Invincible Kungfu Healer Chapter 514

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“Almost there. It’s a shame that we did not bring along enough spiritual stones this time. Otherwise, we could have surely destroyed the Intentionless Sect’s Snow Storm Stratagem in one shot.”

Li Zhuoying placed the final large flag in its corresponding position, then he tossed the main flag of the Stratagem Destroying Flags to an old man dressed in white. He was the disciple that the Sacred Flame Sect had sent to the Huatian Palace to gain knowledge on stratagems. Having him control the Stratagem Destroying Flags would be far more effective than if others were to do so.

“Humph, it’s just spending a little more time. We’ve waited for half a month already. What’s a little more time?” Zhu Lanhuo coldly snorted.

Originally, the Sacred Flame Sect was not prepared to use the Stratagem Destroying Flags against the Intentionless Sect. It was just a precautionary means. After all, the cost of using the Stratagem Destroying Flags was too great. So, from the start, Zhu Lanhuo had been against using the tactic but now he was forced to. He could not bear the cost of being tossed around by the Intentionless Sect’s Snow Storm Stratagem anymore.

Li Zhuoying sighed. The Stratagem Destroying Flag was a treasure left behind by the patriarchs of the Sacred Flame Sect. It had not been used for centuries. Now, the flags would finally be put to use. However, if they could take down the Intentionless Sect, it would be worth it. It would surely be a great achievement that would be recorded in the Sacred Flame Sect’s annals. The two of them would be immortalized in history.

Thinking about this, Zhu Lanhuo and Li Zhuoying became slightly excited. The Intentionless Sect and Sacred Flame Sect had been battling for centuries. Both sects had victories and defeats. Now, bringing an end to the conflict was in their hands.

The elder dressed in white walked to the middle of the Stratagem Destroying Flags. He waved the large flag in his hand furiously. Immediately, a strong gust of wind whizzed and black streaks of wind rose from the ground, constantly engulfing the surroundings in every direction.

The entire Snow Storm Stratagem suddenly shook slightly, like a skyscraper that was about to collapse.

With the Stratagem Destroying Flags as the epicenter, the snowstorms vanished and the area instantly returned to normal. At first, the affected area was just tens of meters in radius. Then, as time passed, the area grew larger. After a short while, it was a few hundred meters in radius. All of the members of the Sacred Flame Sect in the area were no longer affected by the power of the snowstorm. It was as though everything was no different from normal.

Every disciple of the Sacred Flame Sect felt an indescribable sense of pleasure well up. For the past half a month, they had always been in the Snow Storm Stratagem fighting with the members of the Intentionless Sect. In various situations, they did not have the advantage. They had long built up a fiery frustration inside them.

If it wasn’t for the Snow Storm Stratagem, they would most likely have taken down the Intentionless Sect long ago. So many of their sect members would not have died or be injured.

In just a short amount of time, the area covered by the Stratagem Destroying Flags was almost a thousand meters. It almost could contain all of the Sacred Flame Sect’s ancient martial art practitioners in it.

“Humph, the Intentionless Sect! Finally, it will soon be gone.” Zhu Lanhuo stood among the Stratagem Destroying Flags. His expression was cold beyond compare. He had been forced to use the Stratagem Destroying Flags and did not believe that the Intentionless Sect could stop him.

In the Mindfulness Hall, Chen Zikuang suddenly snapped out of his trance. A light flashed in his eyes as he suddenly looked outside of the great hall. His expression turned serious.

Outside, people kept constantly barging into the Mindfulness Hall. Every one of them had pale expressions as they anxiously all said, “Not good, something has happened to the Snow Storm Stratagem.”

The Snow Storm Stratagem had actually suddenly become unstable. The power of the snowstorm in some areas had decreased rapidly. The huge stratagem seemed to be showing signs of collapse. For the Intentionless Sect, the Snow Storm Stratagem was their final line of defense. If the Snow Storm Stratagem was destroyed, for the Intentionless Sect, the end result was unthinkable. Once the members of the Sacred Flame Sect were unimpeded by the Snow Storm Stratagem, they would surely push through and fight head on. The Intentionless Sect would not have any advantage.

“What’s the panic?” Chen Zikuang coldly roared. A frightening aura emanated from his body, instantly enveloping the entire Mindfulness Hall. The frightened members of the Intentionless Sect felt a chill travel down their spine uncontrollably. They immediately calmed down.

“What’s the situation?” Chen Zikuang asked coldly. Just now, he too had noticed that something was off with the Snow Storm Stratagem. But he didn’t know what had happened exactly. It would surely not be something good. The Snow Storm Stratagem was the main stratagem protecting the Intentionless Sect and it wouldn’t malfunction easily. If it had any problem, it was surely caused by external disturbances.

“The energy of Snow Storm Stratagem seems to be dropping drastically. It has only been a while and the power of snowstorm has been lowered by one third,” an Intentionless Sect elder took a deep breath and said with his face pale.

“The power of snowstorm is still dropping. Right now, the atmosphere inside the Snow Storm Stratagem is extremely unstable. If this persists, the Snow Storm Stratagem might collapse completely,” another Intentionless Sect elder informed him.

Right now, even though the Sacred Flame Sect hadn’t launched an attack, they had still managed to frighten the Intentionless Sect elders. An Intentionless Sect elder could take on two Sacred Flame Sect elders alone with the help of the power of the Snow Storm Stratagem. If the Snow Storm Stratagem was gone, they had no confidence at all in their ability to block the attack of the Sacred Flame Sect.

“Not just that,” Mu Liao shouted. He had just come in from outside and his facial expression was ugly. “I just came out from the Snow Storm Stratagem. I noticed that there is an area in the stratagem that has completely blocked off the power of snowstorm. This area isn’t affected by the stratagem in any way. The area has a perimeter of a thousand meters and it’s still expanding.”

