Invincible Kungfu Healer Chapter 515

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However, in the Sacred Flame Sect, there was obviously no such person. So, it could not be man-made destruction, hence they had used something. An item that could destroy a stratagem was certainly no ordinary treasure. Even Mo Wen could not help but feel moved.

“You know about stratagems?” Chen Zikuang looked somewhat surprised at Mo Wen. Why would he head over to check if the Snow Storm Stratagem was destroyed? If anyone was to go, it should be a person who knew about stratagems who should see whether they could save the current dire circumstances.

“What does this have to do with knowing about stratagems?” Mo Wen asked strangely.

“If you don’t know about stratagems, why are you going?” Chen Zikuang asked incredulously. Could it be that Mo Wen wanted to go and check how badly the Snow Storm Stratagem was destroyed?

“If the Sacred Flame Sect can destroy the Snow Storm Stratagem, they must surely have a treasure in their hands. I want to see exactly what nice thing the Sacred Flame Sect possesses,” Mo Wen said honestly. Of course, he knew about stratagems, but he was more interested in the stratagem destroying treasure that the Sacred Flame Sect possessed.

Upon hearing this, Chen Zikuang did not know whether to laugh or cry. This fellow was really something. Others were worried about their lives, as the Sacred Flame Sect was on their way. Mo Wen had it easy. All he was doing was coveting the Sacred Flame Sect’s treasures.

In the Mindfulness Hall, everyone else was also speechless. Many people looked at Mo Wen as though they were looking at an idiot. How thick in the head was this youth? Even if the Sacred Flame Sect possessed a treasure, was it something he could covet? Right now, whether they could make it out alive was already hard to say, and he was still thinking about other people’s nice things. As expected, he really was a weirdo.

Mo Wen was too lazy to bother with the group of people in the great hall. With a dash, he exited the Mindfulness Hall and headed straight for the Snow Storm Stratagem.

“I’ll also go and take a look.” With a flash of his silhouette, Chen Zikuang followed behind Mo Wen. He did not covet the Sacred Flame Sect’s treasure. Instead, he wanted to check the Snow Storm Stratagem’s current condition. If the stratagem protecting the sect was too severely destroyed, then the Intentionless Sect would most likely really be in danger.

A short while later, the two of them appeared in the Snow Storm Stratagem. As expected, the power of the snowstorm in the stratagem had decreased to almost half of what it was previously. And it was still decreasing further.

Chen Zikuang frowned. His expression was ugly beyond compare. It was far more severe than he had imagined. It would most likely not even be a day before the Snow Storm Stratagem completely ceased its function.

Mo Wen kept dashing through the Snow Storm Stratagem. He did not look at the landscape at all. It was as though his entire body had eyes. In the last two days, he had spent a great deal of time wandering around the Snow Storm Stratagem, so he already knew the lie of the land like the back of his hand.

Maybe for others, even if they were in the Snow Storm Stratagem for their entire lives, they would not understand the conditions there and would continually get lost. But Mo Wen was different. Although his understanding of stratagem techniques was not deep, this sort of basic stratagem could not hinder him. After coming and going once, he had already understood the Snow Storm Stratagem clearly. He even knew where the eye of the stratagem was and how to destroy it.

The so-called masters in the Intentionless Sect that had researched stratagem techniques actually only had some understanding of them. At most, they knew a bit more than ordinary people, but it was far from the highest level of attained knowledge. Any minor immortal cultivator from the Immortal Cultivation world would most probably not have a weaker understanding than them regarding stratagems.

After a short while, Mo Wen appeared in an empty area where the snowstorm had no power. This area was very big, covering at least ten percent of the total area within the Snow Storm Stratagem. At a glance, he immediately discovered quite a few members of the Sacred Flame Sect. All of the Sacred Flame Sect seemed to be waiting in the empty area at this moment. After all, no one wanted to brave the impenetrable power of the snowstorm.

“That’s a brat from the Intentionless Sect. How has he appeared here?”

“Forward, kill him.”

“That brat is tired of living. He actually dared to run over here. Isn’t that seeking death?”

“Haha, soon all of the members of the Intentionless Sect will be annihilated. He seems to have the awareness to deliver himself up first.”

Mo Wen noticed the members of the Sacred Flame Sect and quite a few of these members of the Sacred Flame Sect noticed him. Although the empty area was very large, almost a few miles in radius, the number of Sacred Flame Sect members in it were many.

In an instant, a few members of the Sacred Flame Sect had surrounded him. The leader was a Qi Nucleation realm ancient martial art practitioner. The rest were almost all of the Sea of Qi realm. In the Sacred Flame Sect, at best they would be mere underlings. However, a youth like Mo Wen, in the eyes of the members of the Sacred Flame Sect, was most likely also just an underling. The few of them against one of him was already overkill.

Mo Wen waved his hand expressionlessly. A golden sword light flashed past. The few Sacred Flame Sect ancient martial art practitioners were immediately torn to shreds and killed. Mo Wen seemed as though nothing had happened, and with a flash of his silhouette, continued deeper into the empty area.

“What! This brat is actually an expert. He has killed quite a few of us.”

Mo Wen’s actions immediately drew the attention of quite a number of people. At first many people did not pay attention to a small figure from the Intentionless Sect, but Mo Wen’s display made them unable to not take him seriously.

