Endless Pampering Only For You Chapter 805

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“Wager?” Mu Xiaoxiao laughed.

Judging from the game, he was probably going to win. Why would she agree to any wager? She wasn’t stupid.

Besides, the game was almost over. Wasn’t it too late to be setting wagers?

She folded her arms at her chest and said, “Just take this as a warm-up. Finish the game first.”

Feng Shengyang’s eyes were curved as he smiled. His eyes were still not looking at the table, but he casually shoved the cue stick.

The ball went into the hole.

Mu Xiaoxiao raised her eyebrows. “If you’re that good, who’s gonna bet anything against you?”

She had three balls to pot while he had fifteen. Yet, he still won.

If she hadn’t cheated earlier, she would have lost much earlier.

She was now a bit suspicious. Did he throw his first turn on purpose? Otherwise, with his skills, he probably could have easily cleared all the balls, ending the game right then.

She already knew that she wasn’t good at snooker. She only knew the basic techniques. She was far from being able to beat him.

Mu Xiaoxiao wasn’t someone who would continue trying to prove herself even when she knew she would lose.

“I’m a little tired. So I’m gonna pass on the next round…”

While she was still speaking, the door was suddenly burst open.

A brash voice was heard. “Darling, I will help you win it back!”

Hearing this familiar voice, Mu Xiaoxiao was stunned as she looked at Yin Shaojie in disbelief, and exclaimed, “Why are you here!”

Yin Shaojie strode over to her with his long legs. His hot eyes narrowed as he gazed at her. Standing in front of her, he intimately scratched her little nose with his finger.

“You’re getting bold, aren’t you? The first day of going back to school and you are already skipping class and you didn’t even tell me?”

Mu Xiaoxiao stuck out her tongue. “I didn’t want to skip class. It’s all…”

She turned her head and glared at Feng Shengyang, suggesting that she was innocent and was forced to skip class. It wasn’t her intention to do it.

“Oh yeah. How do you know that I’m here?”

She was puzzled. She didn’t even know where she was. How did he find her?

Could it be that he had been tracking her location?

It seemed like the only way to explain it.

“I’ll tell you when we get home,” Yin Shaojie whispered into her ear.

Mu Xiaoxiao understood and nodded. “Okay.”

Yin Shaojie then directed his gaze to Feng Shengyang, standing at the side. Their eyes met as lightning and thunder seemed to fill the atmosphere.

Mu Xiaoxiao suddenly felt that the atmosphere was odd and worried that Yin Shaojie might be jealous.

She quickly grabbed Yin Shaojie’s hand and said to him, “Do you know this person? He is the hottest idol celebrity currently. His name is Feng Shengyang. I met him at school and was accidentally taken by him. I guess it’s just some dumb fate!”


Yin Shaojie was not pleased to hear the mention of that word. When he found out from the bodyguard that followed her that she had skipped class and that she had left with a handsome guy, he was already boiling with anger. Now, she was even talking about fate, and he was getting even more annoyed.

Why was this wretch always attracting guys?

Feng Shengyang squinted as he watched them completely ignoring him as they act so lovey-dovey with each other. Though he looked calm and expressionless, his eyes had a certain rageful light in it as if he had his prey had just been snatched away from him.

He said unhurriedly, “Are you Young Master Jie? I’ve been looking forward to meeting you for a long time, but it’s unfortunate we haven’t had the chance to meet.”

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