Comrade: Almost A Cat Astrophic Love Story Chapter 22

When Xiao Nian said he was worried about Pei Zhen, Fu Sichen assumed that he was talking about Pei Zhen the human.

Not to mention, Xiao Nian continuously calling the cat, Pei Zhen, made Fu Sichen think that this manager was obsessed with his artiste.

He was so obsessed, that he was just as enamored with the cat, as he was with the artiste.

But, no matter how much Xiao Nian cared about Pei Zhen, Fu Sichen wasn't going to give the cat up.

Xiao Nian saw the suspicion in Fu Sichen's eyes. He took a deep breath and quickly tried to act in a more pleasant manner. "I've reflected on what I said earlier. I was wrong. This cat is yours, Best Actor Fu." Xiao Nian reassured him.

Fu Sichen smiled coldly.

"It's true. I really mean it." Fu Sichen's expression sent a shiver down Xiao Nian's spine; he could hardly get the words out of his mouth. "I was really distressed after Pei Zhen's accident. This was the cat that he risked his life to save… So that's why, that's why I… But I'm not asking to adopt him or anything! You're the only person that's worthy of owning this cat!"

Fu Sichen was pleased with his words, especially after that last sentence. Despite remaining aloof and cold, at the very least, he didn't ask Xiao Nian to leave.

Bathing both Pei Zhens had gotten Fu Sichen's clothes wet; it was becoming quite uncomfortable. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click wuxianovelonline.com wuxianovelonline.com for visiting.

Fu Sichen hadn't thought about bringing a change of clothes when he left the house that morning. Now that Xiao Nian was there, he could have Xiao Nian watch over Pei Zhen while he was gone.

But as soon as Fu Sichen took a step forward, Xiao Nian immediately followed him. He trailed behind him and tried very hard to please him.

Fu Sichen was at a loss.

"… I need to go home to change."

Looking away from the Persian cat, Xiao Nian forced a polite laugh, "Yes, yes! And I'll drive you."

Without even waiting for Fu Sichen to agree, Xiao Nian rushed off to get the car. He even got down from the driver's seat to hold the door open for Fu Sichen, making sure that Fu Sichen didn't have to lift a single finger.

Fu Sichen couldn't understand what was going on.

But, it was hard for Fu Sichen to reject Xiao Nian's enthusiastic display of goodwill. He could only resign himself to getting into the car with cat in tow. Amidst all of this, neither Fu Sichen nor Xiao Nian had noticed that there were reporters lurking around the hospital building.

Xiao Nian vaguely remembered where Fu Sichen lived; Pei Zhen had mentioned it once.

Still, when they arrived, Xiao Nian was still awestruck by how luxurious everything was.

Most normal people would choose to rent if they had to live out of hotels most of the time. But, Fu Sichen was different; he was a cut above the rest, so he purchased a penthouse for himself.

In addition, to protect his privacy, the hotel management had even arranged a private elevator just for him. Of course, the security was top-notch as well.

It was a smooth ride up to the penthouse. The moment Fu Sichen opened the door, however, all of the wonder and admiration that Xiao Nian had felt coming up the elevator immediately disappeared as he took a good look at the cold and sparse decor.

"Best… Best Actor Fu. Your… your home is… very… very simple." He felt like it was really a waste. It took Xiao Nian considerable effort to even come up with the word "simple."

"Yes." Fu Sichen answered rather emotionlessly. The Persian cat jumped off Fu Sichen's shoulder the moment they got home. Fu Sichen left Xiao Nian on his own before turning around to change in his room.

Xiao Nian waited for Best Actor Fu to go in his room before turning to look at the cat.

"Pei Zhen, are you okay?" Xiao Nian asked, recalling the moment that he arrived at the hospital and saw Pei Zhen. He felt extremely anxious. "What did Fu Sichen do to you?"

Every time Pei Zhen thought of the bath incident, he felt thoroughly humiliated. The cat pounded away on Xiao Nian's mobile phone. [He wants to have me neutered!]

[I can't take it anymore!]

[Hurry up and find a shaman for me!]

"Okay, okay, okay." Xiao Nian quickly reassured Pei Zhen, "I'll get in touch with my contacts immediately. We'll try and find a reliable shaman. Pei Zhen, you're just going to have to endure your current situation until we can find a good solution."

Both man and cat felt like they were in dire straits. They had really gotten themselves into an extremely sad situation. After Fu Sichen had changed into clean clothes, he saw that both Xiao Nian and the Persian cat were crying.

Fu Sichen was at a loss again.

Now what?

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