Ghost Emperor Wild Wife Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 2076

Translator: DRZ  Editor: Rock

“Alright.” A cold glint flashed across Cheng Gaoya’s eyes. “I”ll head over shortly to ask the Qin Family, to question why they dared to snatch away my prey and killed my men. If they are unable to provide an acceptable answer, I will never let the matter drop!”

Just as Cheng Gaoya intended to settle debts with the Qin Family, Yun Luofeng and company had already appeared outside the Qin City’s gates. If her memory didn’t fail her, the person who captured Lin Ruobai’s mother was the Qin Family.

“Feng Feng,” On the road, Long Luo thought about many problems and after Yun Luofeng entered the Qin City, she looked up with her huge glistening eyes while in a dilemma. “At that time, you killed the Cheng Family’s guards to save me. They will find that out sooner or later and at that time…”

Yun Luofeng stroked her chin and faintly smiled while she said, “It’s fine, I’ve already made preparations beforehand.”

For a moment, Wuyan and Little Bug looked at Yun Luofeng with a curious gaze, and only Yun Xiao remained motionless.

“What preparations?”

“En…” Yun Luofeng smiled. “Do you remember those men that the Qin Family dispatched to the Saintly Virgin Tribe to capture grandfather and the rest? At that time, I retrieved a jade pendant on a corpse and I merely threw it beside the corpse of a Cheng Family expert in passing. I presume they would definitely believe it’s the Qin Family’s doing.”

Little Bug’s mouth twitched.

Devious! Mistress has always been so devious!

Her actions would simply cause the Cheng and Qin Family to fight against each other and she could reap the benefits by doing nothing.

“Step aside. Everyone, get out of the way!”

Suddenly, an unbridled voice sounded from the side. In that instant, Yun Luofeng felt Long Luo’s body tighten on her wrist as her near erupting anger was about to explode.

Ultimately, she restrained herself…

“Careful!” Just as Yun Luofeng was softly chanting, Yun Xiao’s voice suddenly sounded from one side. He reached out and pulled her into his embrace. After that, countless horses galloped across the road and barged around violently, just like they treated the road to the city gates road as their own…

The leader of the group was a woman in brocade clothing. Her headful of black hair flew upward and looked very elegant.

Yun Xiao’s eyes darkened. His finger gently lifted and a ray of light shot out from the tip. With a bang, it struck on the horse’s legs, causing it to neigh loudly and crash on the ground.

In that instant, the woman’s hands braced on the horse’s neck and she started to flip over. However, before she managed to land safely, a heavy attack struck down from the skies and smashed against her back. As a result, she heavily crashed with her head planted on the ground, looking extremely battered.

“Miss.” The bodyguards following behind her turned pale from fright and hastily got down off their horses to lift Cheng Gaoya. They were extremely nervous and did not dare to utter a single word.

Cheng Gaoya’s expression turned green, then white, and vice versa. Once she realized that she had lost face in public, she gnashed her teeth in anger.

“The Qin Family, it must be the Qin Family! They must’ve wanted to display their might before me!”

Other than the Qin Family, who else would’ve done this?

“Unfortunately, they’ve underestimated me. I will definitely let them pay the price!” Cheng Gaoya tightly gripped her fist and took a deep breath before walking towards the city gates with her head held high and chest stuck out.

The moment Cheng Gaoya was about to walk past Yun Luofeng, Wuyan subconsciously hid behind Yun Luofeng and used her to cover himself.

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