Back Then I Adored You Chapter 591

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“He cheated on me. Wu Hao cheated on me.”

Xu Wennuan repeated it so many times that she started to sob. When she reached her highest emotion, Qin Zhi’ai heard Xu Wennuan say in a low voice, “Xiao’ai, Wu Hao is cheating on me with Jiang Qianqian.”

Qin Zhi’ai became even more confused, because she had witnessed how much Wu Hao loved Xu Wennuan.

Ten years ago, Wu Hao had fought with Jiang Qianqian about Xu Wennuan, even when he knew he was sabotaging his friendship with Jiang Qianqian’s brother. She could not believe Wu Hao would cheat on Xu Wennuan with Jiang Qianqian 10 years later.

When she heard the name Jiang Qianqian, she argued, “Nuannuan, you are speaking nonsense. How could Wu Hao be with Jiang Qianqian? You must be misunderstanding what’s going on with him.”

Qin Zhi’ai sounded so sure of herself, with all the reasons she could think of to prove Wu Hao wasn’t capable of this. Wu Hao would never cheat on Xu Wennuan, even if every other man was cheating on his girlfriend or wife.

Before Qin Zhi’ai could finish, Xu Wennuan interrupted and screamed, “Misunderstood him? I saw everything. I saw him walking into Jiang Qianqian’s apartment. I saw him only wearing a towel. I saw the scratches on him. I saw the hickeys on Wu Hao’s neck. You tell me that was a misunderstanding? Do you think they were just playing naked in the apartment?’

Xu Wennuan started to cry on the phone as she talked.

Qin Zhi’ai realized it was more serious than she had thought.

Ten years were the best years in a girl’s life, and Xu Wennuan devoted all of hers to loving Wu Hao. At this moment, everything changed. Xu Wennuan was incredibly sad.

Qin Zhi’ai felt bad for Xu Wennuan, and she was also angry. She asked without any hesitation, “Nuannuan, where are you now?”

Xu Wennuan cried on the phone without responding to Qin Zhi’ai.

“Nuannuan, I’m coming back to Beijing now. Can you send me your location soon? I’m coming to see you,” Qin Zhi’ai said.

After ending the call, Qin Zhi’ai could not wait for Mr. S anymore. She immediately signaled the waitress for the check.

After she paid, Lu Bancheng asked in a low voice, “Xiao’ai, what happened to Nuannuan and Haozi?”

Qin Zhi’ai was so worried that she didn’t respond to Lu Bancheng. She handed the waitress cash and left the change for a tip. After saying goodbye to Gu Yusheng and Lu Bancheng, she grabbed her bag and turned to leave the restaurant.

Lu Bancheng stepped forward and stopped Qin Zhi’ai, “Xiao’ai, what happened?”

Lu Bancheng was Wu Hao’s friend, and she could only see him as the friend of Wu Hao, who had treated Xu Wennuan so cruelly. She became emotional and then angry when Lu Bancheng tried to stop her a few times. She swiped Lu Bancheng’s hand off her arm without giving it second thought.

Lu Bancheng walked one step forward. Before he could catch up with Qin Zhi’ai, she quickly turned around and stomped on his foot. “Jerk’s friend is also a jerk,” Qin Zhi’ai exclaimed without seeing Lu Bancheng’s face twisted in pain. Qin Zhi’ai turned around and ran out of the restaurant.

Lu Bancheng breathed in a few times before the feeling returned to his foot. “F*ck, did you hear her calling me a jerk?”

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