Commanding Wind And Cloud Chapter 627

Qian Wuqing couldn't withstand the stares of disdain those other members of the Qian Family had, and he couldn't bear their words of mockery.

"Ancient Desert Sea!" Qian Wuqing took a deep breath as deadly determination appeared in his eyes." Fanta Kunge and others could advance in the Ancient Desert Sea and become so powerful; I can do the same! I will return to the Ancient Desert Sea! I need to venture even deeper into it!"

"Kunge, you are finally back." Two warriors of Torrent Battle Fort walked up and said, "People from your family are here."

"My family? People of my family?" Fanta Kunge shivered and thought for a moment before saying, "People from my family are here?"

"Yeah, he is chatting with Qian Jin in the inner hall."

Fanta Kunge sped up and wondered, "How come my family sent someone here at this moment?"

"Sixth Uncle?" Fanta Kunge walked into the room and was surprised by the man who was talking with Qian Jin. He thought that his family would only send a warrior here, but he was surprised to see his Six Uncle Fanta Xingyu.

"Sixth Uncle?" Qian Jin re-observed this middle-aged man who looked calm and wasn't nervous in front of him, unlike other warriors. He now realized that this man's temperament had been tempered for many years in the influential Fanta Family.

Ordinary warriors all took Fanta Family as their lead. People from this family would never bow to bloodline warriors or flatter them. Therefore, they wouldn't be so humble in front of ordinary warriors.

"I'm here for you." Fanta Xingyu patted Fanta Kunge's shoulder, and his smile suddenly changed. His hand that was on Fanta Kunge's shoulder didn't move. Instead, he grasped onto Fanta Kunge's shoulder tighter and grew confused.

"How come you're so tough?" Fanta Xingyu frowned and asked. "Kid, what level are you?"

"Warrior heart… peak…" Fanta Kunge replied honestly.

"What?" Fanta Xingyu's arms shivered, and glints flashed in his eyes. He immediately asked, "How is this possible? You got your warrior heart so soon? And at the peak?"

Fanta Kunge nodded earnestly. Only he knew how much hardship he had gone through to achieve his current strength.

If he obtained the Gold Essence Warrior Power earlier, and he went through the same level of hardship, it wouldn't be surprising if he got the golden warrior heart.

After all, Fanta Kunge had destroyed his foundation once before. Although he wasn't satisfied with his current level, he couldn't say much about it.

After a moment of silence, Fanta Xingyu's expression turned grim, and he asked, "Kunge, you are talented, but there is no way that you can become so powerful in such a short time. Tell Sixth Uncle the truth; how did you achieve this?"

Fanta Kunge turned around and looked at Qian Jin, who smiled and stood up.

Seeing Fanta Kunge turning to Qian Jin for permission, Fanta Xingyu's expression darkened even more. In the circle of ordinary warriors, only other ordinary warriors should ask for the Fanta Family for permission.

"Now that Fanta Kunge is the No.1 Warrior among other members of Fanta Family in his generation, he still asks Qian Jin for permission?" Fanta Xingyu frowned and thought, "How come Kunge lost his decisiveness after his strength increased? Where is the Fanta Kunge who was dominating and decisive?"

"It is ok. Since I gifted it to you, it is yours." Seeing the change on Fanta Xingyu's face, Qian Jin smiled and understood the care that a senior had toward a junior. "You guys can catch up; I still have something to do."

After Qian Jin left, Fanta Xingyu turned stern as he said, "Kunge, what happened to you? I remember that when you left the family, you were decisive and had a mind of your own. How come you are listening to others' orders now?"

Fanta Kunge froze for a second and thought, "I always keep being myself. When did I listen to others' orders? Everyone understands each other in the team, and no one would interfere with others' minds and decisions."

"What is this expression?" Fanta Xingyu pointed at the direction that Qian Jin left and said, "When I asked you why your strength increased so much, you would have answered me already if it were before. Now, you looked at Qian Jin first, asking for his opinion."

"Just for this?" Fanta Kunge smiled and thought, "This Sixth Uncle of mine is great in everything, and he loves me more than his own kids. However, he has one shortcoming, and Grandpa Fanta Rum talked to him many times. However, it seems like he hasn't changed. He always thinks that Fanta Family is the true leader of all ordinary warriors. Although he can be genial and kind toward ordinary warriors, he always thinks that we are superior. Grandpa Fanta Rum had said that this way of thinking is wrong. The Fanta Family is only pushed to this level by other ordinary warriors, and we shouldn't be above them."

