I Am Supreme Chapter 972

Yun Yang was glad to see it happen, silently placing a spiritual-calling formation where the children stayed.

The placement of a smaller formation within a bigger formation made it several times more effective. The flooding spiritual Qi rinsed the children's bones and meridians every day, resetting their physical conditions anew.

It was, instead, the people whom Little Fatty first recruited that were sent away, batch by batch, as some of them were barely cultivation talents. In spite of their dismissals, each one of them received a hundred gold taels to bring home. To an ordinary person, this was a handsome amount of wealth; as long as they did not act unreasonably or splurge, it could last them a lifetime.

By continuously filtering the people they had, such cycles of refinement were performed soundlessly.

The Raiders of All But God took a hiatus as well, no longer in action, since Yun Yang and the Demiurge-Flawed Ten were concentrated upon Dong Qitian's training. After all, they were not left with much time as the flag contest was quickly approaching.

The Residence of Nine Supremes was new; it had not been long since it was established, but the whole school was thriving. Everyone was cultivating and improving, racing against time. The higher leveled men were preparing themselves to compete for the nine Supreme positions while the disciples were readying themselves to grab a ticket to being an internal disciple. All of them were working hard, exerting themselves fully…

Little Fatty was working on the average frequency of bringing back a batch of children every two days. Sometimes, he could even gather three groups of children in a day and send them back. The efficiency that he was showing elicited an exclamation from Yun Yang.

There were many human traffickers in the Bound of Universe. It was surprising, to say the least.

Fortunately, the Residence of Nine Supremes was adequately spacious as it was able to contain the newcomers, no matter the number.

Each batch of children would never stay together. This had been Yun Yang's plan all along. The groups of children had come to the nineteenth wave now, being divided into waves according to their time of arrival.

While Qian Duoduo was still sending people back consistently, although each time gap between the trips had grown longer. It was obvious that the people those human smugglers had been bringing in had been mostly bought by Little Fatty.

"Keep on buying!"

Yun Yang was sensitively aware that it was only now that they were about to come into contact with the actual higher authorities or the basecamps of these human traffickers.

There must still be high-graded goods in their hands! As long as they continued doing what they did, they would be able to dig deep into their roots!

On this day, Dong Qitian came to Yun Yang to request a cluster of heaven and earth resources.

"Do you still have the resources left after the exchange with the Spirit's Grave? Give them to me if you do!" Dong Qitian was straightforward as usual, his request brutally direct.

"I do!"

Yun Yang was forthright in his answer as well.

Of course, he did! The so-called exchange was only smoke and mirrors to deceive others. All the heaven and earth materials that he had received all this while was still within his grasp. Whether they were acquired from trading with the General Commerce League or robbed by being the Raiders of All But God, most of the goods were still present.

Emmie had an unhealthy obsession with the treasured commodities, but its standard was growing higher, as it refused to even regard common graded items.

"What do you want to do?"

"Hmm, refine some medicinal pills."


"Very unhesitant you are. It's not for my personal use, it's for the ten fellows. Their meridians aren't resilient enough. I must craft some medicinal pills to increase their meridians' flexibility before they can consume pills for cultivation base increment. If their cultivation method were forcefully elevated now, they won't be able to bear the strength."

"I won't have a second word even if it's for your personal consumption. Use them as you wish, it doesn't matter if you refine them all into medicinal pills!"

"You wish. I agreed to help you train your men. I'm not here to become your professional medicine refiner…"

Dong Qitian sighed and said, "Time's pressing. It's necessary. If those fellows can't improve by leaps and bounds, there's no hope for you all in the meet for the Celestial Luck Banner half a year later."

Yun Yang's eyes shone immediately.

"If that's the case, please refine all the medicinal pills for increasing cultivation base that you can. Leave the meridian pliability that you worry about to me. I guarantee that all the risks will be resolved without a hitch."

"Huh?" Dong Qitian's eyes bulged. That one word was evident of his disbelief.

Yun Yang scoffed and rolled his eyes before he left, without making any further explanation.

'How dare you doubt me!'

'Have you ever thought that all your old injuries and your damaged meridians – who healed them for you?'

'I can easily treat your old traumas which are centuries, nay, millennia, old, wounds that were repeatedly inflicted. What's more, the little burden now?'

Yun Yang was quick to act upon his words. That very night, he rinsed all eleven men's meridians with the Qi of vitality to allow more resilience to flow to them. Eleven men – there was Little Fatty in addition to the Demiurge-Flawed Ten.

When the next morning came, Dong Qitian's eyes almost fell out of their sockets when he all of them again.

"How was it done?" Dong Qitian pursued the issue as it was apparently out of his knowledge sphere.

The answer was the same across eleven men –"Boss has the medicinal pills. They're wonderful."

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Dong Qitian expressed his dissatisfaction with what Yun Yang had done.

"Give it to the ten of them, it's a waste to give it to Little Fatty! What for? Feeding fats? Why give it to him? Do you have nowhere else to keep your pills?"

Qian Duoduo's mouth was agape as he shook with anger, exasperated by his attitude.

'This is how unwelcomed I am!'

'Old man, just you wait! When my cultivation base surpasses yours, I'll beat you up eight times a day!'

Shi Wuchen and the others each had a piece of Celestial Amethyst, while there were a hundred and eight Celestial Amethysts outside as the mountain guarding formation. In addition, Yun Yang used more of the purple crystals to build a second spiritual-calling formation without regard to the cost. Therefore, the speed of cultivation was unprecedentedly fast!

After all, the intensity of the spiritual Qi under such circumstances was at least twenty times higher than other spiritual Qi-concentrated places. Furthermore, the men were assisted by the Celestial Amethysts they owned and their own prodigious talent… Dong Qitian was also pushing them with the Art of Ultimate Heaven after Yun Yang's Qi of vitality that further improved their meridians' pliability and the medicinal pills that could elevate one's cultivation base.

Combing through all that was mentioned, the twelve men's cultivation base improvements exponentially, as if they were on cheat mode. They achieved new heights every day, experiencing new realizations each day.

Yun Yang's own cultivation base went through level two Saint to beginner level three Saint within the ten days, leaping across two big realms, while the Demiurge-Flawed Ten was no slower, as they had all ascended to third level Saint, without exception.

The cultivation base standard of the sect's higher-level members was already higher than most common lower-class Celestial Luck Banner schools.

In spite of it, this was only the higher-level men. Unfortunately, once the disciples' cultivation base was taken into consideration, their combat experience and state of mind were still horribly lacking.

Dong Qitian knew it well, but he was helpless.

"They're all trash! How can they face an actual fight? Is it a suicide mission? Are you trying to kill yourself?"
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