I’m Really A Superstar Chapter 1689


At Old Zhang’s villa.

Zhang Ye was watching a soccer game by himself.


“Dribble past him!”

“It went it! It’s a goal!”

“Beautiful play! Score another one!”

“The Chinese team is quite good this year!”

At this moment, the door behind him suddenly opened.

Zhang Yuanqi and Ma Fei led Professor Sun and the others in.

When Ma Fei entered the house, she shouted excitedly, “Teacher Zhang! Teacher Zhang!”

Zhang Ye turned around and said, “You’re back? How was it?”

Professor Sun came up to him. “Fellow Zhang, long time no see.”

Zhang Ye was startled. He stood up and said, “Oh, Professor Sun, why are you here?”

Ma Fei said, “Ah, so you two know each other?”

Professor Sun said, “We both had appointments in the Chinese Academy of Sciences, so we’ve met once or twice before.”

At the Chinese Academy of Sciences, one of them was involved in mathematics, while the other was involved in the biomedical sciences. Although they had crossed paths before, they hadn’t really spoken much and were not familiar with each other. It was only because Zhang Ye had a good memory that he remembered him. As long as he met someone once, he could address them by their name.

The several of them exchanged some pleasantries.

Then Zhang Yuanqi asked, “What was that medicine that you gave me?”

Zhang Ye smiled and said, “It’s good medicine, why?”

Ma Fei said excitedly, “My sis has been cured! Her illness has gone away!”

Zhang Ye simply chuckled and said, “I already told you all that I had Old Zhang’s illness under control. Once I did something about it, her illness would be cured.”

Behind them, Professor Han stared dumbfoundedly and said, “Did you really cure her?”

Zhang Ye said, “Of course.”

Professor Qi said in shock, “How did you do it?”

Zhang Ye let out a laugh. “What’s so difficult about curing a simple illness like that?”

“A simple illness?” The medical professors were confused.

Zhang Ye pointed over to the other side of the house. “I just prescribed some medicine for her and cured her.”

Professor Sun hurriedly said, “Where is it?”

Professor Han also said eagerly, “Let me have a look at the prescription!”

Zhang Ye was dumbfounded. It was only at this moment that he realized something was off. “What for?”

Professor Sun said, “What do you think! You’ve cured cancer!”

When he heard that, Zhang Ye almost fell to the ground before he could catch his breath!




I thought you had a fucking cold!

Zhang Ye said in surprise, “What cancer?”

Ma Fei said, “Breast cancer. I thought you already had a grasp of the situation, no?”

Zhang Ye nearly spat out a mouthful of blood!

Breast cancer?

Old Zhang had breast cancer?

Me? Grasped the situation? Your sister!

Zhang Ye stared at Zhang Yuanqi with wide eyes. “Didn’t you have a cold and a cough?”

Zhang Yuanqi asked him back, “Who told you I had a cold?”

Zhang Ye said, “Huh?”

Ma Fei was stunned. “So you didn’t know what illness my sister had?”

Zhang Ye was almost crying. “If you didn’t tell me, how could I have fucking known!”

Ma Fei was infuriated. “You were the one who said that you knew what was going on!”

Zhang Ye said, “I was just bragging. You actually believed that?”

Ma Fei was speechless

Zhang Yuanqi was speechless.

Professor Sun was speechless.

Professor Han was speechless.

The professors couldn’t believe it either. They quickly took the prescription that Zhang Ye had gotten and repeatedly studied its contents. In the end, they came to a surprisingly important conclusion!

—This was just ordinary cold medicine!

Professor Sun asked, “Are you sure?”

Professor Qi was a traditional Chinese medicine expert. I’m very sure.”

Professor Han said, “Is it really just ordinary cold medicine?”

Professor Qi added, “In fact, one part of the medicine has already expired and turned damp. Even as cold medicine, this is not a particularly effective concoction.”

Zhang Yuanqi looked at him. “You gave me expired medicine?”

Zhang Ye rolled his eyes and said in embarrassment, “How could I have known that? That lousy pharmacy picked it out for me. I’ll go seek an explanation from them afterwards!”

Professor Sun said, “But how did Little Zhang recover from her cancer?”

Naturally, Zhang Ye knew what was going on. The Spring Water of Health could cure a cold, but it could cure any other injuries and illnesses as well. However, he could only play dumb at this moment as he pretended to be shocked. “You all must have misdiagnosed her.” This fellow was pointing his fingers at others first. He sighed. “The big hospitals these days are getting so unreliable. How can they misdiagnose something as major as this! Old Zhang, I’ll support you if you want to sue them. This bro has a lawyer’s license. I’ll fight the court case for you!”

