rushed out from the side, bursting out with a gray divine light. The light aura around Divine Master Lei Shu disappeared in an instant. With a miserable scream, Ling Long Tian expressionlessly stretched out his hand and struck the air above his head, completely shattering the Profound G.o.d Qi that was escaping from his body.


    "Die!" Apothecary Lei Shu's strange golden beast spat out a mouthful of demonic core. It looked like it was about to explode at any moment. However, just at this moment, following Wei Suo's cold shout, a majestic pressure also pressed onto the demonic beast that was covered with cracks. The demonic beast immediately exploded and spilled out countless amounts of gold-like blood.

    A third stage Spirit Xuan expert and a powerful demonic beast were instantly killed by the combined forces of Wei Suo and Ling Tian!


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