Dragon Marked War God Chapter 2008

*Hong Long……*

A very strong wave of air containing the power of a Fourth Grade Great Sovereign burst from Elder Fan’s body, dispersing all the green gases in the air.

Elder Fan’s face looked extremely unpleasant. Some residue of his vomit could still be seen on the side of his face. It was afraid that there was only Big Yellow who could embarrass a Fourth Grade Great Sovereign to such an extent.

“Damned dog! I’m going to flay you alive!”

Elder Fan bellowed in rage and charged frenziedly at Big Yellow. Given his identity and status, this was just too humiliating for him to take!

“Kaka! Old geezer! Master Dog’s fart is beyond description isn’t it?”

Big Yellow laughed heartily. Fearlessly, he rushed forward with his head.

As a matter of fact, the fart just now didn’t cause any harm to Elder Fan.

Of course, Big Yellow didn’t intend to kill a Fourth Grade Great Sovereign with his fart because it was unrealistic. His objective was met as long as the fart could make the old man feel disgusted.

*Hong Long……*

Once again, Big Yellow’s head collided fiercely with Elder Fan. Although no one knew how hard Big Yellow’s head was, everyone was astonished by the fact that a Fourth Grade Great Sovereign was unable to hurt him.

Even though Elder Fan was unable to hurt Big Yellow, it was also difficult for Big Yellow to harm his opponent. After all, there was a fundamental difference between a Third and Fourth Grade Great Sovereign.

The nine grades of Great Sovereign realm were divided into three classes. The first to Third Grade fell into the low class; Fourth to Sixth Grade fell into the middle class, and Seventh to Ninth Grade fell into the high class. So aside from the difference of two cultivation levels, there was also a gap in classes between the Third and Fourth Grade.

However, given Big Yellow’s present strength, he had no problem fighting Elder Fan to a draw. That’s to say, as long as Big Yellow was present, it was virtually impossible for Elder Fan to kill Jiang Chen.

It also meant that Elder Fan’s trip had been in vain unless a Fifth Grade Great Sovereign arrived.

High in the sky, the two silhouettes were constantly intersecting and colliding with each other. Sparks flew across the void. A huge black hole was created in the sky. Terrifying waves of qi rushed out from it. It was like the scene of apocalypse.

The experts of Great Qian Empire were dumbfounded as they had never seen such an exciting battle in their life. Each of them was shocked by the ferocity of Big Yellow.

“That’s too fierce! This dog is absolutely heaven-defying! Not even a Fourth Grade Great Sovereign can deal with him.”

“He’s so much fiercer than I had expected. I’m sure that the Immortal Courts have suffered a great deal of losses because of them.”

“That’s right. They have lost too many geniuses and elders. The Immortal Court will face a tremendous crisis if Jiang Chen and Big Yellow are allowed to grow any further.”

“Jiang Chen has created too many miracles. He was merely a small figure, an outer disciple when he first entered Genius Prefecture. Who could have thought that he would grow to such an extent within such a short period of time?”


Every expert of Great Qian Empire sighed when they thought about how insignificant Jiang Chen was when he was brought to Genius Prefecture by Yang Bufan.

The intense battle between Big Yellow and Elder Fan went on for half an hour, but neither victory nor defeat could be decided. By this time, Elder Fan appeared slightly weaker, whereas Big Yellow seemed even more vigorous than before.

If the battle continued at this rate, Elder Fan wouldn’t be Big Yellow’s opponent anymore.

“How could this dog be so terrifying? It’s no good if the battle continue at this rate. We are here to kill Jiang Chen but this dog is hindering Elder Fan, and Jiang Chen is nowhere to be found. We have even lost a Third Grade Great Sovereign.” A Second Grade Great Sovereign spoke with dismay.

“Looks like we have to do something.” The other man said.

“What are you going to do?” Another man asked.

“As Elder Fan and Big Yellow are entangled in a battle now and Jiang Chen has gone into hiding, we might as well attack the people of Great Qian Empire to force Jiang Chen to appear.”

“That isn’t appropriate, is it? We are, after all, from the Immortal Court. Our actions will affect the reputation of the Immortal Court.”

“We shouldn’t care about that anymore. We must kill Jiang Chen today. We can’t give him any more opportunities to grow.”

After a brief discussion between the two, they decided to attack the experts of Great Qian Empire. Although this would tarnish the reputation of the Immortal Court, they had no other choice.

“Jiang Chen, if you don’t come out, we’ll attack the experts of Great Qian Empire!” The Second Grade Great Sovereign yelled.

“Dammit! Don’t you Great Sovereigns know what shame is?! How dare you threaten Jiang Chen by using us?!” someone bellowed.

“It seems Jiang Chen is determined to go into hiding. In that case, let me start by killing the Emperor of Great Qian Empire first.”

A look of malice was displayed on the face of the Second Grade Great Sovereign. His eyes were cast upon Yang Yu. Without giving Yang Yu any time to react, his terrifying palm lunged down from above.

“Not good.”

Yang Yu’s face paled instantly. He couldn’t move under the pressure of the Second Grade Great Sovereign.

There was no way he could make up for the gap. He was almost certain that he would die as soon as the palm reached him. There was no chance of survival.

*Hong Long……*

As Yang Yu was despairing, an explosion was heard, and Jiang Chen came into the line of sight of everyone.

A bloody dragon claw accurately and unmistakably collided with the huge palm of the Second Grade Great Sovereign.

The deadly palm was shattered by Jiang Chen’s attack like a rotten wood.
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