Endless Pampering Only For You Chapter 806

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Yin Shaojie smiled provocatively. “Oh, and who might you be?”

Though Mu Xiaoxiao had clearly introduced him just now, but he just wanted to put on a proud front as if he didn’t want to know who he was.

Feng Shengyang’s mouth twitched, and his eyes became dangerous.

Their eyes locked on each other. They were both smart. Needless to say, they both felt hostility coming from each other.

Feng Shengyang deliberately neglected to answer him and said, “Since Young Master Jie is here, why don’t you play a game with me?”

“Okay, how do you want to play?” Yin Shaojie didn’t plan to just take Mu Xiaoxiao and leave.

“Normal rules with a wager. What do you think?”

They exchanged words as if they were crossing swords.

Mu Xiaoxiao watched them curiously from the side.

What kind of situation was this?

She tugged at Yin Shaojie’s hand and whispered in his ear. “He is very good. You really want to play him? What if you lose?”

When she finished saying that, Yin Shaojie pinched her cheek punitively.

“Ow!” She slapped his hand away.

“Are you looking down on your husband? Me? Lose?” Yin Shaojie waggled his brows annoyingly as he glared at her, pretending to be angry.

Mu Xiaoxiao rubbed her cheek. “But he’s really good… I don’t want you…”

To lose face.

Under the glare of his eyes, she certainly couldn’t say those words out loud lest the bastard use that as an excuse to punish her again.

“Don’t worry. When have you ever seen me lose?” Yin Shaojie smiled confidently.

He was her man. How could he lose in front of her?

Besides, with his temper, he would never allow himself to lose to other guys.

Mu Xiaoxiao held his hand nervously. “Can you really win? If you can win, then let’s increase the stakes!”

Since he could win, they certainly didn’t need to be scared of the stakes.

“What do you want?” He looked at her, having a vague feeling that there was a little demon flashing in her eyes.

Mu Xiaoxiao covered her mouth as she sniggered, not wanting Feng Shengyang to see her evil laugh.

She pulled Yin Shaojie aside and said very softly to him, “I have a few friends in the States who are really crazy over him. Don’t we have him here now? If you win, I’ll make him record a few videos, and I’ll send those videos to my friends as a gift. Isn’t Christmas coming in about a month’s time? If I send it to them now, they’ll get them just in time, and they definitely be overjoyed!”

Yin Shaojie laughed, “So you want to use him to do favors without costing yourself, huh?”

Mu Xiaoxiao nudged him with her shoulder and muttered, “Don’t put it that crudely. My friends like him, so they’ll be surprised when they get the gift.”

Yin Shaojie now understood why was this wretch had made so many friends in America.

She was the kind of person who cared a lot for her friends. Although she wouldn’t talk about her friends all the time, she always carried them in her heart. Whenever she had something good, she would want to share it with her friends.

She was unlike most people who would only remember their friends when they were lonely or in need of help.

With how sincerely she treated her friends, it was no wonder that her friends would also treat her so well. William was one example.

Actually, that was how people worked. People would be able to sense your sincerity toward them and would naturally reciprocate.

Yin Shaojie stroked her head and said, “Okay, I will work hard for the win, to get gifts for your friends.”

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