Endless Pampering Only For You Chapter 804

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“Let’s make it fair. Three balls for me, and fifteen balls for you. Whoever reaches their respective number of points first wins, alright? How’s that?”

Feng Shengyang raised his eyebrows. “This is fair?”

Mu Xiaoxiao nodded. “I think it’s very fair! Don’t you guys think so?”

The two guys couldn’t say no to her and they just smiled awkwardly.

Mu Xiaoxiao said shamelessly, “Look, they agreed. So that’s settled then. You’re not scared that I might win, are you?”

Feng Shengyang laughed, “No, I’m just wondering if I’m bullying too much.”

Burned by his comeback, Mu Xiaoxiao glared at him.

Just you watch!

Before Feng Shengyang gave any instructions, that guy read the situation and went up to set up the game.

Feng Shengyang gestured to Mu Xiaoxiao. “Ladies first.”

Mu Xiaoxiao didn’t stand on ceremony as she chalked the cue stick and made the opening shot.

Unfortunately, it was a bad shot.

Feng Shengyang potted six balls in the first round.

Mu Xiaoxiao was getting worried.

Feng Shengyang turned to cast a glance at her. Perhaps it was a deliberate move. The ball grazed the pocket and rolled to the side.

Mu Xiaoxiao breathed a sigh of relief.

“It’s my turn.” She confidently stepped forward and potted a ball.

Feng Shengyang narrowed his eyes. Although scoring from this angle wasn’t too difficult, it wasn’t too bad for a girl either.

It seemed that this wretch really had some skills.

After Mu Xiaoxiao potted another one, she was getting conceited. “Hehe, I’ll win if I pot another one.”

Perhaps the heavens didn’t like seeing her happy. Unfortunately, her cue stick slipped, and she missed.

Mu Xiaoxiao was vexed.

Feng Shengyang walked over, glanced at the balls on the table, then looked at her and teased her, saying, “Do you think I should allow you another turn?”

He looked confident that he could pot all the balls he needed.

Mu Xiaoxiao folded her arms at her chest and said provocatively, “Tell me that after you pot in some balls, stop talking big.”

Talking big?

Feng Shengyang showed her with action instead that he wasn’t talking big.

Eight consecutive balls were potted in.

A total of fourteen balls. This meant that he was only one ball away from winning.

Mu Xiaoxiao suddenly got anxious. This guy was too good!

Seeing that he was going to score, her eyes darted as a weird thought came to her, and she suddenly walked beside him and yelled at his ear.


The white ball went off its intended trajectory, and he missed.

Mu Xiaoxiao laughed. “Hahahaha… you missed! I still have a chance!”

“You cheated.” Feng Shengyang stared at her.

“All is fair in war.” Mu Xiaoxiao cheekily stuck out her tongue at him.

Feng Shengyang smiled. Seeing her cute expression, he was amused.

Actually, he had a bad temper and especially hated when people resorted to cheating him. But she didn’t make him feel a single bit of disgust. He even thought that this wretch was pretty interesting.

Mu Xiaoxiao had only to pot the last ball before she could win. So she was very serious and took a while as she aimed.

Just when the cue stick was shoved forward, a figure came toward her.

She had been distracted, and the ball that was shot traveled down the wrong line and didn’t even graze the yellow ball.

“You——” She glared at the man who had interrupted her.

The man apologized, “I’m sorry. I slipped.”

Feng Shengyang was very smart. Without dirtying his hand, he shot a look and made the other guy interrupt her.

“It’s my turn. It’ll decide the game.” Feng Shengyang laughed. He picked a position and made a stance. But he didn’t even look at the ball as his scorching gaze fell upon Mu Xiaoxiao.

“Oh yeah. Did we forget to set the stakes?”

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