Black Tech Internet Cafe System Chapter 495

Unlike the three saint factions which had an array disk leading to the Spiritual State, the cultivators of the Morning Star Sea Realm couldn’t build a teleportation array leading to the Spiritual State in a short time.

The cultivators who wanted to go to the Spiritual State must travel all the way to the continent where Dajin was situated.

It was not a short journey. Even for those people who had mastered the sword control technique and could travel at a greater speed than before, it would take a long while to reach their destination.

That was why the cultivators and warriors intending to take this journey all had high cultivation strengths; they had prepared for it for a long while. Now, they had set off.

Meanwhile, in the Martial Dao Field at the Heavenly Academy.

Inside the Heavenly Academy, there were cultivators learning spiritual spells and warriors learning the Martial Dao.

The Martial Dao Field was the place for practicing combat techniques, and many warriors in the academy were practicing in the field.

The warriors in the Heavenly Academy were quite famous all over the Spiritual State. After all, a Grand Emperor Warrior had come out from this academy.

According to the legends, he was a lord of all warriors and could break mountains and rivers with one fist, shatter the ground with one stomp, and defeat tens of thousands of elite soldiers with one thought.

Due to the existence of such a person, the warriors managed to hold themselves against cultivators and create a strong foothold in the Spiritual State which was dominated by the brilliant cultivation civilization.

This man created a path that all warriors wished to follow, making the Heavenly Academy one of the holy places for warriors in Spiritual State.

“Gabriel!” A furious yell sounded.

As the second son of the Frost Dragon Family Master, Lei Dazhuang’s original name was Gabriel. At level 6 of the King Warrior Realm, his strength was quite high among the warriors in his family.

For the ordinary warriors who couldn’t pass the Ancestral Warrior Realm all their lives, he was an astonishing genius for reaching the King Warrior Realm at such a young age.

More importantly, he had reached the late stage of the King Warrior Realm at such a young age, which was unthinkable in the Deserted Sea Realm.

He was even an elite compared to the warriors in the Spiritual State.

“I didn’t realize that the warriors of Spiritual State were so weak.” With a big and heavy saber that was as tall as a person on his shoulder, Gabriel looked down on several warriors of the Heavenly Academy who were lying on the ground. These warriors were sweating profusely due to the pain from their dislocated and unnatural-looking hand bones.

Walking out of the field, he saw the displeasure on Luo Piaoling’s face when the latter came over with a few disciples of his family. Gabriel said, “It’s not my fault!”

While shrugging, Gabriel snickered and clumsily said in the Spiritual State language, “I saw that they were practicing in the field and offered to have a match with them. They are as weak as girls with small swords like tooth-picks.”

“When Father sent me here to do some Martial Dao exchange, I thought that they were powerful. But now I know that I was mistaken; the warriors of the Spiritual State only have fancy moves that deal no damage. I think it’s a waste of my time by coming here!”

“Sister Sia,” Gabriel looked at the woman who had blond curly hair and was wearing silver light armor and said with a snicker, “I think we should go and tour Yuanyang City instead of rotting in this place. This place doesn’t deserve its reputation as a holy place for warriors!”

“Father said that even though the combat techniques in the Spiritual State are no match for those in our Ultimate West Realm, a Grand Emperor Warrior once came out of Heavenly Academy. I’m sure that this academy has its uniqueness even though it’s not our match.”

“What uniqueness? These people can’t beat us and even invited warriors from the Deserted Sea Realm to exchange understandings of the Martial Dao with us!” Obviously, he was displeased with the situation. “It’s a waste of our time.”

“Exchange? I think it’s more like teaching. Do they want us to teach them our powerful combat techniques?”

He looked even more contemptuous. “I, Gabriel, don’t have time to teach these undeserving students!”

When Gabriel said that, the other disciples of major families of the Ultimate West Realm also looked disdainful. They had heard about the Deserted Sea Realm and knew that it was a remote wasteland. What kind of warriors could that place have?

Gabriel thought that he could even beat cultivators from the Deserted Sea Realm, let alone warriors.

“Gabriel, didn’t they say that the warriors of the Deserted Sea Realm are very powerful?” A young man with red and brown curly hair snickered and said, “They can use something called Heavenly Sword and Saint Spiritual Sword Techniques? They can even use double-handed sword techniques.”

“Look at the warriors here. Do you think you can believe what they say?!” Gabriel said in disdain.

“Hahahaha!” His words instantly evoked laughter from others.

“Indeed. Even if they are just bluffing, they should at least be realistic.”

“Only warriors of our Ultimate West Realm inherited the techniques for double-handed broad swords and huge swords. The warriors of the Spiritual State can only stab around with needles. I’ll cut off my head if they can use proper double-handed sword techniques!”


Luo Piaoling slightly frowned.

“Do you believe it?” The cold and proud woman named Sia asked him.

“I don’t know why they say it,” Luo Piaoling shook his head and said, “But only people of our Ultimate West Realm can use powerful and proper techniques designed for broadswords and double-handed swords. Is it possible that the people of the Deserted Sea Realm also inherited such sword techniques?”

“I hope it’s true.” Under her blonde hair, Sia’s chiseled face looked soft, beautiful, valiant, and proud in the golden sunshine. “I’ll show the ignorant people of the Deserted Sea Realm what the authentic techniques are!”

[Beep. You obtained the achievement ‘First Stage Prosperity’

Expand the Jiuhua City Shop to 8,000 seats, the Half City Shop to 6,500 seats, and the Yuanyang City Shop to 1,000 seats. The seat occupancy rate has to be higher than 70% at peak times. Then, the achievement ‘First Stage Prosperity’ will be granted.

Achievement Reward: The right to sell iced red tea, and choose a movie or a game]

Mr. Fang hadn’t thought that he would obtain the achievement as soon as the second day after the expansions.

It must be noted that he could only choose a movie or a game with a power level lower than the current movies and games, which meant that Mr. Fang would only choose a movie or a game with special features.

In fact, the movie that Mr. Fang enjoyed the most was Resident Evil 1. After watching the movie, he had mastered everything about the close-range combat skill.

However, he didn’t get the same experience in Shu Mountain, The Matrix, and other TV Series.

In the other movies and TV Series, the players had to study and learn on their own.

In the System, was there another movie that could give the viewers many skills and a lot of combat experience as the Resident Evil 1 did?

The answer was yes; Mr. Fang had seen it many times – Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children.

Fang Qi glanced at the System Interface and found it was in the genre of magic fantasy.

Should I… try this one…?

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