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Great Doctor Ling Ran summary:

Ling Ran, a med school senior, begins to see the world like a game UI. He uses it to pave his way towards graduation, a residency, becoming the greatest doctor in the world... And finally getting a Transformer from his newbie packs? Maybe. We don't know yet.

Great Doctor Ling Ran Chapters

Time uploaded
489 Exchange2 days ago
488 Disperse3 days ago
485 Anti Fans4 days ago
483 Picture?5 days ago
482 Grea6 days ago
480 Wild Goose7 days ago
478 Clasheda week ago
476 Mahjonga week ago
474 Chattera week ago
471 Parcel2 weeks ago
468 Recovery2 weeks ago
466 Lonely2 weeks ago
465 Vexed2 weeks ago
464 Surgeons2 weeks ago
463 Smoothly2 weeks ago
462 Clean Cu2 weeks ago
460 Happy2 weeks ago
457 The Bes3 weeks ago
455 Nervous3 weeks ago
453 Res3 weeks ago
452 Drinking3 weeks ago
451 Quie3 weeks ago
449 Pleasan3 weeks ago
448 Bloodless3 weeks ago
446 Serious3 weeks ago
445 Strength3 weeks ago
444 Immersion4 weeks ago
443 Be Careful4 weeks ago
441 Speechless4 weeks ago
439 Fill Up4 weeks ago
435 Persistence4 weeks ago
430 Bombera month ago
429 Eggsa month ago
428 Politea month ago
427 Shinya month ago
425 Icua month ago
422 Removeda month ago
421 Laparotomya month ago
418 Hepatectomya month ago
417 Alera month ago
416 Waiteda month ago
413 Praisea month ago
400 Smoothly2 months ago
399 Professional2 months ago
397 Invitation2 months ago
396 Surprise2 months ago
392 Speed Forward2 months ago
390 Worldliness2 months ago
386 I Will Do I2 months ago
382 Treasure Ches2 months ago
377 Completion2 months ago
376 Unprepared2 months ago
375 Dislike2 months ago
372 Infectious2 months ago
370 Privileges2 months ago
368 A Good Patien2 months ago
365 You Were Righ2 months ago
364 Selection2 months ago
363 No Head2 months ago
360 Distribution2 months ago
359 Flower Baske2 months ago
358 Activity2 months ago
357 Ceremonious2 months ago
355 Regulations2 months ago
353 A Pure Person2 months ago
352 Reading Scans2 months ago
351 Discoun2 months ago
350 Grapefrui2 months ago
348 Harsh2 months ago
344 Where Is It?2 months ago
342 Arthroscopy3 months ago
341 Red Lips3 months ago
340 Reasoning3 months ago
339 Life3 months ago
338 Chinese Perch3 months ago
334 Kangaroo3 months ago
329 Porcupine3 months ago
327 Examination3 months ago
326 Rotten Hand3 months ago
325 First Day3 months ago
324 Onlookers3 months ago
323 Normal3 months ago
321 Tracheotomy3 months ago
317 Expansion3 months ago
315 Excellen3 months ago
312 Logic3 months ago
311 Professional3 months ago
310 Time3 months ago
309 Speed3 months ago
307 Memory3 months ago
305 Easy Task3 months ago
304 Toque3 months ago
303 Visitation3 months ago
302 Gold Medal3 months ago
299 Blood Loss3 months ago
296 Treatmen3 months ago
294 Sought After3 months ago
293 Arrogan3 months ago
292 Livestreaming3 months ago
291 Get Closer3 months ago
287 A Short Video3 months ago
285 The Corner3 months ago
282 Be Modes3 months ago
280 Expectation3 months ago
279 Acting Cute3 months ago
277 Medal3 months ago
276 Generous3 months ago
275 Recovery3 months ago
274 Lincoln3 months ago
273 Small Task3 months ago
272 Gratitude3 months ago
269 Rise In Ranks3 months ago
268 Red Ribbon3 months ago
Chapter 190: Fees4 months ago
Chapter 151: Ah5 months ago
Chapter 95: Relax6 months ago
Chapter 85: Meh6 months ago
Chapter 67: Noob6 months ago
Chapter 47: Drama7 months ago
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