As soon as Mu Liao said that, the expressions of everyone from the Intentionless Sect in the Mindfulness Hall changed. Panic filled the hall. It wasn’t just the Intentionless Sect’s branch leaders and altar leaders, even the elders were not immune to the fear of death. Everyone was afraid to die and was unwilling to die at the hands of the Sacred Flame Sect.

Chen Zikuang had an ugly expression. His gaze turned to Mo Wen. Mo Wen shook his head and said, “Only by heading over can we know what the situation is. However, you don’t have to panic. Right now, the Sacred Flame Sect has lost ten elders. Even if they still have an advantage, it will most likely not be too drastic.”

There were too many ways to destroy a stratagem. Aside from man-made destruction, there were also strange items that could destroy stratagems. The better known representations were the Stratagem Destroying Talismans, Stratagem Destroying Flags, Stratagem Destroying magical treasures and other items that were specifically concocted to deal with stratagems.

The Snow Storm Stratagem, in the Immortal Cultivation world, was the most basic type of stratagem. Destroying this sort of stratagem was not too difficult a task. The only thing that surprised him was that the Sacred Flame Sect had actually mastered such a method. That impressed him. After all, the Sacred Flame Sect was only an ancient martial arts sect. They were not immortal cultivators.

“What! How is it that I did not know that the Sacred Flame Sect lost ten elders?”

“That can’t be. Since when did the Sacred Flame Sect lose ten elders?”

“That brat is talking nonsense, isn’t he? How could the Sacred Flame Sect lose ten elders?”

When Mo Wen uttered these words, the inside of the Mindfulness Hall reached boiling point. Aside from Chen Zikuang and Xia Kunqian, the members of the Intentionless Sect, including the elders, did not know about the events of the past two days. So, when they suddenly heard that the Sacred Flame Sect had lost ten elders, they were naturally all astonished beyond belief.

“The Sacred Flame Sect has indeed lost ten elders. This point is undebatable. So, you should not be too worried. Right now, the Sacred Flame Sect is not that much stronger than us. We do not necessarily need to fear them,” Chen Zikuang said plainly.

With Chen Zikuang vouching for the information they had just heard, the members of the Intentionless Sect had to believe it. They slowly began to digest this piece of news.

“Ten Sacred Flame Sect elders have actually died. How did the deputy sect leader do it?”

“It’s too astonishing. Wouldn’t the Sacred Flame Sect be coughing blood?”

“No wonder these two days I noticed the pressure has greatly decreased. It seemed very difficult to come across a Sacred Flame Sect elder. So that’s the reason why.”

As the crowd was chattering, another person entered the hall in a rush. He was an old man, at least over a hundred years old. It was an old age even among the ancient martial art practitioners.

“Elder Sun, is this about the Snow Storm Stratagem?” Chen Zikuang had become inured to the unusual. He asked even before the elder spoke. This elder was the person in charge of the Snow Storm Stratagem in the Intentionless Sect. For this half a month, he had been controlling the Snow Storm Stratagem. His contribution was unfathomable.

Although his cultivation was not high, only at the Embryonic Breathing realm, he was quite accomplished on the matter of stratagems. He was the person who understood most about stratagem techniques in the Intentionless Sect.

“Deputy sect leader, if this continues, the Snow Storm Stratagem most probably will not last for more than two days.”

As soon as Elder Sun heard Chen Zikuang’s words, he knew immediately that Chen Zikuang was concerned about the changes in the Snow Storm Stratagem. So, he cut out the waffle and went straight to the main point. Right now, the Snow Storm Stratagem was very unstable. Even with his control, he could only promise that it would last another day. Furthermore, based on his observation, the Snow Storm Stratagem definitely couldn’t last more than two days.

“Not last more than two days!” Upon hearing this, Chen Zikuang fell silent. The Intentionless Sect really was going through troubled times. He originally thought that in a few more days, after the old grandfather’s injuries had healed, they could weather the current crisis. From the looks of it now, the Intentionless Sect most likely could not wait for the old grandfather to heal.

“Going forth to kill the Sacred Flame Sect’s elders seems to have been a wrong decision.” Xia Kunqian sighed. He knew that it was surely because too many Sacred Flame Sect elders had died in the past few days that Zhu Lanhuo had been forced to act. They did not know what methods he had used, but it could actually directly destroy the Snow Storm Stratagem.

“Even if we had not killed the Sacred Flame Sect elders, the Intentionless Sect would most likely not have been able to last for more than a few days. Before this, the Sacred Flame Sect had already sped up the pace of their attacks. Zhu Lanhuo must have some other agenda, so that’s why he is anxious to take down the Intentionless Sect.”

Chen Zikuang shook his head. Even if they had not killed the Sacred Flame Sect elders, the situation would most likely not have been much better. It was because, if they had not killed those ten elders, the threat that they would have posed for the Intentionless Sect would not have been much different than the Snow Storm Stratagem being destroyed.

“Deputy Sect Leader Chen, I’m rather interested in the method used by Sacred Flame Sect to destroy the Snow Storm Stratagem. Why don’t I go and have a look?” Mo Wen asked with his mouth curled up. He was indeed surprised that an ancient martial arts sect could have such a technique.

When it came to destroying stratagems, destroying it by man-made means was considered an ability. The first method was destroying the stratagem by force. One could tear down a stratagem with sheer mighty force. Another method was destroying it with techniques. For example, an experienced Great Stratagem Master, who was well-versed in the stratagems, could find the flaws in a stratagem or even locate the eye of the stratagem directly, thus destroying it.

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