Commanding Wind And Cloud Chapter 626

The thick murderous spirit mixed with the warrior power was concentrated on Fanta Kunge's fist, and the bear hair on Hoare Tee's back all stood on end as he backed off repeatedly.

Fear! Hoare Tee was scared! He sensed the smell of death, and he might die under Fanta Kunge's fist if he didn't escape now.

"You want to run after hitting me?"

Fanta Kunge used Furious Lotus Fighting Technique, and lotuses appeared under his feet as he walked forward. Although he didn't look fast, he instantly blocked Hoare Tee's retreat path and punched the latter's abdomen mercilessly. Hoare Tee curled up like a shrimp, and his feet even left the ground.

Gold Essence Warrior Power Training Scroll contained 108 energy reservoirs, and it was a top-tier technique from Uncle Enlak. Also, Fanta Kunge trained like crazy and experienced many events with Qian Jin, resulting in the rapid growth of his strength. If he could further consume the essence of the Heart of Lucifer, he would get even stronger and more powerful.

After punching Hoare Tee into the air, Fanta Kunge tilted to his left as his right leg swept toward Hoare Tee's giant bear head. Before Hoare Tee flew out, Fanta Kunge grabbed onto Hoare Tee's ankle and pulled him back.

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Fanta Kunge copied what Hoare Tee did before, and he knocked Hoare Tee out of his bloodline battle form. No one knew how many pieces that Hoare Tee's bones broke into, and he smashed onto the ground.


Hoare Tee's muscular body slammed onto the ground, making the same noise as a heavy stuffed bag falling on the ground. It woke up the audience who were shocked by what they saw.

Another bloodline warrior was defeated!

Not many students saw how Qian Jin battled, but many students witnessed the one-sided battle between Fanta Kunge and Hoare Tee.

Defeated? It was more like crushed and tortured! How could it be counted as a battle? It was more like domination!

Durk, one of Qian Jin's schoolmates from Oakland, looked at Fanta Kunge who was like a battle god on stage, and he thought, "This man who was easily defeated by Hoare Tee came back and crushed his opponent. What happened?"

Durk stared at Fanta Kunge and wondered. "I heard that he only got to know Qian Jin when we entered Punitive Expedition Academy, and he had been accompanying Qian Jin around the continent. Could it be due to Qian Jin? Just because he has been traveling with Qian Jin? Did Qian Jin help him get this powerful? How? How?"

Durk subconsciously rejected the idea that he had in his mind, and he didn't want to believe that Fanta Kunge got here because of Qian Jin.

Christine, another schoolmate of Qian Jin from Oakland, looked at Durk beside her and thought, "Qian Jin wanted to help him, but he declined it as he wanted to become the retinue of a bloodline warrior. However, no bloodline warrior invited him. Now, Qian Jin who he rejected defeated the Thunder Lion King, the No.1 Seat of Punitive Expedition Academy, and claimed the top spot. Also, Fanta Kunge who hasn't been with Qian Jin for too long also drastically transformed, and he can be the spiritual pillar for ordinary warriors."

Christine wanted to know that if Durk could foresee Qian Jin's current achievement, would he still reject Qian Jin's offer of help? Right now, Qian Jin was a mighty warrior but also had insane influence and forces under his control.

From having nothing to the leader of the most powerful forces in the empire, Qian Jin used a short amount of time to achieve what other people couldn't do in generations. He was able to rival large bloodline families, and even the Royal Family couldn't overlook him.

"No… no…" Durk shook his head and murmured as his eyes looked hollow, "It can't be like that. I didn't misjudge Qian Jin. He can't be so strong…"

Christine sighed and didn't try to comfort Durk. Although Qian Jin had left the academy for a while, Torrent Battle Fort still sent great commanders who experienced many wars to tutor her, and even the Hydra Bloodline Family sent military strategists to give her lessons.

Compared to before, Christine had grown in terms of military knowledge, and the people who taught her all praised her fast learning speed and comprehension.

In fact, not only Christine but everyone in the Weirdo Alliance at Punitive Expedition Academy received help, especially the great help from the Hydra Bloodline Family.

On top of the Hydra Bloodline Family, various unions also sent people to assist them.

In the beginning, Christine was confused as to why many forces came to tutor them, but now it seemed like the Snake Emperor was behind all this, coordinating everything.

