Commanding Wind And Cloud Chapter 628

Fanta Xingyu suddenly felt that both of his feet had left the ground. Someone grabbed onto the back of his neck and pulled him into the air. He turned back with an angry expression and thought, "Who dares to do this to a member of the Fanta Family in the territory of ordinary warriors?"

"This Uncle, I think you don't need a cold shower; you need to get soaked in the well outside." Duren Burg unleashed his hydra bloodline power as he walked toward the water well with Fanta Xingyu in his hand. While Fanta Xingyu's legs kicked in the air, Duren Burg said, "Go and cool down first."


"Kunge, he is your elder, and it seems like he is nice to you. It is ok that you can't do it," Duren Burg said as he looked at Fanta Xingyu who was now inside the water well. "You should know that it is better to do this earlier than later. If you let him do whatever he wants, what will happen if he does anything that harms Qian Jin? What will you do then?"

"Kill." TIt was the first thought that flashed in Fanta Kunge's mind, and he shivered subconsciously when he thought about that. "I would never want to kill Sixth Uncle, but if Qian Jin is harmed because of him, I might really have that idea."

"Perhaps before you do anything, your entire Fanta Family would have been destroyed," Duren Burg said coldly. "Just imagine that Sissy Cech. You know what he will do if he knows that Fanta Family harmed Qian Jin, right?"

Cech Flet's cold and blade-like eyes flashed in Fanta Kunge's mind. This man was ruthless and cruel. He might not be the strongest warrior, but he was the most qualified assassin.

"Your Sixth Uncle is lucky that I came first." Duren Burg patted Fanta Kunge's shoulder and said, "If that sissy were here, a bloody hole would have already appeared in his neck."

"I will out a blood hole in your throat if you continue to call me a sissy." Cech Flet jumped off the roof and looked at Fanta Kunge as he said, "What you said was great, but you didn't do enough."

Fanta Kunge knew what Cech Flet was referring to, and he heaved a heavy sigh. If the person weren't his Sixth Uncle but someone else, he would have attacked. But what his uncle said…

Fanta Kunge didn't know if his uncle had woken up from his crazy mindset, but it seemed like the latter's excited and selfish emotions had calmed down as he changed into a set of new clothes and sipped tea on a chair to warm up.

"Six Uncle, what are you here for?" Fanta Kunge asked Fanta Xingyu, who had calmed down. "Can you say it now?"

"It is all for Kunsa," Fanta Xingyu no longer sounded fanatic. Perhaps it was because Duren Burg who threw him into the water well was here, or it could be due to Cech Flet's cold, sword-like eyes, but it seemed like Fanta Xingyu had woken up.

Fanta Kunge didn't guess why his uncle suddenly became calm. Once he heard his big brother's name, his attention had shifted entirely away from his uncle.

"What about my big brother?"

"Kunsa is still like how he is…" Fanta Xingyu's eyes dimmed down as he said, "Such a talented genius went crazy. If he can wake up now, he will achieve new height for Fanta Family during Zence New Generation Warrior and Mage Competition."

"My big brother…"

"You might not have imagined it. In these years that he went crazy, his strength grew even faster than before," Fanta Xingyu sighed and said. "He is at peak soul-power, and it isn't just the ordinary peak level…"

"Won't succeed unless becoming a maniac." What Bandit King Bhang Wusheng had said before reappeared in Fanta Kunge's mind.

"Big brother… does this count as success?" Fanta Kunge thought as he looked out the door.

A chilly breeze blew by, and the gloomy sky finally started to toss down snowflakes. The cold breeze carried away many snowflakes, making it look chillier.

"I came here looking to get a soul weapon from you, or a potion that could make Kunsa wake up for a while. Of course, the best would be a soul weapon," Fanta Xingyu said as he looked at Fanta Kunge.

The armrests on the chair that Fanta Kunge was sitting on were crushed, and anger appeared in his eyes as he looked at Fanta Xingyu. He thought to himself, "Soul weapon? Best is a soul weapon? Then, it is a potion that can wake him up? Letting Big Brother, who is crazy to become a saint warrior? Letting him enter the Zence New Generation Warrior and Mage Competition like that? Although Big Brother's strength is powerful, he will show many weaknesses. He might be killed! Sixth Uncle… Sixth Uncle… is choosing a soul weapon over a potion for the honor of the family?"

While Fanta Kunge's chest moved up and down as he breathed heavily, he asked, "Did you come up with these requests, or did the family tell you to ask for these things?"

