Attack Of The Adorable Kid: President Daddy's Infinite Pampering Chapter 245

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The weekend.

It was the fifth day of Mu Sihan’s business trip.

After breakfast, Nan Zhi could not help but send him a message. “When are you coming back?”

After waiting for some time, he replied with three words. “Miss me already?”

Nan Zhi ignored his teasing.

After a while he sent another message. “I miss you.”

Nan Zhi’s heart jumped. To be honest, she did not know how true his words were.

He did not explain clearly about Xue’er and the deserted island. She was confused because after finding out he was her life savior, she forgave him.

After a few seconds, he sent another message. “Body.”

Nan Zhi associated it with the previous message of ‘I miss you’ which meant that he meant he missed her body.

She put her phone back on the table in anger and didn’t reply.


The doorbell rang.

Nan Zhi opened the door and standing at the door was Gu Sheng, who looked just like a prince in a crisp white shirt and pressed pants.

“I promised Xiaojie when we were in that town that I would bring him to the amusement park during the weekend.” Gu Sheng looked at Nan Zhi, who had a faint shadow under her eyes and touched the tip of her nose with his finger. “And you, since coming back from the town you have been restless. Don’t overexert yourself. If he really has any motive, you can separate after asking him clearly. Don’t stress yourself out.”

Nan Zhi looked at Gu Sheng’s handsome face and a lump formed in her throat. This was why she liked to be with Brother Gu Sheng. Even after she rejected him, he did not mention about wanting to be together with her again. He was like a big brother, giving her warmth and care.

“Wait for me, I’ll go and change.”

Nan Zhi went to bedroom with her phone and found that there was another message.

“You’re really angry? I’ll be back tomorrow.”

Nan Zhi pursed her lips amd replied. “Let’s meet tomorrow!”

This time he did not send back any more messages.

After Nan Zhi changed, she went to Xiaojie’s room and found Xiaojie talking to Xiao Xiaojie.

“Little Master, are you going on a date with someone else and abandoning Xiao Xiaojie?”

Xiaojie took Xiao Xiaojie’s hand and shook his head. “I’m not going on a date, I’m going to the amusement park!”

“Didn’t you know that you can only go with your Uncle Cool and not with other men?”

Nan Zhi’s mouth twitched. It was indeed a robot given by that overbearing man. Its personality resembled him, like a copy.

Nan Zhi and Xiaojie wore matching parent-child outfits consisting of a white t-shirt and denim overalls.

Since it was the weekend, the amusement park was lively and bustling, almost overflowing with people.

This was Xiaojie’s first visit to the amusement park. Despite his high intelligence, he was still a child after all, so he was overjoyed at being able to play on the fun and thrilling rides.

It seemed like Gu Sheng had gotten himself familiar with the layout of the amusement park. He easily navigated the park and guided Nan Zhi and Xiaojie around with ease.

The three of them took the ferris wheel together and went to the magical castle.

After entering the magical castle, Nan Zhi found out there was another name for this place, The City of Terror.

She wanted to leave, but Xiaojie and Gu Sheng stopped her.

“Pretty Zhizhi, even I dare to go in. Why are you so timid?”

Nan Zhi rubbed her arms and shivered when she heard the screams and music playing inside.

“There are other places to play. Let’s not come here. Nan Xiaojie, you should stop looking too.”

Xiaojie exchanged a look with Gu Sheng and they took Nan Zhi’s hands and pulled her in.

Nan Zhi felt like crying, but there were no tears. So she could only follow them in.

After a few steps, the music stopped and it was so quiet in the dark space that she could hear the sound of her own breathing.

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