"What? Why aren't you explaining yourself? When you just left the family, you made a name for yourself, and it was Tiger Kunge!" Fanta Xingyu snorted and looked at Fanta Kunge in disappointed. He thought, "After hearing the rumors, I thought that Fanta Kunge took Qian Jin as his retinue, and that was why they are traveling together. Now it seems…"

"Tiger Kunge?" Fanta Kunge now felt like this title was hundreds of years away, and it sounded full of mockery.

"Tiger Kunge? I was more like a cat instead of a tiger. I only had the appearance but lacked essence, and I always thought that I was the king of beasts." Fanta Kunge thought to himself before saying, "Sixth Uncle, I know that you care about me, and you have pride and honor as a member of Fanta Family, but don't look down on my friends. Also, don't insult my friends." Fanta Kunge's expression suddenly turned cold, and his voice became gloomy.

Fanta Xingyu looked at Fanta Kunge in surprise, and more disappointment appeared in his eyes.

"My proud nephew is gone. Now, this kid is only like a dog behind Qian Jin."

"I asked Qian Jin for his opinion; I wouldn't be where I am right now if it weren't for him. I asked him for permission because he gave me this training technique that has 108 energy reservoirs! He didn't ask for anything from me! Just because we are friends!"

Fanta Kunge suddenly took a step forward and stared at Fanta Xingyu in the eyes as he said, "Sixth Uncle, you should know that our Fanta Family doesn't have 108 energy reservoirs training techniques, right? You should know what would happen to Qian Jin if this news gets out, right?"

"A training technique with 108 energy reservoirs? Many bloodline families don't even have such things! If others know about this…" Fanta Xingyu stood there in a daze as he wondered, "Then, many forces would want this secret technique. If they can't get it by being friendly, they will attack. Although Qian Jin is the leader of many forces if he must deal with those crazy bloodline warriors and ordinary warriors… Even if bloodline warriors couldn't use the technique themselves, they can use it to recruit retinues. This news will bring Qian Jin a ton of trouble! 108 energy reservoir training technique!"

Fanta Xingyu felt like his hands and feet were shivering as he thought, "A member of Fanta Family has learned a 108 energy reservoirs training technique! This… this…"

Fanta Xingyu's eyes were red with excitement and thought, "If this technique can be promoted in Fanta Family, no ordinary warrior will be able to shake Fanta Family's position. By then, Warrior Hall? Qian Jin? They will all be small characters in front of Fanta Family! That is right! Qian Jin must be this powerful due to the 108 energy reservoirs training technique."

"Kunge! Quick! Tell me about your training method!"

Fanta Kunge looked at Fanta Xingyu who looked crazy and fanatic and shook his head. He said calmly, "Sixth Uncle, this isn't urgent. We can talk more about it when you are awake…"

"Nonsense! How am I not awake?" Fanta Xingyu roared and interrupted Fanta Kunge, "I'm thinking for the future of Fanta Family. You are young, so you don't understand the importance of extending the family! Qian Jin's family name is Qian! Your last name if Fanta! You guys aren't brothers, and you aren't connected by blood. If there are any disputes, it will destroy your friendship! Only family… only family…"

"Sixth Uncle, you should take a cold shower and wake up." Fanta Kunge's expression darkened and thought, "If he wasn't my Sixth Uncle who had always been nice to me, if I didn't know that he doesn't have any ill-intentions and is only thinking for his nephew and his family with his old mindset, I would have beat this person who is disgustingly fanatic and is trying to break my friendship."

 "Cool down? I don't need to cool down. I…"

"Sixth Uncle, you should go cool down and wake up while I can still hold myself in check and remember the nice things that you have done for me. I know that you don't have any ill-intentions, but you are already hurting my friends. Don't force me to make the tough decision…"

"Tough decision…"

"Sixth Uncle, Qian Jin isn't my relative, but he is my friend. He is closer to me, even compared to my brothers. In many deadly battles, we trusted each other and stood back to back. This level of friendship isn't something that you can break with words. Even if we have disputes one day, it won't hurt our friendship!" Fanta Kunge said as he inhaled and stared at Fanta Xingyu.

"Even if we have disputes in the future, if Qian Jin's life is in danger, I will go and help him. Even if we are tens of thousands of kilometers apart, and even if he is facing the demon king, I will go and battle alongside him. Even if I can't win, I can die with him!"Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click wuxianovelonline.com for visiting.

Fanta Xingyu's eyelids twitched as he murmured, "You… you moron! You actually… who are you?"
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