His Breathtaking And Shimmering Light Chapter 666

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With only her and Lu Yanchen left in the room, Shi Guang bent down and hugged him around the waist immediately. “Still angry?”

Lu Yanchen conveniently pulled her onto his lap. “What’s there to be angry about? Do I look so petty?”

Petty? No way, you’re a Tsundere! A possessive Tsundere!

But of course, there was no way Shi Guang could say that as she replied in a different tone, “Of course not, you’re the moooooost magnanimous… Just that you will care a little too much about me at times!”

Lu Yanchen’s long, gentle fingers brushed away her loose hair and conveniently moved behind her ears, pinching it tenderly at the same time. “Since you know that, you still went looking for Rong Mo? How was it? You’ve verified that he’s your sister?”

Shi Guang shook her head. “No, but you must believe me! I’ll definitely be able to prove it the next time around.”

Lu Yanchen raised his brows dangerously. “There’s a next time?”

Shi Guang smiled out faintly and spoke of her truest gut feelings. “Erm… I really can sense that she is my sister.”

Lu Yanchen declared coldly, “He is not your sister.”

“Why are you so sure about that? What IF?” Shi Guang felt that Lu Yanchen was truly being overboard regarding this matter. She wanted to stand up, but she was tugged down by him almost immediately as he looked at her sternly. “Even IF he is your sister, I will definitely get to the bottom of it. Leave it to me and leave him alone from now on.”

“How long would I have to wait for that? It’s more than two months now, and there has been no news of my sister at all!” Shi Guang could not help but murmur under her breath to his obvious displeasure.

He did not speak of how he felt within his heart, but it was clear that he was upset.

They were clearly sweet and flirty moments earlier, and yet, the entire atmosphere had turned tense all of a sudden.

Shi Guang recollected on what she had said—she didn’t seem to have said anything much.

It was just that last statement that was really direct—could he have been mistaken that she was blaming him for not being able to find her sister?

That was not her intention!

“Alright, alright. Don’t be angry anymore, alright? I promise you that I won’t go looking for Rong Mo without your permission, alright?” Shi Guang cupped Lu Yanchen’s face together and pecked him on the cheeks. She then moved sideways toward his ears.

However, she could sense that there was no reaction from his body at all. How was he immune to her teasing?

She then smirked at him. “You’re not ticklish at all?”

Each time he kissed her on the ears, she would always feel fluffy, fuzzy and ticklish… all sorts of sensations.

Lu Yanchen pulled her hands down and looked at her solemnly with those defined eyes of his.

So solemn?

Shi Guang could sense that she could not appease him this time around through normal methods, and thus she retracted her smiling face.

She then looked at him sternly as well. “What’s wrong with you.”

His fingers brushed at her cheeks gently. “What if I were to tell you that your sister is…”

Shi Guang smiled. “Is…? You’re trying to say that IF my sister is Rong Mo, how in the world did she turn into him and how everything happened…?”

He cut her off. “What I meant was that, if your sister were to never return again, would you still be willing to stay with me?”

Shi Guang froze.

She looked at Lu Yanchen, her jaws agape. Opening and closing, she could not find a single word to say, “Why would you make that example out of nowhere?”

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