I’m Really A Superstar Chapter 1688

In the morning.

Old Zhang’s house.

The whole villa was filled with the scent of traditional Chinese medicine.

Zhang Ye brought out a bowl and said, “The medicine is ready.”

Ma Fei pinched her nose. “Why does it smell so strong?”

“Good medicine is always bitter.” Zhang Ye smiled and said, “Old Zhang, drink it up.”

Ma Fei looked unconvinced by the black medicinal brew. “Is this even drinkable? It had better not cause more problems after drinking. Teacher Zhang, do you really have medical knowledge?”

Zhang Ye said, “I guarantee all illnesses will be cured after drinking it. Don’t worry, I’ve grasped the extent of your sister’s illness. There’s no need for her to go to the hospital over something like that. This matter is solved now that I’m here. Quickly drink it and pack up your luggage. We’re going to Hollywood today.”

Zhang Yuanqi looked on doubtfully. “What is this?”

Zhang Ye laughed and said, “Hurry, drink it and you’ll be cured.”

Ma Fei blinked. “Sis, do you want to give it a try?”

Zhang Yuanqi said, “Are you making me a lab rat?”

Ma Fei said, “Teacher Zhang is quite reputable. He knows everything from airplanes to tanks to singing and acting, so it wouldn’t surprise me if he knew medicine too.”

Zhang Ye laughed. “See, she understands me!”

Zhang Yuanqi couldn’t stand blabbering any longer and drank the medicine.

Zhang Ye said in anticipation, “How is it? Don’t you feel much better?”

Zhang Yuanqi said coldly, “I don’t feel anything.”

Zhang Ye laughed and said, “Sniff and see if your nose is still runny.”

Zhang Yuanqi said, “Do you really know what illness I have?”

Zhang Ye said in amusement, “It doesn’t matter what illnesses you have. This bro can cure it all the same.”

At this moment, a cell phone rang.

Old Zhang picked up. “Hello? OK—OK, I got it—I’ll go over now.” After hanging up, she said, “I’ve got to make a trip to the hospital.”

Why do you need to go to the hospital for some lousy cold!

This is why people say you celebrities so fragile!

Zhang Ye rolled his eyes and said, “You’ve already been cured. Just come with me.”

Zhang Yuanqi said, “Whether or not I’m cured will be determined by the doctor.”

Ma Fei immediately said, “Sis, I’ll accompany you.”

Zhang Ye threw up his hands and said, “Hur hur, I’ve already told you that you’re cured, but you just won’t believe me, huh? Alright, go to the hospital and get it checked then. You’ll see that this bro did not lie about his medical skills. Go on, I’ll stay here and watch TV. Come back quickly if there’s nothing wrong after checking. I’ll book the plane tickets for this afternoon.”

Old Zhang and her cousin left.

Leaving Zhang Ye alone humming a little ditty as he watched the news.

At a major hospital.

There were around seven doctors seated in the consultation room.

Soon after, Zhang Yuanqi and Ma Fei arrived.

Dr. Sun, who was in his sixties, said, “Little Zhang, you’ve arrived?”

Zhang Yuanqi acknowledged him and said, “How are things, Professor Sun?”

Dr. Sun pointed to the several people beside him. “Let me introduce you first. Everyone who’s here are China’s most authoritative doctors. Professor Chen, Professor Fang, Professor Han, Professor Hu, and Dr. Qi. All of us have been following up on your test results in recent days and have called for this specialist review with you today to decide on a surgical plan. Actually, the final decision still lies with you. We can only offer the best advice to you.”

Zhang Yuanqi said, “Sorry to have troubled you all.”

Professor Hu spoke up. “Consider removing it. That’s the safest option.”

Ma Fei said anxiously, “But her image—”

Professor Han said, “You have breast cancer. Why would you still care about your image?”

Dr. Qi said, “It was fortunate that we discovered it early before the situation became worse. All you’ll need is a simple procedure, and you’ll basically be assured that there will be no relapse nor any danger to your life. But if you delay it and choose a conservative treatment, it will be difficult to say whether there will be no problems after that. If it gets serious, there will definitely be a danger to your life. You shouldn’t wait for it to spread before you decide on having surgery! Of course we understand what this means to a woman. Image is still very important, so we considered the post-recovery cosmetic surgery process as well. Professor Chen is an expert in this area.”

Zhang Yuanqi said, “Is there no other choice?”

Professor Sun said, “With the existing medical technology in our country, this is the best that can be done. The medical technology in America is better, but not by much. Little Zhang, we’ve known each other for over a decade. I also suggest that you quickly get it removed. Do the surgery as soon as possible.”

Zhang Yuanqi asked again, “Is there really no other way?”

Professor Sun shook his head. “The most authoritative figures in breast cancer research are all in this room. From your scans and lab results, we strongly suggest that you do the surgery.”

One minute.

Two minutes.

Three minutes.

