Attack Of The Adorable Kid: President Daddy's Infinite Pampering Chapter 167

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Mu Sihan looked at the woman on his shoulder who was eating in some kind of decadent pleasure. Her eyes were bright and her lips opened in wonder. He frowned in unhappiness. “Is it that delicious?”

Nan Zhi nodded with a radiant smile and stuck out her tongue to lick the cotton candy again.

Mu Sihan’s eyes darkened and suddenly felt that the cotton candy was an eyesore.

Seeing him stop and stare darkly at her cotton candy, Nan Zhi blinked in confusion. “Do you want some?”

Mu Sihan looked at her shining gaze, a little cotton candy stuck on the corner of her mouth. He swallowed and said in a low and husky voice, “Come closer, I have a secret to tell you.”

Nan Zhi really thought he had a secret to tell her and leaned her face close, but he suddenly took advantage of her being unprepared and licked away the cotton candy that was on the corner of her mouth.


Many people who passed by them were covering their mouths and laughing.

Nan Zhi blinked her thick and long eyelashes and then finally realized that he was not going to tell her any secret, but was taking advantage of her to kiss her without warning.

Opening her mouth, she frowned prettily, wanting to scold him for being a hooligan, when she heard him give out a low laugh. “Tsk, it’s so sweet.”

His laughter seemed to came from deep within his chest, like a wine that had been brewing for many years, making people intoxicated by it.

“Why do you always kiss me, you pervert?”

Mu Sihan raised his eyebrows arrogantly and said overbearingly, “It’s your honour to have been kissed by yours truly!”

Nan Zhi was speechless.

After finishing the cotton candy, Nan Zhi started to nod off, the sleepiness hitting her like a giant tidal wave. Hearing the sound of even and light breathing, Mu Sihan looked behind him.

Was she a pig?

She could sleep so deeply in such a short period of time.

Several black cars were following at a distance behind Mu Sihan. One of them drove alongside Mu Sihan and the chauffeur rolled down the window to ask cautiously, “Young Master Mu, do you want to get in?”

Mu Sihan pursed his thin lips and shook his head at the driver.

Like this, the man who could have reached the manor in half an hour by car, spent two hours walking to the manor with the woman sleeping soundly on his back.

Xiaojie ran out from his room when he heard sounds coming from downstairs.

“Uncle Cool, you went drinking with Pretty Zhizhi?” Xiaojie could smell the wine from a mile away.

Mu Sihan thought of how Nan Zhi had vomited in the car and grimaced. Putting her down on the bed, he went into the bathroom to fill the tub with warm water.

Xiaojie followed him inside and admonished him, “Uncle Cool, you want to bathe Pretty Zhizhi? You can’t, it’s improper for men and women to touch each other before marriage.”

After filling the tub, Mu Sihan turned to look at the little fellow. Raising his eyebrows, he said domineeringly, “What ‘improper to touch’? She…” He was about to say that he had seen her naked already, but then realized he should not say this to the brat. Pressing his lips into a thin line, he said instead. “Okay, I’ll get the servant to do it.”

Only, when the servant came, Xiaojie heard the man gave just one domineering command. “Just wash her. Don’t touch her and close your eyes when you’re washing.”

The servant was pale with fright. She could not look or touch, just how was she going to wash Miss Nan?

The next day.

Nan Zhi woke up in pain.

It was bright outside and the sunlight shining in seemed to pierce into her eyes with no mercy. Holding up one hand, she tried to block the glare, but felt that something was amiss.

What is it?

Throwing off the blanket, she found that she was not wearing anything. She looked around and realized that she was sleeping in an unknown guest room.

What happened yesterday?

She pounded her head with her tiny hands. Every time she got drunk, her memories would become fragmented and she would take a while to piece things together.

She stretched out her legs and did not feel any unusual discomfort, but… were her clothes taken off by that bad tempered man?

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