Invincible Kungfu Healer Chapter 516

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The large man’s violent behavior gave Mo Wen a scare. It was surprising that there was really a person who would use his own body as a weapon.

There was a flash of white light behind him. Chen Zikuang rushed over from behind, his expression grave. “Be careful, Mo Wen. After all, he is the Fifth Sect Elder of the Sacred Flame Sect. His physical kung fu is well practiced, and he is as strong as steel.” Chen Zikuang was worried that Mo Wen would be defeated if he was not careful. Lin Kuang was known to be psychotic and was indeed rather capable. That was why he was rather well known in the Sacred Flame Sect.

Chen Zikuang had not expected that Mo Wen would charge into the center of the empty area. The youth was really too reckless. Did he not know that all the experts of the Sacred Flame Sect were gathered here?

Mo Wen nodded after hearing Chen Zikuang’s warning. A glint of rumination flashed in his eyes. He pointed his fingers and an invisible ray of sword Qi converged around Mo Wen’s body. It was the Spiritual Profound Sword Qi.

The burly man’s body was like a cannon, and it smashed onto the Spiritual Profound Sword Qi. There was a loud boom and a terrifying force exploded. An extremely sharp power enveloped an area of several hundred meters. It was as if there was an invisible and sharp long sword suspended in the void.

“What terrifying sword Qi!” Zhu Lanhuo’s pupils narrowed. The power of the sword Qi was startling, and even he was a little surprised. The attacking power was as strong as a martial artist in the Golden Elixir realm. This was unexpected. There had never been a youth with such talent in Green Ancient Mystery Dimension before.

Lin Kuang’s body came towards Mo Wen quickly. It left even quicker, smashing on the ground behind like a cannon. He only came to a stop after flying several hundred meters. His body shook and he spat out a mouthful of blood, looking at Mo Wen with some incredulity.

Lin Kuang had never expected that the youth would be able to launch such a terrifying attack. He had been careless and was now suffering enormously. A deep injury was visible on Lin Kuang’s body from his left shoulder to his stomach. His bones could be seen and fresh blood dyed his shirt red. If not for his strong body, he would have been cut into two.

It was fortunate that he had dodged at the last moment. If the sword had struck a vital organ, he might have been killed by a single stroke.

“It’s really extremely dumb to use one’s own body as a weapon.” Mo Wen shook his head, a mocking sneer appearing on his lips. Lin Kuang was not only crazy, but he was also stupid. If not, why would he use his body to attack someone whose power he did not completely understand?

There were indeed people who used their bodies as weapons. There were some special secret methods, like spiritual weapons, in the Immortal Cultivation world that could cultivate one’s body into an attack weapon. People who used these methods would have a body more powerful than some spiritual treasures, meaning their actual body could be used as a weapon.

But ancient martial art practitioners could not naturally cultivate their bodies into spiritual treasures. Even if they cultivated a little body-refining technique, their bodies were still made of flesh and blood. Using their bodies as a weapon meant that they did not value their lives.

Actually, Lin Kuang was not stupid. Otherwise, he would not be able to cultivate to the Golden Elixir realm. It was just that he had not at all realized that the youth could use such terrifying strength. This was the only place where he had miscalculated. After all, there had yet to be a youth who was as terrifying as Mo Wen in the Green Ancient Mystery Dimension.

If it had been anyone else, even if he was a martial artist in the Embryonic Breathing realm, much less another youth, Lin Kuang would have been able to smash the person into mush at once.

“Little beast, you’re seeking death.” Lin Kuang was furious. Aside from the fact that he had lost very badly, Mo Wen also had the nerve to mock him in front of everyone. Lin Kuang, who had always been concerned with his reputation, was not able to hold himself back.

His figure shimmered and he leaped at Mo Wen once more. He did not believe that the youth could be stronger than him. Even if he was rather capable, he was definitely no match for Lin Kuang. He had underestimated his enemy earlier, but Lin Kuang couldn’t believe Mo Wen was indeed powerful enough to defeat him.

However, a ray of white light appeared before he could reach Mo Wen. A fist punched him back. The fifth elder of the Sacred Fire Sect had lost twice in a row. Lin Kuang was so mad he could not help but roar out loud. “Assistant Sect Leader Chen, so it is you. I had not expected you to be here.”

Zhu Lanhuo’s eyes glimmered. He ignored Lin Kuang and flew out quickly. This was because Assistant Sect Leader Chen of the Intentionless Sect had appeared. He was not someone that Lin Kuang could go up against.

Oh, you’re not hiding in your turtle shell anymore?” Zhu Lanhuo said with a cold smile. Chen Zikuang could stop him mostly because of the Snow Storm Stratagem. Otherwise, Zhu Lanhuo, as a great martial artist in the intermediate Golden Elixir realm could be expected to defeat a person not yet in the intermediate Golden Elixir realm.

“We are on the lands of the Intentionless Sect. Is there anywhere I can’t go?” Chen Zikuang said blandly. He and Zhu Lanhuo had fought for more than two weeks and were now familiar with one another.

“It’ll be the Sacred Flame Sect’s land in the future,” Zhu Lanhuo said indifferently. He was certain that he would defeat the Intentionless Sect. He had even used the Stratagem Destroying Flags, and he did not believe that the Intentionless Sect would be able to stop it.

“I did not expect that the Sect Leader of the Sacred Flame Sect would like to indulge in such wild fantasies. Did you think that the Intentionless Sect would really be so easy to bully? Did your ten missing elders not tell you to avoid going after the Intentionless Sect?” Chen Zikuang said indifferently. His statement was part of his psychological warfare strategy. It was vague and was meant to confuse Zhu Lanhuo and affect his judgment.

