I Am Supreme Chapter 971

Jiang Luoluo was baffled, even as she felt her face flush instantly. Her wish had come true, but tears fell like a broken string of pearls from her eyes.

This dummy had finally achieved enlightenment!

She had finally heard the words that she had only dared to dream of now. For a moment, it felt like she was indeed in some form of hallucination.

"Jiang Luoluo, I'm not scared of anything now! I don't care about it all! Whether you stay here or return to your sect, as long as your heart remains the same, you are my wife! If you stay here, when we develop the Residence of Nine Supremes, I'll marry you officially! If you go back to your school, I'll also go to your sect to marry you when we turn the Residence of Nine Supremes prosperous – if your sect doesn't allow it, I'll make you my wife, even if I have to kidnap you!"Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click wuxianovelonline.com for visiting.

Luo Dajiang yelled, his voice rumbling and chasing the very clouds away.

Jiang Luoluo sobbed.

"I know that you can hear me!" Luo Dajiang shouted, "I agree to marry you, I'm going to take you as my wife!"

Covering her mouth, the sweetest smile bloomed on Jiang Luoluo's face while her tears streamed freely.

Luo Dajiang was still speaking sonorously, "How am I entitled to become a master if I dare not even face my feelings truthfully? From today onwards, from now onwards, I shall face everything in this world truthfully! The first thing I shall face is my feelings!"

"All the pressure, all the resistance, all the hardships that await us, leave them all to me! I shall shoulder them all!"

Despite holding a palm over her mouth, Jiang Luoluo was about to bolt out to throw herself into the sturdy embrace that she imagined was waiting for her, only to hear another roar come from the outside.

"I'm going to sleep! Wait for me! I'm drunk today, but what I've said weren't inebriated words!"

Jiang Luoluo halted her steps by the door. With tears still coursing down her cheeks, a chuckle escaped her.

"This fool! He's still a dummy!"

The person at the entrance turned around to leave without a pause. Outside, the various cheers from the other nine Demiurge-Flawed men were still chorusing each other. It was boisterous, like a pack of wolves howling. There were even a few of them who blew ringing whistles, a flash of their roguish side evident to view.

"F*ck! Luo Dajiang, you're awesome! Why have I never known that you could be so magnificent?!"

"Luo Dajiang! I admire you! You're amazing! Don't ever change, I have high hopes for you!"

"Dajiang, marvelous job! Excellent! My brother indeed!"

"We brothers have your back!"

"Why don't you fellows make tonight the wedding night already…"

"Great! I second it!"

"Whoo – whoo – whoo!"


Dong Qitian stood atop the peak, overlooking the merriness below. Listening to the noises, a ghost of a smile briefly adorned his cold face.

"These ten kids have good temperament. Once they understand the realization, they act immediately. However, Yun Yang is the sharpest after all. A leader of a sect he is, being able to eliminate the internal demon haunting the ten fellows in such a short time. It's a timely strike to their heads, herding them back to the correct path."

"Looks like I'll have to work harder and exert more in the training."

The Demiurge-Flawed Ten left in a storm, leaving only one person at the originally crowded table – Little Fatty Qian Duoduo.

The entirety of Qian Duoduo's flabby flesh was shaking. He seemed to be incredibly worked up as he muttered, "The Demiurge-Flawed Ten that has been called the world's genius whetstones now think of seeing the whole world as their whetstones. What should I do then? Am I really incomparable to them? Can't I achieve something myself?"

"Hmph, I'm going to join the training too!"

"As the Residence of Nine Supremes' majordomo, a classy status of being inferior to one but superior to tens of thousands, how can I lag behind? I can't fall back too much, regardless. I must keep up to their pace. Even if I can't be parallel to Boss Yun, I can't lose to those ten fellows. Who's worse…"

"I'm going to join the training of hell tomorrow morning as well."

"Nonetheless, I'll only join the morning session… One must be determined, but one must also act within his means. I have formal matters to attend to in the afternoon. Right now, my official responsibility is to trade and earn resources…"

Little Fatty spoke to himself with increasingly firm resolution, "All ten of them want to take the world's cultivators as whetstones, I shall… I shall take everyone whom I can earn from in this world as whetstones! I want to make more money than anyone could ever have!"

"Not only do I want to become an expert, but I also want the Residence of Nine Supremes to replace the Tang Clan in becoming the wealthiest in this realm!"

"You go for it, Qian Duoduo! You can do it!"

Little Fatty looked unprecedentedly resolved with his gaze sparkling like the radiance of spiritual jades.

As time went by, the manpower in Residence of Nine Supremes increased.

Little Fatty had been continuously in contact with an assortment of human traffickers during this entire time. There were already more than three thousand girls and boys who were under ten years old who had been bought. Including the older ones, the Residence of Nine Supremes was nearing ten thousand people.

What comforted Yun Yang was that many of the young kids who were recently bought were quite talented. This meant that they were not spending money in vain.

When he allocated another large sum of spiritual jade pieces to Little Fatty, it came with instructions, "Buy more! Especially those who supply to notable sects, intercept them, regardless of cost! Don't forget to thoroughly forge connections with these smuggler organizations too, in case we miss them out in the future. Don't worry about the money, don't even feel pained over it!"

Yun Yang was adamant about his message. His last words seemed to be unnecessary, as Little Fatty was not at all pinched.

The money spent, despite its massive amount, was only being kept by those human smugglers temporarily after all. Once their grounding details were investigated and grasped, the fortune would be recollected the moment they were exterminated! Additionally, there was also the organizations' past savings…

Due to this factor, Little Fatty was zealous and diligent.

In the duration that followed, two of the Demiurge-Flawed Ten would escort Little Fatty out for trades as scouts and the latter's bodyguards after training half a day together.

All the children who had arrived at the Residence of Nine Supremes would obtain a set of basic cultivation methods and a fixed amount of cultivation materials.

What Yun Yang had the most now was a copious sum of spiritual jade pieces. To build the foundation for children who had never cultivated, a certain amount of lower-class spiritual jade was more than enough; there was no need to deplete more resources. Further training would be provided only when there were disciples who stood out.

As for the children who had come to the Residence of Nine Supremes, specifically those who were purchased from the human traffickers, all of them knew that the current cultivation opportunity did not come easy, that there was no second chance if they missed it, despite they differing personalities. Not only had they escaped their initial tragedy, but they were also given an opportunity to cultivate. Hence, they put their all into practicing, fearful of being eliminated.

Afterward, they found out that they could receive a sum of money and return home despite being cut or they could choose to continue staying at the Residence of Nine Supremes for general chores, but they thought that if they could become a legitimate disciple, why stop at working general chores?

Even three-year-olds understood the Bound of Universe's principle of survival of the fittest.
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