Ma Fei thought to herself, You’re saying that other people are not reliable? The one who is the most unreliable is you! Divine Physician? You even gave my sister expired medicine to drink!

Professor Han said anxiously, “It’s impossible that we misdiagnosed her!”

Professor Sun also said, “Absolutely impossible!”

With the matter left hanging, it was finally dropped in the end.

After the medical professors left, Zhang Ye could finally heave a sigh of relief. He had panicked so badly that he had broken out into a cold sweat. That was too fucking close!

Ma Fei was still grumbling, “Then what on earth happened?”

Zhang Ye’s tone immediately changed. He laughed and said, “Whatever it is, isn’t this something worth celebrating? Now that Old Zhang’s illness has been cured, it’s time to head to Hollywood.”

Ma Fei said in a speechless manner, “It’s not like you were the one who cured her.”

Zhang Ye didn’t like hearing that. “Hey, what do you mean I wasn’t the one who cured her? If it weren’t for that miracle drug of mine, could Old Zhang have come back home without any issues?”

What miracle drug!

Ma Fei corrected, “It’s fake medicine.”

Zhang Ye said, “You don’t have to worry about what medicine it is. In any case, do you admit that her illness has been cured?”

Ma Fei was speechless.

Zhang Ye looked at Old Zhang. “So is our deal still on?”

Ma Fei turned sideways and looked at her. “Sis.”

Zhang Yuanqi did not say anything. She went over to the sofa by herself and sat down.

Zhang Ye said, “Come on, Sister Zhang, give me something to be happy about.”

One second.

Five seconds.

Ten seconds.

Zhang Yuanqi suddenly said, “When do we leave?”

Zhang Ye jolted. “Whenever you wish.”

Zhang Yuanqi said softly, “Book the tickets.”

Zhang Ye laughed and slapped his thigh. “Alright, leave it to me!”

Later that afternoon.

The plane tickets were booked.

Zhang Ye made a call to Hollywood.

Ning Lan, Yao Jiancai, and the others were just discussing this matter.

Ning Lan laughed and said, “Do you guys think that Zhang’er can convince Sister Zhang?”

“Surely not, right?” Yao Jiancai shook his head.

Dong Shanshan smiled and said, “I think it’s difficult to say.”

Chen Guang said, “I don’t think it’ll happen.”

Being one of Zhang Yuanqi’s closest friends, Ning Lan also said, “I think so too. I suppose the fellow is currently getting snubbed all over the place.”

Ring, ring, ring.

A call arrived.

Ning Lan answered: “Hello, what’s up?”

Zhang Ye laughed out loud. “I’ve got her! We’ll be flying back to Hollywood tomorrow.”

Ning Lan was stunned. “You really managed to convince Sister Zhang to come out of retirement?”

Zhang Ye said: “When this bro personally handles something, can there be any other outcome?”

Ning Lan said in disbelief: “Impossible!”

Didn’t he just arrive in China?

Yet he already convinced her?

How could it be so smooth-sailing!

Which of them didn’t know about Sister Zhang’s temper!

After hanging up, everyone came to the consensus that Zhang Ye was only bragging.

The next day.

At Los Angeles International Airport.

When Ning Lan, Dong Shanshan, and the others who came to receive Zhang Ye saw Zhang Yuanqi walking beside him, every one of them looked like they had seen a ghost!

“Sister Zhang?”


“You really came?”

“Zhang’er, how did you do it?”

Zhang Yuanqi had retired from the entertainment industry for many years!

During this period, countless people had approached her to get her to come out of retirement. Her fans, people from entertainment companies, and many of Zhang Yuanqi’s friends, including Ning Lan, brought this matter up to her many times. However, she had turned all of them down without exception. In the end, Ning Lan also felt that Sister Zhang had made up her mind to just spend the rest of her days leisurely, and that there wouldn’t be anyone else who could possibly get the former Heavenly Queen, who was the number one person of the Chinese entertainment circle, to make a return. But as it had to be, Zhang Ye managed it. He even used less than a day’s time to get it done. Wasn’t this fellow’s influence a little too large?

However, Zhang Yuanqi’s arrival clearly boosted their confidence too. With Sister Zhang joining the cast of Frozen, it would only make them stronger!

On the same day.

The news came out.

“An Asian Heavenly Queen returns!”

“Zhang Yuanqi’s surprising appearance in Hollywood!”

“Has the Chinese Heavenly Queen decided to return to showbiz?”

“Zhang Ye casts yet another big name!”

“Zhang Yuanqi joins the cast of Frozen!”

“The strong team up! Can it create another miracle?”

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