His Breathtaking And Shimmering Light Chapter 590

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As for Cheng Qi, Zhang Shulin, and Head Coach Li who knew of Lu Yanchen’s true identity, they looked at Lin Qiqi with the same odd expression—their mouths twitched as though it was cramping up.

Liu Yanli was stunned.

Brother? How could that be? There was no way these two were siblings!

It was only an idiot like Lin Qiqi who would believe that!

She scoffed out in complete disdain, “Shi Guang clearly only has a sister. Since where has she gotten herself a brother? Lin Qiqi, they’re lying to you. And it’s probably only someone like you who would believe them and help them cover up their dates.”

Lin Qiqi’s expression was now the stumped one as she looked at Shi Guang asking, “Shi Guang, you really don’t have a brother?”

“That’s right!” Shi Guang replied honestly before her lips curled into an arc, yet without any trace of friendliness in them. “He’s not my brother.”


Liu Yanli’s cold eyes flickered with ridicule. “See, see! I told you that you were lied to!”

Lin Qiqi felt as though her head was about to explode. She had believed Shi Guang, yet…!

Looking at Lin Qiqi, Shi Guang smiled radiantly. “He’s my hubby!”

Lin Qiqi was completely stumped. “…”

Liu Yanli was completely shocked. “…”

What! How could that be!

In reality, most of the people present felt that this should be Shi Guang’s husband. A single look was enough to tell that the two of them were behaving like a couple. If they were having an affair, there was no way they would be so brazen with their actions.

Hence, none of them were really surprised.

Lu Yanchen turned around and looked at Head Coach Li, enunciating every single word, “I honestly did not know that there would be athletes of such a caliber in the team that I’m sponsoring.”

Head Coach Li did not know what to do! “…”

F*ck! This was going to be huge!

He glared at Liu Yanli fiercely—where did this dumb b*tch spout out from!

He then glared at Coach Zhou as well— do you know how to discipline your disciple properly? If you don’t, scram!

Coach Zhou did not even dare to breathe any bit heavier. After all, he was no Zhang Shulin—he didn’t have what it took to make any demands!

Looking at Lu Yanchen, Head Coach Li apologized furiously.

“You’ll call the shots!” Lu Yanchen looked at Shi Guang tenderly, his voice calm and smooth.

Shi Guang’s heart was filled with displeasure. “I’ve already said, I want them to apologize for disparaging on my reputation!”

Liu Yanli’s face was drained of blood. “…”

How could this be? This wasn’t supposed to be the way!

Lin Qiqi was the idiot who said that he was an assistant! That idiot had even said that he was her brother? What the hell! She had no idea what she was talking about the entire time!

Damn it! How could she have believed in Lin Qiqi’s words!

Everyone looked at Liu Yanli with contempt and disdain.

“Apologize! Everything you’ve said earlier on was really nasty!”

“Pui, pui! Someone like you just can’t stand to see others doing well. What a scheming b*tch!”

“That’s right! They’ve clearly got a good relationship as a married couple, and yet you’ve just got to demonize them.”

“Affair here and affair there… You’re the one that wants an affair, right?”

Rooted where she was, Liu Yanli’s face was aghast as she looked at everyone.

What was the big deal about scolding someone? Why did they have to force her to apologize? She said nothing wrong—Shi Guang WAS that sort of woman! Frivolous and skanky! Why did she have to apologize?

The only reason why all these people were so united was that Lu Yanchen was the sponsor! All of them just wanted to get on his good side!

Suddenly, Liu Yanli recalled that photo of the ‘kiss’.

That was right! She still had proof! She could prove that Shi Guang WAS the type of woman and she wouldn’t have to apologize!

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