Comrade: Almost A Cat Astrophic Love Story Chapter 23

Fu Sichen had changed into a simple black tank-top.

It hugged his body while subtly outlining the shape of his toned abs. It was clear that under his clothing, he had an impressive figure.

Pei Zhen looked up at Fu Sichen with teary eyes, immediately feeling jealous.

As a rather lazy person, Pei Zhen had hated exercise more than anything else— even going for a ten minute run would make him feel so tired that he would feel like dying. He could only dream of having sculpted muscles.

Seeing Fu Sichen's Greek god body only made him feel even more resentment towards Fu Sichen. He angrily dashed in Fu Sichen's direction.

Even though the white Persian cat's intention was to attack, his master saw his actions as a sign of affection. Fu Sichen knelt on the floor with his hands outstretched. Even after getting scratched by the cat, he still calmly picked the cat up before looking at Xiao Nian with a look of pride.

"He really likes me."

Xiao Nian broke out in cold sweat.

However, he didn't want to destroy Fu Sichen's beautiful delusion just yet. He was scared that annoying him would lead to Pei Zhen getting neutered. He could only go along with the conversation, and said, "Yes, yes, you've really lived up to your name, Best Actor Fu."

Against his own conscience, Xiao Nian marveled at Fu Sichen's home some more. After flattering him to the best of his abilities, Xiao Nian left the house in a hurry.

His main priority now was to find a shaman.

The minute Xiao Nian stepped out of the building, his agency called him. Xiao Nian had a hunch that they were calling to discuss Pei Zhen's resources and contracts. He picked up the call indifferently.

He had already discussed this with Pei Zhen— if other people wanted to vie for his resources, then that was fine with him. When Daddy Pei was back, everything would go back to normal!

"Xiao Nian, good job." It was his boss; he sounded very pleased. "Even without Pei Zhen, you still managed to get Fu Sichen."

Excuse me???

Around the same time that Xiao Nian picked up the phone, Fu Sichen also got a call. It was from his manager.

Wang Youquan felt as though he was about to get a heart attack.

Not only did he work like a dog for Fu Sichen, he always did his best to have his back. But now, his artiste was going to betray him!

"Have I ever treated you badly? When have I ever not done what you asked?" Comrade Wang Youquan was basically weeping by now. He was remembering the meat dumplings and mineral water that he bought at the the mall below Fu Sichen's apartment. "Just tell it to me straight. Have you found a new manager?" Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click wuxianovelonline.com wuxianovelonline.com for visiting.

Fu Sichen was caught by surprise.

"Wang Youquan, are you looking for another raise?"

Fu Sichen felt like he had always treated his manager pretty well. Wang Youquan had even been given a raise last month. But now, it seemed like he had gone quite mad.

Wang Youquan's accusations made it sound like he had somehow found a new manager. Hearing Wang Youquan talk like this gave Fu Sichen the goosebumps.

"Mrs. Flower went around spreading the rumor." When the news broke, Wang Youquan almost went nuts. "She said that you were jumping ship, and joining Pei Zhen's agency. She also said that this year's Gold Award for Manager was definitely going to be hers."

Mrs. Flower— her last name was Hua— was a manager at the same company. Mrs. Flower was managing a few up-and-coming artistes. Even though she was ambitious, the artistes that she managed were always overshadowed by Fu Sichen. Fu Sichen was blocking their career path.

News that Fu Sichen had visited Pei Zhen's agency was spreading like wildfire. The paparazzi had very quickly sensationalized the whole story. In the meantime, everyone in the office was on edge. This was especially true for Wang Youquan because he worked for Fu Sichen directly.

After hearing all of the details, Fu Sichen couldn't help but roll his eyes. "At the end of the day, I'm still the Vice President of the company. Are you guys all stupid or something?"

"But aren't you and Pei Zhen sworn enemies?" Wang Youquan said. What if Fu Sichen was crazy enough to try and take over all of Pei Zhen's resources while he was in the hospital?

"If I really wanted to take Pei Zhen's resources, then I don't need to go through all that trouble— I could take them whenever I want."

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