I Am Supreme Chapter 973

Early in the morning, the Residence of Nine Supremes' higher authorities, who had taken a one-day break, dragged Dong Qitian to where the disciples cultivated. Even before they entered the area, they could already hear the crisp, committed shouts of the children.

The children inside were the Residence of Nine Supremes' first batch of disciples. They were also the earliest who had begun cultivating.

Just as Dong Qitian entered, his eyes nearly fell from their sockets as his gaze was frozen on the tableau before him.

'What – what am I seeing?'

Were these disciples still the trash he saw when they had first arrived? Why were their physique and meridians so clean and crisp? What was going on?

Although there was no change to the disciples' chakras, the chakras' walls became much thinner. It was not only one or two spots; many of the walls had turned thin. When the right time came, the innate chakras would tremendously improve.

The children looked energetic, like cubs that were spoiling for a brawl and a sense of fierceness that they exuded from their bones.

Boys or girls, all of them cultivated diligently. They practiced the most basic cultivation method, learning the most ordinary combat techniques, but their sparring sessions looked solid. There were two girls aged seven to eight years old who were fighting seriously with puffed cheeks; they were aggressive and committed, not giving each other a chance or the slightest reprieve.

Dong Qitian rubbed his eyes, intending to wake himself up from the dream. When he opened his eyes again, nothing had changed. This meant that this was real – it was reality. Nothing was fake!

On the border of the cultivation ground, many seventeen and eighteen years old teens, youths in their twenties, and a few middle-aged men were quietly carrying out secondary tasks like boiling water, applying ointment, massaging the children, soothing their muscles, and cooking…

These people were already eliminated, the talent to cultivate non-existent within them, but they were reluctant to leave the Residence of Nine Supremes, thus taking the initiative to serve the sect's future disciples. It was clear that everyone here cherished the days in the Residence of Nine Supremes. No one wanted to leave.

"Young Yun, how did you do it?" Dong Qitian only began to understand after asking.

With his extensive experience and knowledge, he instantly sensed something unusual in the spiritual atmosphere. There was an exceptionally thick concentration of heaven and earth spiritual Qi here. It paled in comparison to the spiritual Qi where Yun Yang and others cultivated, but it was gentler and more tender, a perfect environment for beginner cultivators.

Furthermore, the intensity of spiritual Qi was weaker only because the comparison was made next to the cultivation spot of Yun Yang and the others. If it were compared to something outside, it trumped all the schools and clans that did not have the Celestial Luck Banner!

Also, Dong Qitian could sense small whirlwinds of spiritual Qi spinning gently around the field. He subconsciously recalled the spiritual cultivation land his master had sought high and low for him, the Spiritual Zephyr Valley of Rebirth.

Cultivating in the Spiritual Zephyr Valley of Rebirth, one would be constantly immersed in the drifting spiritual breeze. Not only could the spiritual breeze wash the cultivator's meridians and rinse the cultivator's physique, but it could also train the cultivator's flesh and bones. However, the valley was only effective for children under fifteen years old.

The atmosphere that was currently in front of Dong Qitian, the endless surrounding spiritual whirlwinds, was more than ten times more intense than the Spiritual Zephyr Valley of Rebirth! These children were bathed in a rebirth of meridians constantly – all the time!

This was not all. These children were tirelessly battling and painstakingly grinding themselves. With the helpful assistance of the spiritual breeze, the effect garnered would only be many times more superior.

Dong Qitian's thoughts ran through his head. Despite the rather conclusive perception, it was only a glimpse that he had seen. It was baffling, but he did not study it meticulously. Now that he observed the situation with a more critical eye, he was surprised to find out that a small group among these cultivating children had already reached the bar set by the Ultimate Heaven Sect in recruiting disciples.

This was an unbelievable miracle!

What a place the Ultimate Heaven Sect was back then! What a place the Residence of Nine Supremes was now! How could such a bizarre situation take place?

Still engulfed in incredible shock, Dong Qitian continued visiting nineteen similar fields. The more he saw, the more astonished he was. All the places were the same! Each field hid at least dozens of prodigies like the first he had seen!

After the site visit, Dong Qitian exhaled a long breath and scanned Yun Yang like he was looking at a genie, not saying a word for a long time.

Shi Wuchen and the rest were limited in their cultivation base, thus they had limited insight as well. Naturally, they were unable to discern the intricate anomalies. Dong Qitian was different, however. He could see everything clearly and he understood deeply what it would further mean.

If the Residence of Nine Supremes were to go on at such a scale and developing speed, its rise was a matter of course that was unstoppable. As long as Yun Yang was not stupid enough to recklessly provoke a totally inescapable force, the Residence of Nine Supremes' future was a hazardless pane; once it was to start rising, it would be overwhelming!

If he were to ask himself, Dong Qitian acknowledged that even the Ultimate Heaven Sect back then did not possess such uncanny capability.

"You can recruit the first batch of core disciples now." Dong Qitian gave his suggestion regarding the school's disciples for the first time after a deep exhalation to suppress the shock within him.

"I can do it now?" Yun Yang was genuinely and delightfully surprised.

"Indeed." Dong Qitian felt speechless. Why did the child look like he was not very satisfied?

What did he want? To go to heaven?

"If you don't start now and quickly train them, passing down a finer cultivation method, you fellows won't make it to the Celestial Luck Banner contest half a year later… Even if you start now, actually, there won't necessarily be a handful whom you can use in just a year. It's close to none whom you could send to the battle, maybe a few at most."

"It's up to our doing. As long as there's a chance!" Yun Yang was confident, as he always was.

There was no longer a sense of disdain in Dong Qitian. Instead, he felt like he was witnessing history in the making, from nothing to something. It thrilled him, leaving him with an unprecedented state of contentment.

"I initially thought that I'd modify all these children into vacant physiques before training them, so their cultivation would happen more effectively…" Yun Yang was rather regretful. "Well, we'll have to work with this now…"

Dong Qitian stumbled, almost falling to the floor. He spoke with the corners of his lips twitching, "Why don't you die first? You can go straight to heaven and fall face first. That would be the best, especially gratifying…"Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click wuxianovelonline.com for visiting.
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