It's Not Easy To Be A Man After Travelling To The Future Chapter 680

“Advanced mecha operators? I don’t need them. Just split a part of them to be logistics personnel. Even new recruits can join the logistics group.” Ling Lan looked down on those mecha operators. After all, she was about to reform the mecha clan. Advanced mecha operators required a lot of time to develop and did not correspond with her plans.

Split? He Xuyang almost laughed after hearing Ling Lan’s request. Only Young Master Lan has the audacity to haggle with him. Wuwuwu, it was as though Young Master Lan was never afraid of him and instead teased him. As expected, Ling Xiao and his son are both villainous people! He Xuyang’s resentment was quite strong.

“300 logistics personnel, no more than that,” He Xuyang replied helplessly.

“400 people, not one less.” Ling Lan looked towards the sofa beside her and said to herself, “I’m not busy today, so I have all day to talk to Mr. Staff Officer.” Ling Lan sat there with an expression saying that if He Xuyang didn’t agree, she would sit here forever.

He Xuyang looked at the countless piles of documents on his desk and cried on the inside. If Young Master Lan actually stayed here, he wouldn’t be able to work today.

As expected, the father and son, Ling Xiao and Ling Lan are both evil. They are both here to bully him.

He Xuyang said with resentment, “Alright, if it’s 400 you want then 400 it is! Regiment Commander Ling please be careful on your way out!” He wanted to quickly send away Young Master Lan, otherwise, not only would it hurt him mentally, it might hurt him physically. He would have to do overtime if that were to happen.

“Thank you Mr. Staff Officer.” Ling Lan satisfyingly saluted He Xuyang and then left his office.

As He Xuyang was watching Ling Lan disappearing from his sight, he suddenly remembered that he could have actually refused Ling Lan’s request. Why did he have to accept meeting with him in the first place? He Xuyang just discovered that he made it troublesome for himself!

The three month training period for new recruits had finally ended. After the training officer told everyone to scatter, all of the new recruits grouped around in the field.

Chen Yi’an excitedly went to look for his older brother, Chen Yifan. They were quite lucky as they were sent to the same recruit training camp. Although their training officers were different, they were still together. This made Chen Yi’an feel very at ease.

Chen Yi’an only walked for a short while before managing to find his own Elder Brother Chen Yifan leaning on a lamp post in the field, waving at him.

“Elder brother!” Chen Yi’an ran towards his brother like a dog seeing its owner. The only thing missing was a wagging tail.

Chen Yifan saw Chen Yi’an’s bright smile. The expressionless face finally grinned. He patted Chen Yi’an’s head and asked, “Did you pack your bags yet?”

“I packed them long ago,” replied Chen Yi’an. Knowing that today was the last day of the training, he had woken up bright and early. He was too excited to sleep, so he packed his belongings throughout the night.

“Elder Brother, which clan do you think we’ll be put into?” Chen Yi’an suddenly remembered something. His originally excited mood instantly dropped. He lowered his head and unconsciously kicked the lamp post.

“What’s wrong?” Chen Yifan thought it was odd that Chen Yi’an’s mood changed so quickly.

“This time, elder brother probably won’t be in the same clan as me.” After all, they had only just left the care of their parents. Chen Yifan had been taking care of him this entire time. Chen Yi’an, who was not independent, suddenly discovered that he was going to be apart from his elder brother. He instantly felt uneasy in his heart.

Chen Yifan rubbed Chen Yi’an’s head, comforting him, “Yi’an, no matter which clan we are sent into, being apart still means we’re together. You have to remember that you have grown up already and must be able to face the world yourself. Also, you chose to join the army, so since this was your choice, you must walk this path bravely.”

Chen Yi’an nodded. Chen Yi’an’s depressed mood instantly disappeared. He once again had his symbolic sh*t eating grin on his face.

Chen Yifan smiled and said, “Even if we aren’t together in the beginning, I will try to find a way for us to be together.”

“Then I’ll be waiting for that!” Chen Yi’an laughed. Although that was what Chen Yifan said, Chen Yi’an still thought his brother was just comforting him. After all, they had already learned that the clan where the new recruits like them would end up, would depend on the grades during their training and be distributed by the mainframe. Those who with good grades, would be placed in good clans and those with poor grades would of course be placed in weaker clans.

Chen Yi’an knew that his own grades were among the lowest. In the many assessments he had, he only passed by a few points after the cut-off point. His elder brother Chen Yifan on the other hand, would definitely have good grades… After all his elder brother was a cadet from the Third Men’s Military Academy!

