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Chapter 639 - heaven for forgiveness!

    Wu Zhicheng was also in the top of Yanshan match, although Wu of lower status, so he stand very far away, but how could not recognize Chen Fan's appearance?

    this is Chen Beixuan ah, when the world first person!

    the second little star next to him was still humming, "Cheng Cheng, surnamed Xu is too disobedient. You can chill her for a while and teach her a lesson."!"

    Xu Rong Fei in recent two years, the limelight Masamori, circles do not know how many people envy.


    the little star just finished saying, Wu Zhicheng was slapped to fly out.

    "elder brother, what did you hit me for?""

    small stars cover the face side.

    "you say one more thing about Xu Rong's imperial concubine; I not only hit you, but also kill you; can you believe it?"!" Wu Zhicheng was cool, scared the little star turn pale, but do not know, Wu Zhicheng has his legs trembled.

    he never thought of it.

    Xu Rong's boyfriend turned out to be Chen van!

    even though Chen had been married in the northern mountain a few days ago, it was normal for a big lady like Chen to have more than one woman. Wu Zhicheng wanted to can't help askew, after all he spent in this circle, who have never heard of a woman only.

    "my darling, this backer is too hard to scare people."! If I had to hurry a little color, playing a strong fighter bow, now estimated to be Beixuan Chen Wu home to overcome."

    Wu Zhicheng heart constantly scared.

    Xu Rongfei although just red, played several fire women, many netizens as a national goddess, but the day and entertainment companies, Xu Rongfei is very unhappy, that her character is too proud, do not understand the rules. The other female stars, even show hostesses accompany sleep are normal, just like her big miss, even out to dinner.

    "if not for her to make money, Li Xinru has been guarding her, and she likes her, too."."

    this is the exact words of Wu Zhicheng's father.

    now, the others which pride? Really emboldened ah!

    Chen Beixuan "a woman, even when the star, why didn't you tell me earlier? "Wu Zhicheng shot thigh, suddenly thought of his brother Wu Zhifan, hurriedly call:

    "what? The second is going to the Yanjing Academy of film and television?" Stop him quickly, call him, absolutely not to provoke Xu Rong imperial concubine!"

    Wu Zhicheng put down the phone, turned pale, and went straight to the door without saying a word

    and at this point, the network has been boiling like the sea.

    this year the first drama is so hot, lit a moment of countless people gossip enthusiasm.

    many people are sorry:

    Xu Rong Fei unfortunately, she is a Star Sheng, this time should be to eliminate all the gossip, keep the image of the goddess lengao, attract more fans, but at this time her boyfriend broke, too hurt popularity."

    "yes, I heard that she was in the entertainment industry, and the company relationship is not good, and such a mistake, the sky and senior might be angry, she froze."."

    as for Xu Rong's manager, Sister Li, it was the first time to call:

    "imperial concubine"; are those pictures on the Internet real?"

    "what picture, I'm eating with Lao Fang's brother?"."

    Xu Rong Fei blink eyes, indissolubles.

    "you Hey, what do I tell you?"!"

    Li Jie in the air.

    what time is it that she needs public relations crisis and still has leisure to eat?

    "forget it, you don't have any more news after that. Keep silent. Don't talk to any reporter who comes to visit you. I'll fix it."."

    Li sister finished, immediately began to call, notify each site, asking them to delete information. And to get started in the name of the Navy, confuse the public, Xu Rong Fei studio, published information, said those photos are It is sheer fiction

    Xu Rong's face was innocent.

    they were sitting in a small restaurant outside the film school, the restaurant is small, but relatively warm, including boxes are decorated very warm heart, dishes is a must.

    in addition to Chen van and Xu Rong imperial concubine, her roommate Ning heart at this time also.

    Ningxin blinking eyes, looked at chen fan, looked at Xu Rong Fei, a curious baby.

    Ning heart now no small sling, small pants dress, wearing a yellow jacket, which is a small vest, skirt, wearing a white Bobble hat, cute.

    "how, are you in trouble?""

    "" Chen smiled gently.

    "what trouble ah, you have two things, was stabbed to the network, a lot of photos. Now micro-blog is boiling above, the topic directly brush to hot search list first, estimate the whole network all know, national goddess Xu Rongfei has a boyfriend."

    Ning heart turned over, supercilious look.

    "ah?" That Chen elder brother, you can have something to do?! Fang sister, if there's a misunderstanding, it's bad."

    Xu Rong Fei face apologetic way.

    she naturally knew that, as Chen Fan was now, once exposed, it would cause a great stir.

    "what sister?""

    Ning heart eyes with a trace of doubt.

    "do you know the news of my engagement to little Joan?"" Chen Fan lifted his eyelid.


    Xu Rong concubine low head, mood a little lost.

    "what?" Are you engaged?" Ning heart this directly jumped up, stare big eyes, can not believe the hope to Chen Fan, that look, as if looking at Chen Shimei, Ximen Qing.