An Embryonic Breathing realm ancient martial art practitioner who happened to be nearby immediately dashed over. From afar he roared, saying, “Brat, this is not a place where you can act arrogantly. Did you think that you were still in the Snow Storm Stratagem? Let me tell you this: your Intentionless Sect should just wait to be annihilated by our Sacred Flame Sect.”

The Sacred Flame Sect ancient martial art practitioners had been fighting with the members of the Intentionless Sect in the Snow Storm Stratagem for half a month. In such a harsh environment, all of them had pent up frustrations. Right now, they could finally exercise their powers like normal, not needing to worry about the suppression of their abilities by the power of the snowstorm. Their confidence immediately skyrocketed.

The Embryonic Breathing realm ancient martial art practitioner dashed just in front of Mo Wen. He was preparing to use a trump card technique to stylishly kill off this arrogant brat. But he never imagined that a golden sword light would come flying directly at him. Before he could react, it had already passed by his throat. His head immediately fell to the ground.

Mo Wen killed the whole way along his route, not fearing the Sacred Flame Sect ancient martial art practitioners at all. He was like a tiger among a flock of sheep, almost as though he had stepped into uninhabited land.

In reality, along the edges of the empty area, there would naturally not be any experts. To have one or two Embryonic Breathing realm ancient martial art practitioners was already not bad. Most of them were of the Sea of Qi realm as well as Qi Nucleation realm ancient martial art practitioners. Such figures would naturally not be on the same level as Mo Wen.

Behind Mo Wen, a white light flashed. Chen Zikuang had actually followed along. He was not curious about what treasure the Sacred Flame Sect had, but was worried for Mo Wen’s safety. If anything happened to him, then the Intentionless Sect would most probably really not have any hope.

However, while he was trailing behind Mo Wen, he was also astonished. This youth’s cultivation most probably had already reached the level of the fake Golden Elixir realm.

Mo Wen wasn’t that old, but he actually already had such a level of achievement. In a few more years, wouldn’t he be aspiring for the peak? Just thinking about Mo Wen having such terrifying soul power, as well as the mysterious soul attack technique, made Chen Zikuang shiver. If this brat successfully developed, he would be a terrifying figure.

However, the stronger Mo Wen was, the more at ease was Chen Zikuang. It was because only like this would the Intentionless Sect have a glorious future from following him, and not head to destruction.

The two of them slaughtered their way through the empty land that the Sacred Flame Sect had created. No one could stop them at all. It wasn’t just Mo Wen, but also Chen Zikuang. As the Intentionless Sect deputy sect leader no one, aside from the two Sacred Flame Sect sect leaders, could most probably pose a threat to him.

“Huh, such powerful Inner Qi waves.” In the center of the empty area, also where the Stratagem Destroying Flags were located, Zhu Lanhuo’s eyes flashed with a look of astonishment. His gaze focused on the area to the left in front of him.

The next moment, his expression stiffened. It was actually a youth, and he was wreaking havoc on his territory as though it was no-mans land. There was actually no one who could stop him.

Zhu Lanhuo was enraged. Since when did the Sacred Flame Sect ancient martial art practitioners become so useless? Not to mention within a few days ten elders had gone missing one after another, right now even a youth was easily defeating them.

“Elder Lin Kuang, head over and kill that youth!” Zhu Lanhuo ordered the attack coldly. He was not interested as to why the youth had appeared in this place. After all, soon the Intentionless Sect would be annihilated. Everything in the Intentionless Sect would become the Sacred Flame Sect’s spoils of war.

“Yes!” The elder called Lin Kuang laughed grimly then dashed over to the scene. He was ranked fifth among the Sacred Flame Sect elders. His ability was at the forefront, so he would naturally have some pride. He disliked disrespectful youths like Mo Wen.

Before the Sacred Flame Sect had taken down the Intentionless Sect, a brat from the Intentionless Sect had actually dared to come over to the Sacred Flame Sect’s territory.

When he was two hundred meters away, Mo Wen came to a stop. He looked in the direction of the Stratagem Destroying Flags from a distance. He could sense that there were more than ten Golden Elixir realm ancient martial art practitioners there. There were also strong existences at the intermediate stage Golden Elixir realm. They must be the Sacred Flame Sect’s two sect leaders. He was not so foolish as to directly charge in.

“So, it turned out to only be a set of Stratagem Destroying Flags. And they seem to only be of single use.” After Mo Wen saw the Stratagem Destroying Flags, his eyes flashed with a look of disappointment. He knew of the Stratagem Destroying Flags. If it was a complete set of Stratagem Destroying Flags, they would surely be treasures. But this set of Stratagem Destroying Flags were only for single use. After being used once, they would be rendered useless, almost having no value whatsoever.

He had thought that the Sacred Flame Sect possessed some stratagem destroying treasure. In the Immortal Cultivation world, stratagem destroying treasures were also very precious items. Especially powerful stratagem destroying treasures were rare beyond compare. It was only a set of single-use Stratagem Destroying Flags. He was somewhat disappointed.

“Brat, what are you mumbling on about? You have some nerve coming here. Die.” A loud voice sounded furiously, then a huge silhouette came crashing directly at him. The silhouette seemed to think that it was powerful and mighty. It showed no intention of slowing down. Also, it did not unleash any attacks, just using its body to crash towards Mo Wen.

Human Cannonball was the phrase that immediately popped into Mo Wen’s mind. It was a bit exaggerated. Also, he did not know whether this person was underestimating him too much or was too overconfident with himself. He had actually used his own body as a weapon.

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