His Breathtaking And Shimmering Light Chapter 589

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The reason why Lu Yanchen had been following Shi Guang the entire time was because he was worried about her, afraid that she might not be able to step out of her sorrows.

After these recent incidents, he discovered that even though she would still feel upset occasionally, she had adjusted herself well, and the huge amount of training loads helped to stop her from overthinking as well.

With that, he finally could leave her alone with ease.

In fact, he even felt that if he were to give her a bit more time, the next time they met, she should be able to hug him back without feeling conflicted at all.

But before he left, there was something he had to do—there were people that had to know that there were some things they should not do.

Knowing that Shi Guang had a trial test in the afternoon, he had intended to come check things out with Head Coach Li as a sponsor.

But, the moment he reached the entrance, he heard Shi Guang’s final sentence.

Head Coach Li stood there stunned, not yet recovering from the shock as he was trying to guess what had just happened. As for Lu Yanchen, hearing was not the only information available to him. Using his advantage of being tall, he even caught sight of Shi Guang who was being surrounded in the middle of a crowd.

Her hair were still wet, a sign that she had only come out of the water not too long ago. Wearing her swimsuit that revealed those long, slender thighs of hers, those distinctly etched pupils glared at the crowd with a cold gaze while her lips pursed with a smudge of indignance.

A single look was enough to know that she was being wronged.


She was being bullied!

That Zhang Old Man! Hadn’t he specifically requested that he had to take good care of Shi Guang! How could he allow Shi Guang to get bullied by so many people?

Lu Yanchen’s expression turned cold as ice. Strutting that robust body of his, he marched in. His elegant disposition, coupled with his graceful steps, had the crowd making space for him subconsciously, as though they were welcoming the most revered person in the world.

When he reached beside Shi Guang, he reached out and gripped her around the shoulders while narrowing his gaze at the crowd. “Who’s bullying you?”

Shi Guang was stunned for a moment. Looking at Lu Yanchen who had suddenly appeared beside her, she gave a bizarre stare while her pupils quivered, her throat slightly dry.

“Don’t cry!”


Shi Guang blinked her eye. She had not wanted to cry? She was merely feeling a little indignant, and yet, a backup popped up for her now.

The crowd: “…”

What’s going on? Who’s even crying? Since when was she crying?

Lu Yanchen asked again, “Someone hit you? Are you hurt anywhere?”

The crowd: “…”

If she was hurt anywhere, it’d probably be the hand she used to hit others!

Those who did not know the truth were guessing if this man was Shi Guang’s husband—the 4th Young Master Lu. Those photos had been blurry and unclear, but given the aura this man was exuding, even if he weren’t Young Master Lu, his identity should be far from normal, right?

Lu Yanchen glared at Liu Yanli with a fathomless stare, so chilling that she was frightened for a moment.

What do I have to be afraid of? Isn’t that just an assistant that’s coming over to help Shi Guang? He can’t possibly think that he’ll be able to get her out of this, right?

Liu Yanli scoffed in her heart as she spoke with a bubbling hatred, “And you said that I was slandering you and demanded an apology? Look at you guys, just look at that… That man is her hubby’s assistant. In the team, she flirts around with Cheng Qi nonstop. And now, it’s with her husband’s assistant. A woman like that? Was I wrong?”

Lin Qiqi spat out immediately, “You are nuts! That’s Shi Guang’s elder brother!”

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