His Breathtaking And Shimmering Light Chapter 665

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When Shi Guang got home that afternoon, there was still no sign of Lu Yanchen—even his phone could not be connected when she gave him a call.

Initially, she had wanted to coax him. But now, she felt frustrated for some reason. She just could not understand how he could fly into such a rage just because she had merely gone looking for Rong Mo under the suspicions that he might be her sister.

Even though she was somewhat upset, she still decided to give Chu Mubei a call.

After ending the call with Shi Guang, Chu Mubei sniggered and walked in front of Lu Yanchen. “That was Little Sister Shi Guang. She’s coming over later.”

Lu Yanchen merely raised his head slightly before looking back at his laptop. Walking to the island top, Chu Mubei poured two glasses of wine. “No reaction at all? Have you guys quarreled?”

He then walked over and placed one glass of wine on the study table, pushing it in front of Lu Yanchen. Picking up the glass, the latter sipped gently before asking Chu Mubei, “How are the checks on that Rong Mo coming along?”

Chu Mubei furrowed his brows. “The timing of his appearance is really coincidental, right after Mo Feifei’s disappearance. Through the picture, he DOES resemble Mo Feifei, although not entirely.”

For Chu Mubei who had not seen the real Mo Feifei before, he just felt they had a resembling countenance.

Taking yet another sip of wine, he continued, “There is little information regarding Rong Mo. There is practically nothing about him prior to the Shangs. In fact, we’re not the only ones checking up on him… Shang Mo is too, suspecting that he’s an illegitimate child of the Shangs.”

“Is there any possibility he could be Mo Feifei?” Lu Yanchen asked.

“Probably not,” Chu Mubei postulated, “Even though Rong Mo’s appearance was rather coincidental with her disappearance along with their resemblance, Mo Feifei is a female. A sex change surgery does not take days to complete, and one would have to spend a long time recuperating from the toll it takes on one’s body.”

“Or perhaps she’s pretending to be a male?” Lu Yanchen curled his lips.

“Shang Mo took a DNA test with him to determine if they were blood brothers. If he were a female, why would Shang Mo take a test for brothers and not mere male and female siblings instead? Whether or not he’s a male or female, we don’t know. But, Shang Mo, who lives with him everyday, should possibly do, right?”

Chu Mubei’s eyes flickered somewhat. “Is that what Little Sister Shi Guang thinks?”

Lu Yanchen: “…”

Even though he said nothing, Chu Mubei could tell, and thus sighed, “Actually, you’ve already tried your best toward this issue of Mo Feifei’s disappearance. There are some things you can be honest with her about.”

Honest? There was no way he could be honest to her concerning this issue of Mo Feifei!

Lu Yanchen felt an inexplicable sense of frustration. “Go check up more on that Rong Mo.”


Chu Mubei was resigned to a life of slavery as he lowered his head and downed the glass of wine. Just as he was about to head out, Shi Guang came over in a rush. Immediately, he smirked out, “Little Sister Shi Guang, you’re here especially for me!”

“That’s right, just for you, and…” She then walked over to Lu Yanchen’s side slow and easy. “to fetch my hubby home.”

“Alright, you guys carry on then.” Chu Mubei gave a knowing smile before closing the door behind him.

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