Fanta Xingyu asked instinctively, "Aren't they the same?"

"Good. It seems like the family isn't that cruel, and it is only your personal thoughts," Fanta Kunge said as he nodded, and his face was bleak and dark. He said, "Sixth Uncle, this will be the last time that I address you this way. You want the best for the family, and I can't interfere since it is your belief. However, I, Fanta Kunge, have my own beliefs. I'm no longer the same Fanta Kunge who you instilled your ideas into and want to make into a second you."

After a pause, Fanta Kunge continued, "I don't have a soul weapon. Even if I did, I wouldn't give it to you."

Fanta Kunge smashed the table beside him into pieces and looked at Fanta Xingyu whose expression turned ugly as he said, "Thank you for telling me about my big brother. I will go back and visit the Fanta Family very soon. However, I won't beg him to forge me a soul weapon. I will beg him to go back and try to cure my big brother."

"You…" Fanta Xingyu's hands shivered as he thought, "I thought that I could bring back a soul weapon this time, but this kid is out of my control and abandoned all the ideas that I taught him."

"You're busy, right? I won't keep you any longer."

Fanta Kunge got up and walked out of the door without sparing a glance at Fanta Xingyu.

"Stop!" Fanta Xingyu stood up and roared. "You don't want to find Qian Jin; do you think I can't do it myself? I only thought that since you are close to him, and he might be your retinue. I only thought that you bringing a soul weapon back to Fanta Family will only add to your glory and honor. Since you don't have a clue, I will go and find Qian Jin myself."

"I will find him myself!" Fanta Xingyu said as he walked out of the door. He thought to himself, "The Fanta Family asking for him, an ordinary warrior for help is a way of showing him favor. If I bring this up to him, he will immediately accept it for sure."

"You don't need to find me. I will tell you that I won't forge the soup weapon for you," Qian Jin's firm voice interrupted Fanta Xingyu.

Fanta Xingyu froze on the spot, and he thought, "What is going on with young people these days? Normally, any ordinary warrior would be excited that the Fanta Family needs their help and want to kneel. Now come today…"

"You…" Just as Fanta Xingyu's angry eyes opened wide, he saw two fierce-looking warriors behind Qian Jin. One of them was an ordinary warrior, and he was dressed in black with a wild bandit-like aura. The other person was about two meters tall, and his arm was thicker than ordinary people's thighs. He appeared to be a human, but he made others feel like he was a violent and dominating beast.

Fanta Xingyu swallowed the words that he was about to shout out and left with a swing of his sleeve.

Qian Jin turned around and looked at Yi from the Frontier and… Rocky Ray.

That's right! The assassin with the behemoth bloodline was locked inside Marc Gavin's room, but now he became Qian Jin's retinue.

Qian Jin still remembered how surprised he was when he heard that this stubborn behemoth bloodline warrior chose to become his retinue.

How did Gomez Jane do it? Qian Jin didn't know what method Gomez Jane used to take care of this behemoth bloodline warrior who Qian Jin couldn't even deal with.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click wuxianovelonline.com for visiting.

In fact, Rocky Ray even handed over all the fighting techniques of the Behemoth Bloodline Family and the second half of the shooting technique that Qian Jin wanted.

"Qian Jin, I need to make a trip back to the Fanta Family," Fanta Kunge said as his expression got serious. "That Sixth Uncle of mine can even sacrifice his own life for the family. He wouldn't even blink when sacrificing others. Now that my big brother is a maniac, I need to go back home. No one knows what my Sixth Uncle can do. Since he decided to sacrifice my big brother, he will do anything."

Fanta Kunge sighed at the situation.

"I will go with you," Qian Jin interrupted Fanta Kunge and said. "I believe that your big brother is someone great since you love him so much. We still have some time before the New Generation Competition. We can spare a few days."

"Qian Jin…"

"The Fanta Family?" Duren Burg laughed. "I heard all about this God of War Family in the eyes of ordinary warriors. I should go and have a look. Kunge, you don't need to say anything."

"What are we waiting for?" Qian Jin turned around and looked at Yi as he said, "You should stay back and help Jane protect the family. Ray, come to the Fanta Family with me."

Yi nodded with a slightly dispirited expression. He thought, "I'm also an ordinary warrior, and I want to check out the legendary Fanta Family. Right now, no one dares to touch Rosella's trading group. The news about the bandit groups in the Frontier being eliminated has already spread to the demon empire, human empire, and barbarian empire."
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