    "small Joan will not care about these, and to me now, exposure does not have much interference, and rest assured."."

    "" Chen Fan smiled, soothing.

    now, what about exposure? He was the first person in the world, China two fairy only, China to fight the US must die Paul chen fan, behind Kunlun, the general public opinion has not affected chenfan.


    Xu Rong Dian nodded her head cleverly.

    and next to the Ning heart has been too small, the nose is crooked, can not help but stand up and accused the road:

    "Hey, I say you have to be shameless, don't fight with your own head, no one dares to say you."."

    "when engaged, to seduce princess princess, but also said what his exposure right, of course you nothing, but the princess princess ah! Now she is the cause of the rise, there are conflicts with the company, do you know this thing on his exposure, Fei Fei is much blow? Maybe I'll ruin it all my life. Days and the company, those high-level, has been looking for the handle of the imperial concubine"

    a series of sharp words, like machine guns, flying out of Ning's heart.

    Xu Rong Fei quickly pulled her roommate and apologized to Chen Fan.

    "days and entertainment companies in trouble for you?"" Chen Fan's eyebrows knitted together in a little frown.

    "it's not embarrassing; I'm not very communicative; so some of the top executives in the company may be a little upset about me."." Whispered Xu Rongfei.

    "you can rest assured that this matter will be settled by me; you can feel free to do filming, and don't need to worry about it later."."

    Chen Fan nodded, eyes flashed a cold.

    next to Ning listened and sniffed.

    "who do you think you are, a word can make a day of entertainment chiefs, and companies do not dare to offend? Are you a Wang family or a Shaw company?

    but this sentence, Ning heart finally did not speak out, was Xu Rong Zhu dead pull, eyeful begged.

    the next atmosphere was a little silent. The heart of Chen Fan very dissatisfied, looked into his eyes and is full of big liar, dandy, with little girl beast

    however, Rong Rong has not seen Chen for several years; a pair of big eyes smile into crescent moon, enjoying the feeling of eating together with chen.

    "I will live in Yanjing these days. If you look for me, go to the Beishan Mountain. They also like you very much. They always want me to take you to meet them."."

    Chen van metasomatism.


    Xu Rong Dian's small head.

    as for Ningxin bielebiezui, did not speak.

    when three people finished eating, ready to get up and leave, the box door was suddenly pushed open, walked into a handsome tall man, but the man's face is not good, more gloomy.

    "Wu less?""

    to see people, Ning heart immediately jumped, not from a worried look at Chen, desperately trying to wink.

    she knows, the day and entertainment company's two young master, how bad temper, once someone dared to pursue Xu Rong imperial concubine, Wu Zhifan was directly sent to interrupt a leg.

    "Wu Zhifan, what are you doing?""

    Xu Rong Fei surprised.

    "Fei Fei, you make things too much, the company side is difficult, Li Jie gave me several times, let me advise you to your image and future future, best out to send a statement, said that before, are false. You are not in love."

    "" Wu Zhifan said with a good face.

    "yes, this is the imperial concubine's boyfriend, if you want to be good for the imperial concubine, it is best to take the initiative to stand in front of the media, to tell you all before the misunderstanding, you and the imperial concubine is just an ordinary classmate relationship.". The imperial concubine is in the career rising period, you should know, at this time the love news exposure, can have the big influence."

    Wu Zhifan finished saying, "look at Chen Fan, a pair of you.".

    "Wu Zhifan, don't call me my wife, and don't call me my concubine.""

    Xu Rong Fei face a road.

    "this is not my problem; you must know that you are the person of the day and the company; when you have signed the contract for five years, the company has the power to restrict you.". The contract has already written out that the female artist can not be in love for five years. This is a breach of contract. The company can claim compensation or even bring it to court."

    Wu Zhifan's face grew colder and a tone of menace came out.

    Xu Rong Fei suddenly shocked.

    when she signed the contract, only rookie, although Li Xinru helped her win, but only the terms of easing, Xu Rong Fei also thought the short time to fall in love, so I didn't care about it, never thought at this time, Wu Zhifan was with the pressure of her.

    Ning's heart looked anxiously beside him.

    she took a glance at Chen van, and found that Chen Fang's Old God was in the middle, and did not pay any attention to Wu Zhifan. Instead, he was still drinking tea. Suddenly he became more angry in his heart. He had already been disappointed with chen.

    'the princess princess looking for her boyfriend, is not only a dandy, a bit of play are not too bad, I must let her break up! "

    being determined to swear.

    suddenly, the box door was pushed again and hurried into a man, who was the Wu Zhicheng of the ant on the hot pot.

    "elder brother, how come you?""

    Wu Zhifan surprised cha way.

    see Wu Zhicheng to Chen Fan before the two three, Wallace, snapped down, heavy kowtow, trembling voice:

    "day and Wu Wu Zhicheng, see Chen Tianren worship"

    " And forgiveness!"

    suddenly, there was a cold.

    Wu Zhifan's face was stiff and could not believe it.

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    (to be continued )

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