Zhang Yuanqi finally said, “Alright, I’ll do it.”

Ma Fei looked at her. “Sis, have you really thought it through?”

Zhang Yuanqi said, “Staying alive is more important.”

Everyone knew that this decision must not have been easy for her.

Professor Sun said, “When do you want to be admitted?”

Zhang Yuanqi said, “Since I’ve already decided, let’s do it today.”

Professor Fang said, “OK, we’ll arrange for your admission to the hospital then. We’ll do further testing and give you another scan, essentially a comprehensive preop exam, to verify your current state of health first. If everything is in order, we’ll arrange for the surgery to take place in a week’s time. Rest assured that with us here, nothing will go wrong.”

Zhang Yuanqi said, “Thank you for taking the trouble.”

A series of tests were carried out.

The several doctors started discussing the surgical procedure.

“Who will be the main surgeon?”

“Old Sun, will you do it?”


“Do another biopsy to make sure.”


“We’ll take a look at the indicators again afterwards.”

However, when Zhang Yuanqi’s lab tests came out an hour later, when a nurse came running in looking shocked with a thick stack of the test results, the top experts of China in the room were all dumbfounded. Everyone looked like they had seen a ghost!

Professor Sun asked, “A-Are these results from today?”

The female nurse said in panic, “Yes.”

Professor Sun exclaimed, “Damn!”

Professor Fang was floored. “How is this possible!”

Professor Han was holding a form and said in a daze, “Where’s the breast cancer?”

Professor Qi immediately said, “Could you have taken the wrong results?”

The female nurse wiped her sweat away and said, “It can’t be wrong. This is it. I, I followed up on it personally!”

Professor Sun had a scare and said, “Impossible! Check it again! Something must be wrong somewhere!”

Another hour passed!

They repeated the testing again!

In the end, the results were still the same!

Zhang Yuanqi was back. “What’s the matter?”

Ma Fei was also wondering, “Why did you all do the tests twice?”

They saw the dumbfounded looks on the doctors’ faces as they didn’t answer.

Ma Fei’s expression changed. “Did it spread?” When she asked that, her tears started falling. She hugged Zhang Yuanqi and bawled, “Sis! Why is your life so cruel, Sis!”

Zhang Yuanqi turned gloomy.

Professor Sun hurriedly said, “It didn’t spread!”

Ma Fei looked back tearfully. “Ah?”

Zhang Yuanqi asked, “Then what’s the matter?”

Professor Fang wiped his sweat away and said, “Th-The cancer has totally disappeared.”

Ma Fei was stunned. “What? It disappeared? ”

Professor Han nodded. “It disappeared. The biopsy and tumor markers are all indicating that everything is back to normal again!”

Professor Qi corrected and said, “It’s more than just normal. Little Zhang’s health indicators are showing that she is healthier than 99.9% of people!” After saying that, he looked at her in disbelief. “Then what’s the matter? We should be asking you that instead! We clearly ran several tests at each of our hospitals and found traces of breast cancer. Th-The cancer couldn’t have just disappeared into thin air!”

It disappeared?

Her cancer was cured?

Ma Fei jumped in surprise. “Is that true? Th-This really happened?”

Professor Sun said, “There has never been a case like this in the medical community!”

Professor Fang also said, “This case will live on for ages!”

If it had only been a single hospital that diagnosed this, it may have been a mistake or a case of switched biopsy samples. But this was not the case for Zhang Yuanqi. Before this, she had visited several hospitals to get tested, and all of them had concluded that it was undoubtedly breast cancer. There was no chance of being misdiagnosed. Unless these three top hospitals in China had all taken the wrong patient’s scans, and at the same time, taken the same patient’s test results, this was obviously something that couldn’t have happened!

There must be some supernatural forces at work!

What the fuck is this situation?

The authoritative experts were very confused. Having lived for so many years, it was the first time they felt doubtful of science.

Even Zhang Yuanqi found it strange.

However, Ma Fei thought of an incident. She suddenly yelled, “Could it be Teacher Zhang?”

Zhang Yuanqi said, “That’s not possible.”

Ma Fei said firmly, “It has to be Teacher Zhang!”

Professor Sun stared at her. “What Teacher Zhang?”

Ma Fei said, “It’s Teacher Zhang Ye. He came to my sister’s place to visit her today and said that he would treat her illness. He even took her pulse and then brewed some Chinese medicine for her to drink, claiming that it would definitely cure her illness. After drinking it, we came here together. Heavens, Teacher Zhang really knows how to cure diseases. It has to be the effect of that Chinese medicine that he gave her!”

Zhang Ye?

Zhang Ye from the Chinese Academy of Sciences?

Isn’t he involved in physics and math research?

Chinese medicine?

Can Chinese medicine cure cancer?

How can that be possible!

This is cancer we’re talking about!

It wouldn’t be cured even if you had eaten the flesh of Tripitaka 1 !

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