Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 960

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She thought, since the old man wanted to visit Zhou Shuang to talk about his great-grandchildren, it wouldn’t be appropriate if she involved herself.

Old Master Lu’s car was a black Audi. It was still early in the morning, so they had wound down the car windows and the air-conditioner wasn’t turned on.

Xuxu and old Master Lu sat at the back passenger seat. They happily chatted away.

Zhou Shuang stayed at a small high-class district near the Eastern Third Ring Road.

As it was inconvenient for any unfamiliar cars to enter the district, Xuxu informed the driver to stop the car by the roadside. She walked the old master to Zhou Shuang’s doorstep.

After pressing the doorbell, the old master looked down and adjusted his clothes.

When Xuxu saw this and the corners of her mouth twitched. It appeared the old man was attending a match-making session. One could tell how much he valued Zhou Shuang.

Indeed, the mother’s honor increases as her son’s position rises.

“Coming, coming.” Zhou Shuang’s thunderous voice could be heard coming from her house.

When Old Master Lu heard her voice, he became even more spirited. He turned and showed Xuxu a thumbs up. “This lady is full of vigor and life. She must be a warm person.”

Xuxu was speechless.

He had already given her such a good evaluation even before he met her.

The power of the child—it must be the power of the child!

The door opened and Zhou Shuang appeared before Xuxu and Old Master Lu in her white loungewear. Her eyes swept across Xuxu before her gaze landed on Old Master Lu.

She was dumbstruck for a moment. “He—He is—”

“He is.”

Xuxu was about to open her mouth to introduce Zhou Shuang to Old Master Lu when he interrupted her. He looked at Zhou Shuang with a benign expression and introduced himself, “You must be Zhou Shuang. I’m Lu Yinan’s grandfather, Lu Zhenjiang. Pardon me for my sudden visit. Hope you’ll be magnanimous enough to forgive me.”

Xuxu’s mouth uncontrollably twitched.

It was now she realized that the old man was even more adorable than a child.

In her memories, Grandfather Lu was always in a military uniform. He was upright and plainspoken and from his behavior, one could tell that he was a carefree and unrefined man.

This was the first time she had seen him so polite.

And it was all for the sake of coming to meet his prospective granddaughter-in-law. He must have put in great efforts.

Zhou Shuang’s expression stiffened and it dumbfounded her for quite a while. She gave old Master Lu a vague grin before frowning at Xuxu with a confused look in her eyes.

Xuxu pursed her lips, showing her innocence.

She had tried calling you but your phone was dead, okay?

Furthermore, when she heard the doorbell, she opened her door immediately without even asking. So how could she blame her?

Xuxu ignored Zhou Shuang and supported Old Master Lu with her arms. “Grandfather, go in and have a seat.”

Zhou Shuang finally reacted and swiftly took out a pair of slippers from the shoe cabinet for the old man.

Although she hated Lu Yinan, she still knew the basic courtesy when an old folk came to visit.

It was only Lu Yinan that she loathed.

Zhou Shuang’s apartment wasn’t big. She had specially bought a one-room apartment for she had a fear of cleaning the house.

The old master stepped in and surveyed Zhou Shuang’s living room. A satisfied smile broke out on his face.

It also shocked Xuxu that this woman’s house was spick and span today.

She recalled the previous time she came; her house was like a pigsty.

Xuxu was wondering as she helped Old Master Lu to the sofa to sit down. “Grandfather Lu, sit here.”

Zhou Shuang brought two glasses of water and placed them on the coffee table before looking at Old Master Lu and said, “I’m sorry, grandfather. I don’t drink tea hence, there are no tea leaves in my house.”

When Zhou Shuang addressed him as ‘grandfather’, it caused him to burst with joy and he waved his hand. “It’s alright.”

He patted the space next to him and said to Zhou Shuang, “Sit down, too.”

Zhou Shuang felt awkward as she wasn’t sure why the old master was looking for her.

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