Sometimes, opportunities were short-lived. Christine sighed and thought, "I grasped the opportunity, but Durk believes that he can only make it by following bloodline warriors after he was defeated by them, abandoning all the ideas and beliefs that he once held. He would have succeeded if he held on a bit longer."

Christine sighed for Durk, who suddenly gave up right before the dawn.

Lenz Zarf rubbed his eyes forcefully and thought, "I knew that Fanta Kunge got strong, and Hoare Tee might be in a tough battle, but this? The person who Hoare Tee crushed before is now this powerful?"

"That day, your big brother used dirty tricks and defeated my big brother. In the upcoming Zence New Generation Warrior and Mage Competition, I will wipe out the honor of your Hoare Family!" Fanta Kunge said as he ignored Hoare Tee who lay on the ground but didn't lose consciousness. Then, he jumped off the stage and stopped before Lenz Zarf as he said, "Do you want to fight me too?"

Like a slippery snake, Lenz Zarf moved aside and made a path for Fanta Kunge.

Fanta Kunge calmly walked out of the campus and still felt like he was dreaming. Hoare Tee, who was powerful and was like a giant mountain before him, was now this weak?

"I stood there and let him attack me, and his hand broke first? This flame bear bloodline warrior who once defeated me with one punch is as fragile as a piece of tofu for me?"

Fanta Kunge knew that this was all real, but he didn't dare to believe it.

"I actually grew so strong as well. I have been watching as Qian Jin, and the others got stronger, but I'm surprised that I grew so much during the process. Perhaps I can…"

Although Fanta Kunge had been working hard, he was too slow compared to the elevation speed of Duren Burg and others, so it wasn't possible for his mindset not to be shaken. However, his mind stabilized and firmed up after that quick battle.

As long as Fanta Kunge could absorb more of the essence of the Heart of Lucifer that was stored in his body, he would advance into the next level and obtain his golden warrior heart.

Fanta Kunge started to realize the uniqueness of Gold Essence Warrior Power. On top of making the warrior power extremely pure and firm, the hardness of Fanta Kunge's warrior heart was also unrivaled compared to most of his peers on his level.

Once Fanta Kunge's warrior heart became golden, the warrior power would be so hard that it might be able to solidify.

"Obtain the golden warrior heart! Quick!" Fanta Kunge had never felt so urged about this before.

However, what about after he obtained his golden warrior heart?

Fanta Kunge also realized this issue. This was the unique problem of the Gold Essence Warrior Power. Since his warrior heart would be extremely tough compared to others, it would be much tougher for him to move onto the next level. The level of accumulation that others required to shatter their golden warrior hearts and condense warrior souls wasn't enough for him. He had to break his fierce golden warrior heart before becoming a soul-power warrior.

However, the advantage of that would be his warrior soul's quality. It would be much better compared to other ordinary warriors' warrior souls, and it might be able to rival that of bloodline warriors.

While these thoughts flashed in his mind, Fanta Kunge returned to Torrent Battle Fort subconsciously. He didn't know that the Punitive Expedition Academy became chaotic after he left.

Another ordinary warrior defeated a bloodline warrior in his age group, and this warrior who won was as weak as a piece of tofu in front of his opponent before. After a period went by, the difference in strength between the two sides got switched.

Fanta Kunge was talked about in every corner of the academy, but the more observant people saw the person behind him – Qian Jin.

Although Qian Jin didn't appear in the battle, his shadow engulfed everything. This news spread around the campus and moved outward. Soon, all the prominent families and the merchant groups were going to know about it.

Except for learning many skills, the students in the academy were also responsible for collecting information for their families, which was crucial.

"Fanta Kunge? Qian Jin?"

Qian Wuqing shattered the table beside him and stared at the courtyard outside. He came to the Punitive Expedition Academy to defeat Qian Jin, redeem himself, and restore his father's honor.

However, just when he reached the peak of golden warrior heart, he heard the news that Qian Jin defeated Thunder Lion King Linguan Skylan, the No.1 Seat on the Hundred Battle Ranking List.

The difference between them gradually grew larger without him knowing instead of closing.

"Could it be that… I have zero chance of winning?" Qian Wuqing stared at the ground and thought, "The New Generation Competition is in about four months. I don't have much time left. What should I do? I can't defeat Qian Jin here. Go back to Qian Family? No…"
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