His Breathtaking And Shimmering Light Chapter 588

Chapter 588: Wife Doting Maniac Lu Yanchen (28)
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There was nothing but dead silence in the training hall—everyone was still in a daze.

Liu Yanli was thoroughly shocked by Shi Guang’s violence as she gripped Li Xuejing’s hands tightly.

“Both of you, do you still have any regards for the rules?” Zhang Shulin hollered out and then lectured them, “Both of you are athletes and you must always maintain your image. Once you walk out of the country’s doors, you represent not only yourself, but our great nation. Before you speak, make sure it passes through your brains first and not spout out anything that you pick off the ground.”

Zhang Shulin was so pissed that he could choke right now. Although he was displeased at how Shi Guang had resorted to violence, he naturally stood on her side in front of outsiders.

Even though he was glaring at Shi Guang with a frosty veil on his face as he scolded out, he was, in fact, directing those words to Liu Yanli.

Liu Yanli’s coach’s eyes were spitting out fire right now as he gripped his fists tightly. Even though his position was nowhere near to that of Zhang Shulin’s, he did not feel that his disciple had done anything wrong either. He followed up with a cold tone, “That’s right! Both of you are athletes and not hooligans on the streets. Don’t resort to violence just because you’re pissed.”

He then looked at Shi Guang. “And don’t be too loose either. One must always watch their actions lest others think that the swimming team is a dirty and messy place.”

Shi Guang questioned him fiercely as she raised her brows, “What do you mean by that, Coach Zhou?”

Coach Zhou’s face was still cold and stern. “Nothing much, merely reminding everyone to watch themselves.”

Shi Guang replied in a huff, “Right after the way your disciple insulted me, you’re claiming that I’m being loose? Aren’t you scolding me the same way that your disciple did, merely on a different level?”

“Aiyoh, child… watch your words!” He then looked at Zhang Shulin. “Coach Zhang, shouldn’t you teach your disciple that one’s character weighs more than their speed?”

“Before you ask me to teach anyone, mind your own disciple!” Zhang Shulin was so pissed he nearly screamed out. However, he had his image to care about. Also, he did not like to stoop down to the level of these people, and thus he asked Shi Guang to leave with him.

Shi Guang, on the other hand, stood there rooted, glaring at Liu Yanli and Coach Zhou’s face icily. “No, they’ve got to apologize to me first!”

Liu Yanli scoffed out, “What! Are you kidding me? You struck at me and you expect me to apologize?”

Li Xuejing looked at Shi Guang and gulped before speaking, “Shi Guang, even if Yanli’s words were not really pleasant, you shouldn’t get physical, right?”

Most people agreed that even though it wasn’t nice to talk about others, hitting others was even worse! And because of that, they subconsciously somewhat sided with Liu Yanli.
Shi Guang smirked out coldly. “Is murder correct? No, right? Why don’t I see you complaining to get the country to abolish the death sentence then?”

That ironic analogy had Li Xuejing’s face turned black instantly. “… How could you talk like that?”

“You don’t understand?” Shi Guang scoffed, “That’s right, hitting someone is not right. But, when your reputation is at stake, are you going to just endure and tolerate it? That’s right, scolding someone with a couple of sentences or two is nothing much, but do you know that rumors and words could have someone killed? Have you caught the movie ‘Caught In The Web’? That’s right, words can lead to social commentaries that ended up having that girl killed in the end! And now you’re saying that I shouldn’t get physical? Why?”

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