Attack Of The Adorable Kid: President Daddy's Infinite Pampering Chapter 168

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In the dining room downstairs .

Mu Sihan and Xiaojie were eating breakfast at the dining table.

Looking down at the small and delicate face of the boy, Mu Sihan drawled in his usual deep voice, “I’ve built a naughty fort for you in the manor. After breakfast, I’ll show it to you.”

Xiaojie’s big black eyes brightened and he exclaimed, “Wow, Uncle Cool, you’re really cool.”

“Stop your flattery.” Mu Sihan narrowed his dark eyes. “Brat, answer a question for me and don’t lie.”

Xiaojie took a sip of milk and hummed with a bright smile. “I knew that the reason Uncle Cool gave me a naughty fort all of a sudden, was to ask about Pretty Zhizhi.”

The corner of Mu Sihan’s mouth twitched. This brat was really clever.

“Ask away. Since you gave me a naughty fort, I will tell you what you want to know.”

Mu Sihan looked at Xiaojie’s pretty face and big black eyes. He asked in a low voice, “Who’s your Daddy?”

Xiaojie had wondered what the important thing Uncle Cool wanted to ask about. So, it turned out to be this. Letting out a giggle, he said, “You’re so silly. Didn’t I tell you already? My Daddy went to heaven and left me and Pretty Zhizhi a long time ago.”


Mu Sihan’s mood suddenly became better. He reached out his hand and pinched the brat’s tender cheeks. “You’re not sad?”

“Why should I be sad? I heard that he was super heartless. Pretty Zhizhi didn’t like him very much.”

“What kind of man does your Pretty Zhizhi like?” Mu Sihan leaned his tall body against the chair, his deep and well-defined features were like a famous painting under the light. “How about me?”

“You.” Xiaojie repeated, as he thought about what Pretty Zhizhi had said to him, then replied with a smile, “You’re not bad in my eyes, but in Pretty Zhizhi’s eyes, you certainly can’t compare to me!”

Mu Sihan lifted his handsome face slightly. “You, little brat, are not qualified to be compared to me.”

Seeing that he gave him a naughty fort, Xiaojie decided not to be angry with him.

“Actually, it’s quite simple if you want Pretty Zhizhi to like you. If she use the soft approach, she will be more accepting because she hates it when people do things forcefully. Everytime she got angry at me, I just have to cry, pout or smile and she won’t be angry anymore.”

Seeing to think of something else, he continued under his breath, as if bestowing a great secret.

“Also, I heard from Yanran Godma that Pretty Zhizhi has been hurt emotionally before. If you want to get her love, you have to touch her heart sincerely.”

Speaking of this, Xiaojie looked at Mu Sihan contemptuously. “Uncle Cool you’re always so fierce looking. If I was a girl, I wouldn’t like a boy who is not gentle!”

Xiaojie then smiled brightly. “You have to be like me, smile more.”

Mu Sihan glared at him. “I want to kill you with one slap.”

Nan Zhi changed her clothes and went downstairs. She had learnt from Yi Fan that Mu Sihan had built a naughty fort that was comparable to the ones at amusement parks and rushed over in a hurry.

Seeing Xiaojie with an ecstatic beam on his face, sliding down from a gigantic slide into a vibrant pool of blue balls, and then looking at the man standing by the corner with a smile on his lips, Nan Zhi was shocked.

Although the bad tempered man had many areas that she disliked, sometimes some of his actions were so unpredictable they astounded her.

But, wasn’t this naughty fort too big and luxurious?

What if he spoiled Nan Xiaojie? When Xiaojie and her had to leave in the future, would Nan Xiaojie be able to adapt?

“Young Master Mu, I need to talk to you.”

Nan Zhi had no work today and was wearing a white striped shirt dress, a thin waistband hugging her waist. With her long hair tied up into a bun and no makeup covering her skin, her face was beautiful and clear.

“Talk about what? Did you want to talk about how you seduced me yesterday?”

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