His Breathtaking And Shimmering Light Chapter 664

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Shi Guang coaxed Xiao Bai a little and only retracted her hands slowly after he was fully asleep before she tiptoed out with Shen Lingshuang. It was only till they reached the ground floor when Shen Lingshuang spoke, “Hope he didn’t give you any trouble in the afternoon?”

“No, he was rather well behaved…” Shi Guang did not tell Shen Lingshuang about the unpleasant stuff that happened. She then smiled. “Mummy, who is Xiao Bai’s mummy?”

A child that age needed his mummy the most—Shi Guang could sense his thirst for a mother. That was why he was always clinging to her and calling her mummy.

How would Shen Lingshuang not know what Xiao Bai was thinking about? However, he was much more intelligent than other kids, and knew how to hide his emotions better.

“I don’t know who his mummy is either…” Shen Lingshuang sighed. Feeling pained for this grandson who had no mother, her mood got dejected as well.

“But, childbirth takes 9 months. Could the child have been thrown to Yanzhi after he was born by someone else?” No matter how Shi Guang thought about it, the entire thing seemed rather unfathomable.

How could no one among the Lus know who Xiao Bai’s mummy was?

“I don’t know about that either. All I know was that First went missing for about a year or so. Actually, he was out for a mission. As for what mission it was, I know nothing either. When I asked Chief Lu, he refused to tell me as well, saying that it was classified information of national level. By the time First returned, he brought a baby with him,” Shen Lingshuang spoke in low spirits.

She paused for a moment before continuing in a resigned manner, “I toyed with the possibility that the baby might have belonged to one of his comrades or something, and thus I sneaked a DNA test between the two of them. However, the results proved that he was First’s child! By then, I started questioning him about the child’s mummy, but he refused to tell me no matter what.”

“Was he worried that you guys would not let him marry the mummy of Xiao Bai?”

Shen Lingshuang shook her head. “No! Right at the beginning when I asked him about it, he said nothing at all. I then told him that I’m not a close-minded mother. Since they have already had a child together, as long as she wasn’t some criminal and he truly liked her, neither I nor Chief Lu would object to it. He must have found me to be annoying for asking repeatedly, and thus he finally replied. But, guess what he replied? He said that the child’s mother was dead.”


“I don’t know whether that’s for real. At times, I wonder if he does not have a thing for the child’s mother. If he does, given his character, there’s no way he wouldn’t marry her. These few sons of mine are all really steadfast toward their relationships and feelings. But, if he doesn’t have a thing for her, given my understanding of him, there’s no way he would have made a child with her. And therefore, I guess Xiao Bai’s mummy probably must have passed away indeed.”

As Shi Guang listened, a huge scene played out in her mind.

For example…

Qian Xun and Yanzhi were in love. But for some reason, Yanzhi went on a mission and brought back a child, causing Qian Xun to be thoroughly enraged, and thus breaking up with Yanzhi.

Or perhaps… because the Lus and the Sus were adversaries, Qian Xun and Yanzhi’s love story was akin to Romeo and Juliet.

However, Shi Guang knew that she was just blindly guessing as well. Based on what Shen Lingshuang had said, Qian Xun and Yanzhi should not have known one another.

If that were the case, why the hatred for Yanzhi then?

And was Xiao Bai’s mummy truly deceased?

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