Attack Of The Adorable Kid: President Daddy's Infinite Pampering Chapter 244

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Old Lin washed his hands and took Nan Zhi to the yard.

There were flowers and birds in the yard and a table for drinking Kungfu tea.

Nan Zhi and Old Lin talked about each other’s recent situation. After some polite conversation, Nan Zhi tactfully mentioned her uncle’s car accident. “Uncle Lin, was the surname of the person my uncle hit called Mu?”

Old Lin did not know why Nan Zhi would ask about it after so many years, but since the case was already closed, the things the adults of her family knew, he saw no reason to hide. “Yes, Mu Yuan. Your uncle’s car collided with his and he died on the spot like your uncle.”

Nan Zhi’s heart tightened.

“Other than Mr Mu Yuan, was there also a teenager named Mu Sihan in the car?”

Old Lin nodded. His memories were still clear as the case had been so significant back then. “Mmm. Xiaozhi, why are you asking this after so many years? Although your uncle was responsible for that car accident, it was still an accident.

The hands on Nan Zhi’s knees tightened slightly.

It was an accident, but because of her uncle drinking, it had caused such a serious accident that had led to two deaths.

At such a young age, Mu Sihan had to watch his adoptive father die while saving him. It was enough to imagine how big a psychological trauma like that was.

Old Lin recalled the scene of the car accident that took away the lives of two successful businessmen and sighed with regret. “I saw the surveillance footage. It was very strange how your uncle collided with Mr Mu’s car. Although he had drunk wine, he was driving normally after coming out of the hotel. But once he got onto the expressway, the car started to accelerate after driving for awhile, as if he had suicidal tendencies.It was very strange.”

Nan Zhi’s breathing hitched and her fingers tightened again. “It can’t be, Uncle Lin. My uncle wouldn’t commit suicide.”

If he was driving normally from the hotel to the expressway, why did he drive at a suicidal speed once he got on the flyover?

Nan Zhi bit her lip and looked at Old Lin. “Uncle Lin, would somebody have tampered with his car?”

That year, her uncle had died in the accident, followed by her grandfather dying of high blood pressure. Her mother’s mental condition became worse under the double blow of the deaths of her family…

And her grandfather’s family business fell into the hands of Nan Weiye.

Nan Zhi did not know why a terrible idea was suddenly implanted in her mind.

No matter how driven by profit Nan Weiye was, he would not have done anything that was worse than a beast!

“If there was anything wrong with the car, then that car accident was not just a simple accident.”

Nan Zhi vaguely remembered her uncle’s autopsy report, there were no other signs of him being poisoned other than the alcohol detected in his body.

Was this really just an accident?

But this accident had taken away two lives.

On the way back from the town, Xiaojie fell asleep in Nan Zhi’s arms. Nan Zhi was looking for information about Mu Sihan on her phone.

He was considered one of the wealthiest men in the city and was the CEO of S.G Corporation, so there should be a lot of information about him on the internet.

But it was just like Bo Shaoxiu had said, he was quite mysterious, there was no pictures or reports of him on the internet.

Gu Sheng looked at the frowning Nan Zhi through the rearview mirror while driving. “Little Flower, did you figure something out?”

Nan Zhi put down her phone and met with Gu Sheng’s eyes. “Brother Gu Sheng, do you know much about S.G?”

Gu Sheng pondered for a moment, like he was gathering the information he had in his mind about S.G. “As far as I know, S.G was started up by the founder when he was 18 years old. By the time he was 22 years old, the corporation became publicly listed in the market, but that year something major happened to the founder which led to the failure in the finances. However, within two years, he reappeared in Country S’s market and in the next two years continued to expand the territory. Since then, that Young Master Mu is most likely the world’s youngest and wealthiest business prodigy.”

Nan Zhi lowered her long and thick eyelashes. “Which means, the headquarters of S.G is at Country S?”


If Mu Sihan got together with her for the purpose of revenge, now would undoubtedly be the best time. After all, he had been expanding his business for the last few years and did not have the energy to care about a woman like her.

Based on what she knew, problems had arisen in several factories under Nan Weiye’s corporation. With Nan Weiye’s status in Ning City now, there were not a lot of people who could shake him.

Nan Zhi’s mind was confused. The more time she spent with Mu Sihan, the more she found him to be unpredictable. She did not know anything about him, and could not understand him at all.

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