Since the matter of the ten elders could not be hidden from Zhu Lanhuo, then he might as well use it as a psychological hint. It could not be used better than to use it against Zhu Lanhuo.

Zhu Lanhuo’s eyes shone slightly when he heard that. He had indeed been affected. However, quickly, his face became expressionless and he said coldly, “Stop trying to befog the minds of others. Even though I don’t know what sort of sinister plot the Intentionless Sect has used, I dare say that the Intentionless Sect can barely take care of themselves. You all are perpetually afraid that the Sacred Flame Sect will attack.

Even though this was said, Chen Zikuang’s statement had affected the emotions of those from the Sacred Flame Sect.

The expressions of those from the Sacred Flame Sect had changed slightly when they heard what Chen Zikuang had to say, especially those of the elders of the sect. They all looked terrible and somewhat afraid. Every elder in the sect knew of the matter, and this was also what the sect feared most.

As for the martial artists of the Sacred Fire Sect who did not know of the matter, they were all startled and ruffled when they heard Chen Zikuang’s words. No wonder they realized that the number of Sacred Fire Sect elders had reduced by a lot. They were all dead!

“Don’t bully others Zhu Lanhuo,” Chen Zikuang said. “Facts are facts. The Sacred Flame Sect must have only half of your elders left, so might not be any stronger than the Intentionless Sect. Furthermore, since the Intentionless Sect was able to kill ten Sacred Fire Sect elders, then we can continue to do so, without stopping.” He naturally had to strike while the iron was hot.

“You’re misleading others with your delusions. Since you dare to come, then I’ll dare to have you stay. We’ll see how capable the Intentionless Sect is.” Zhu Lanhuo’s expression was cold. He had not thought that Chen Zikuang would be so sinister. His words had affected the emotions of many martial artists from the Sacred Fire Sect. If he was allowed to continue, their morale would have dropped by half even before the battle.

Zhu Lanhuo and the Deputy sect leader, Li Zhuoying, glanced at each other. Then, they both lashed out, rushing toward Chen Zikuang. If they could keep Chen Zikuang here, then it would mean that the Intentionless Sect would have lost half of its power.

“You two old fogeys, you dare bully us because there are more of you. Let’s fight for another 300 rounds if you are capable of entering the Snow Storm Stratagem.” Chen Zikuang smirked and then shamelessly backed away. He naturally would not be so stupid to fight with the two sect leaders of the Sacred Fire Sect in the empty area. Without the effects of the Snow Storm Stratagem, it would be difficult for him to handle Zhu Lanhuo, much less him and Li Zhuoying.

He would be silly to fight with two mid-Golden Elixir realm martial artists at this time. Even though he was no match for the two, he could run. “Mo Wen, let’s leave quickly. We shan’t lower ourselves to be at the same level as them.” Chen Zikuang flew to Mo Wen’s side. He held on to Mo Wen’s shirt and pushed forcefully. Mo Wen then flew backward at a startling speed.

Mo Wen’s mouth twitched. Chen Zikuang was really self-aware. He fled really fast and decisively. After discovering that the Sacred Fire Sect’s Stratagem Destroying object was not very valuable, Mo Wen no interest in staying. He used Chen Zikuang’s momentum and retreated quickly.

“You elders, go catch that youth,” Zhu Lanhuo said coldly. He knew that Chen Zikuang was intent on fleeing and that the possibility of holding him back was too low. That was why his target had switched to Mo Wen. When had such a startling youth appeared in the Intentionless Sect? He had never heard that the sect had such a genius.

If they allowed this youth to continue growing, he would be amazing in the future. Zhu Lanhuo immediately had the thought of removing the source of the problem and killing the threat while it was still in the cradle.

The few elders around him heard what he said and all acted. They chased after Mo Wen hurriedly. Amongst them was Lin Kuang. He hated Mo Wen and gave chase after him with all that he had. He vowed to himself secretly that if he caught Mo Wen, he would make sure he suffered terribly.

A cold smirk appeared on Mo Wen’s lips. His body flickered and he immediately flew several thousand feet. His speed was terrifying and was not any slower than Chen Zikuang.

Not a single elder of the Sacred Fire Sect managed to catch up with him. They could only watch with wide eyes as Mo Wen moved further and further away.

“Damn that kid.” Lin Kuang scolded angrily. The youth was too unpleasant. Disregarding his attacking abilities, which were comparable to martial artists in the Golden Elixir realm, his speed was astonishing. Such a youth probably had power that was equal to him. There was such a youth in the Green Ancient Mystery Dimension. Jiang Gujian was just so-so after all!

Mo Wen wanted to attack those chasing after him with the Soul attack, but he still held back. He knew that it would not be beneficial to him to expose his abilities now.

Chen Zikaung flew off, blowing a raspberry secretly. Mo Wen was very strange. Not only was his attack terrifying, but his speed was also just as frightening. He had been afraid that Mo Wen would not be able to flee successfully just now, which was why he had thrown him into the air a certain distance away. It seemed now that it had been completely unnecessary to do so.

The two charged quickly into the Snow Storm Stratagem one after another If those from the Sacred Flame Sect wanted to continue to give chase, then they had to enter the stratagem once more.

“We shouldn’t pursue a desperate foe!” Zhu Lanhuo was suspended in mid-air. He stopped. It was not a smart choice to give chase into the Snow Storm Stratagem. Who knew if there were any traps?

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