Attack Of The Adorable Kid: President Daddy's Infinite Pampering Chapter 166

Chapter 166: Late Night Sweetness (1)
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One of Mu Sihan’s hands was on top of Nan Zhi’s head and the other was holding her slender waist tightly, he was looking down at her with his dark eyes like a king who was above everyone else. “You still want to pinch?”

There was no excuse for his bad temper, but he was really good looking with no flaws at all. It was like he was a masterpiece created by the heavens, from his features to the contours of his face. When he was unruly, the lines of his face would exude an air of wildness and arrogance, but when he was cold, he would exude out an air that would repel people away with a bitter chill.

Under his cold and dangerous gaze, Nan Zhi felt her blood freeze.

But she was a little confused, and she did not think it through before blurting out, “I just pinched your ear, it’s not somewhere out of line.”

Mu Sihan raised his hand and pinched her chin. “Where else out of line do you want to pinch, huh?”

Nan Zhi became tongue tied and wisely kept her mouth shut.

The man suddenly took a step forward and their bodies pressed together closely. Such intimacy made Nan Zhi’s face turn red in an instant. “Don’t stand so close.”

The man acted like he had heard nothing and suddenly pressed his lower abdomen against her, his thin lips lifted up dangerously. “Want to pinch here?”

She was wearing a skirt and the fabric of the pants he was wearing was thin too. In this position, it was too hot and dangerous.
Nan Zhi’s face was scorching hot.

Especially since they were in the middle of the street.

If they were seen by people or their photos were taken and posted online… They would become Internet celebrities.

“I don’t want to pinch any more, no more.”

When Mu Sihan saw that she had surrendered, he raised her chin and bit on her red lips before releasing her.

Picking her up again, he carried her and there was a hint of amusement in his deep dark eyes.

He suddenly realized that his little drunk kitten was much more adorable and tame in comparison to her usual attitude.

After they had walked some distance, Nan Zhi suddenly saw that there was a stall selling cotton candy by the roadside. Pulling on his shirt, she said excitedly, “I want to eat that.”

Mu Sihan saw several boys and girls in school uniforms standing in front of the stall. He turned to look at the woman on his back.

Although her eyes still seemed a little drunk, there was an eye-catching shine in it that was especially pure and bright. Swollen cherry blossom-like lips opened slightly and seeing one of the girls eating the cotton candy, she even licked her lips in apparent envy.

Looking at her, Mu Sihan cursed inwardly.

Seducing him again!

Seducing him again!

Seducing him again!

Damn it, how many times did she want to seduce him along the way?

Did she really think he was Lu Xiahui 1 !

“Young Master Mu, I want to eat cotton candy.” Her soft voice rang in his ear and he felt her warm breath tickle against his earlobes.

With a dark face, he cursed again and walked towards the stall with her on his back.

Several young boys and girls exclaimed when they saw Mu Sihan carrying Nan Zhi on his back.

“Ah ah ah, they’re so beautiful! The man is so handsome and the woman is gorgeous, they’re made for each other!”

“How romantic. If only I could find a boyfriend who would buy me cotton candy in the future.”

“That’s impossible, are you as pretty as her?”

“Tsk, then are you as cool and handsome as her boyfriend?”

“I want to take a picture and post it online…” Before the girl had finished speaking, Mu Sihan’s dark eyes looked at her sharply.

The girl shivered in fear, putting her phone back into her bag. This boyfriend was handsome, but it seemed like his temper was not that good.

Nan Zhi bought a strawberry-flavored cotton candy which was so big, it was bigger than her face. Sticking out a tiny pink tongue, she licked it gently and a burst of strawberry melted into her mouth.

So sweet.

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