Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 962

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“Father, Mother.” She waved at them before running towards them.

Whenever they caught her walking a little too fast, Mu Li and Yan Weihong’s hearts would shudder. Mu Li immediately rushed forward. “Slow down. Why are you running?”

“You must have waited long. Let’s go,” answered Xuxu with a smile as she wrapped her arm over Mu Li’s.

“Sister Xuxu.”

A familiar male voice came from behind.

Xuxu turned back and was initially surprised before comprehension dawned on her. She smiled and waved at the man who was running towards them. “Qi Lei.”

Qi Lei was wearing a black T-shirt with a pair of jeans and looked cheery in such an outfit. He exuded vitality and energy as he ran.

“Xuxu, who’s he?” softly asked Mu Li as she looked at Qi Lei.

Xuxu answered, “Have you forgotten? My grandfather’s disciple, Qi Lei.”

Mu Li suddenly recalled and nodded in response. “Oh, I remember now. He came to our house with Su Yue the other time.”

“That’s right.”

While both of them were talking, Qi Lei came to them. “Sister Xuxu.”

Then he turned to Mu Li and Yan Weihong and bowed at them.

“What’s this?” curiously asked Xuxu as she noticed the box in Qi Lei’s hand. It resembled a bento box.

Qi smiled. “Su Yue called and asked me to bring her some food.”

Hearing this, Mu Li smiled and chided, “That little lass. She has no qualms about bothering people.”

“All right, stop standing here. Let’s go.”

Xuxu led the group and walked into the hospital.

The few of them chatted as they walked.

Early in the morning, the air-conditioner in the ward was turned off and they opened the windows. Even though it was well ventilated, the stench of medicine permeated the air when they stepped in.

Mu Li leaned over to Xuxu and whispered, “The stench of medicine is too strong. You better not come to the hospital too often in the future.”

Xuxu nodded with an ‘Mm’.

They entered the ward one after another.

Bai Lisong was lying on the hospital bed, and he was awake. Although he was perspiring profusely, he looked better than yesterday.

Mu Li and Yan Weihong hastily walked over. “Brother Bai.”

She addressed Bai Lisong affectionately before moving her gaze to his amputated legs. They were heavily wrapped in bandages and such a sight gripped her heart.

It filled her with extreme guilt.

Bai Lisong’s eyes turned red and beads of perspiration trickled down his face. He stared at Yan Weihong and Mu Li and was perplexed.

“Uncle Bai, they are my Second Uncle and Second Aunt and also my Third Brother’s parents.” Su Yue had arrived at the ward early in the morning, and she sensed that Bai Lisong was unsure who Mu Li and Yan Weihong were. After introducing them to him, she continued, “She is my Third sister-in-law.”

“Uncle Bai,” Xuxu politely greeted Bai Lisong and gratitude filled her voice.

No words could express her gratitude towards him for saving Yan Rusheng—her Ah Sheng’s life.

Bai Lisong nodded in acknowledgment and responded with an ‘Mm’. They could detect a hint of sorrow from his tone.

“Brother Bai, you’re my son’s life savior. I really don’t know how else to express my gratefulness. I’m really thankful to you.” Mu Li sat down by the bedside and her eyes turned red as she spoke.

To them, their son was their everything. While they were marked by luck, they couldn’t disregard the fact that someone else has lost his leg, something that a normal person could never imagine.

Bai Lisong looked sorrowful and fell silent for quite a while before opening his mouth to speak with great efforts. “You don’t have to feel guilty. While I was rushing forward to save President Yan, selfish thoughts crossed my mind too.”

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