Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 1115 1

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“You have to take her to the hospital.”


When she ended the call, Su Yue worriedly asked, “Third sister-in-law, what’s wrong?”

“Nothing much, someone drank too much.” Xuxu smiled and shook her head before adding, “Quickly go back to your room and turn in for the night.”

She didn’t want to tell Su Yue about Bai Jing’s situation. It was already so late, and she didn’t want her to worry.

Besides, she didn’t know how to tell her about the drugging.

“Okay, I’ll go back to my room.” Su Yue obediently nodded and said, “Goodnight third sister-in-law.”


Xuxu watched Su Yue leave the room and became melancholic again.

If the little lass were to find out about Bai Jing’s incident, she didn’t know what would happen. Previously, when she was unhappy with Fang Jiayin, her method of revenge was too extreme.

When Bai Jing’s father was hospitalized, Bai Jing’s mother tried to drag her home a couple of times.

At that time, she had already realized that Su Yue was staring at Bai Jing’s mother with hostility. If she hadn’t consoled Su Yue in time, she would have definitely retaliated with drastic measures.

She needed time to adjust her character.

After the effects of the drug wore off, Bai Jing woke up. She opened her eyes and warily looked around.

Shock flashed across her eyes when she saw Yan Rusheng and the fear left her. “Third Brother, why am I with you? This is…”

She looked around the room and asked, “Am I in the hospital?”

She hugged her chest in a protective instinct.

“Mm.” Yan Rusheng nodded. He then looked at his watch and stood up. “If you’re not feeling uncomfortable, let’s go.”

He picked up his phone from the bedside cabinet.

Bai Jing stared after him. “Where are we going?”

Fear gripped her once again. Yan Rusheng knew what she was worried about. She was afraid that he would send her back to the Lei family.

He plainly said, “Xuxu asked me to bring you to our place.”

Bai Jing heaved a sigh of relief.

She looked at him and thanked him sincerely. “Thank you, Third Brother.”

Yan Rusheng replied, “Let’s go.”

It was almost two in the morning.

Bai Jing nodded and immediately flipped over the covers. She was still in her pale pink gown which reached her knees.

She didn’t notice that her skirt lifted when she got off the bed.

She flushed awkwardly, quickly adjusting her skirt. She sneaked a glance at Yan Rusheng.

But Yan Rusheng wasn’t looking at her. His head was bowed and he was smiling at his phone. She wondered what made him smile so warmly.

Bai Jing was in a trance as she stared at him.

Yan Rusheng suddenly said into his phone, “I’ll be back soon.”

His voice brought her out of her trance. Disappointment flashed across her eyes. So he was texting Su Yue’s third sister-in-law.

Yan Rusheng sat in the front passenger seat and Bai Jing sat in the back row.

They didn’t talk throughout the entire ride.

When Yan Rusheng reached home, he couldn’t wait to head upstairs. He pushed open the doors. Xuxu was sitting by the bedside, breastfeeding.

She looked wide awake.

“Where’s Bai Jing?” asked Xuxu the moment she saw Yan Rusheng.

Yan Rusheng said, “I brought her here.”

Xuxu heaved a sigh of relief. “Oh, then you can ask her to sleep in my room.”

She then thought about it and said, “Never mind, let me do it.”

After placing the baby in her arms into the crib, she headed outside.

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