Chen Yifan saw that Chen Yi’an didn’t believe him. He shook his head and smiled, but didn’t give any explanation. In actuality, during the new recruit training period, he had meddled with some things. However, it was just as Chen Yi’an had thought. Because of the mainframe’s placement, Chen Yifan couldn’t confirm that what he had done was actually going to make the two of them be placed in the same clan in the end.

If that didn’t work, then he would have no choice but to go with his last plan. Chen Yifan’s eyes showed a hint of determination.

The Chen brothers, who had already registered, were sitting in the waiting room. An anxious-looking new recruit that had just registered, walked into the waiting room and looked around. Suddenly he saw that Chen Yi’an was sitting amongst the crowd. The new recruit’s was overjoyed. He sprinted towards him and smacked Chen Yi’an’s shoulder.

Chen Yifan lifted his head. The expression on his face would make any other man’s heart skip a beat. His hand, that he smacked Chen Yifan’s shoulder with instantly froze in place.

Chen Yi’an didn’t see his elder brother glaring at his friend. He looked at the person who ran towards them and instantly stood up excitedly, “Zhou Yu, I didn’t think we would be able to meet you here.”

Zhou Yu was in the same training group as Chen Yi’an in the new recruit camp. The two of them were both underperforming and their grades in the lower rankings. Since the two of them were in the same boat, Zhou Yu and Chen Yi’an had formed a strong bond with each other in the past three months. They were both waiting to see each other during their placement. Chen Yi’an was also very happy to see him.

“Chen Yi’an, have you finished registering?” Zhou Yu sent careful glanced at Chen Yifan. He didn’t forget the glare he was given just now. It was too terrifying.

Seeing Zhou Yu’s eyes move, Chen Yi’an immediately introduced him to his elder brother, “This is my elder brother, Chen Yifan, who is also a new recruit. However, he wasn’t in our training group. My brother and I have finished registering already.”

“Elder Brother Yifan, hello!” Zhou Yu shouted respectfully. Chen Yifan made him feel pressured. Someone like him was actually just a common new recruit? Zhou Yu didn’t think so.

Chen Yifan nodded in reply, but didn’t speak a word.

Chen Yi’an seemed to have felt Zhou Yu’s fear, so he immediately pulled him aside and asked in a whisper, “Have you finished registering?”

“Yeah,” Zhou Yu nodded.

“I’m not sure which clan we’ll be placed in.” Chen Yi’an who was filled with anticipation had a little bit of sadness inside of him. He didn’t know who his future comrades would be and hoped that they would be easy to get along with.

“Actually, all the clans in the 23rd Division aren’t bad. As long as you don’t go to 250 Mecha Clan,” replied Zhou Yu.

Chen Yifan’s eyes locked into Zhou Yu. He saw the frustration on Zhou Yu’s face and knew that Zhou Yu had said something he shouldn’t have said. Chen Yifan knew it right away that Zhou Yu wasn’t as simple as he thought.

Chen Yi’an didn’t discover Zhou Yu’s frustration. He heard Zhou Yu’s words and instantly became curious. Thus he asked, “Zhou Yu, why can’t we go to the 250 Mecha Clan?”

Zhou Yu saw that although Chen Yi’an was curious, he was still indifferent. It didn’t seem like Chen Yi’an was trying to pry the information out of him. Zhou Yu instantly felt relieved. During their time together in the past three months, Zhou Yu knew that Chen Yi’an was a simple individual who would definitely not change his attitude towards him because of Zhou Yu’s identity. Zhou Yu also wouldn’t get looks of pity from Chen Yi’an’s eyes.

After being relieved of worry, Zhou Yu didn’t try to hide anything and whispered back, “According to some legend, although this 250 Mecha Clan had all ace mecha operators, they were also useless people who couldn’t fight in the battlefield. If we’re not careful and get placed as the logistics personnel in that clan, it’s possible that we would be rotting in there for 10 years. Soldiers who enter that clan at private rank, would probably still be a private after they leave the military.

Hearing this Chen Yi’an quickly shook his head and said, “I definitely don’t want to go to this 250 Mecha Clan. I am going to be on the battlefield.”

Zhou Yu continued, “I don’t want to go there either. I didn’t join the military to waste 10 years of my life in that kind of place.” He clenched his fist with great force. Zhou Yu joined the military this time in order to prove to people that he wasn’t a useless descendant from the Zhou family! He definitely couldn’t waste away 10 years.

Chen Yifan heard their conversation and couldn’t help but have a thought in his mind. If what Zhou Yu said was true, this 250 Mecha Clan was quite suitable for the two brothers. Chen Yifan didn’t want to achieve anything. He only thought about how he and his little brother would be able to peaceful live through the 10 years of military service.

As Chen Yi’an and Zhou Yu were whispering, both of them suddenly felt the communicators on their wrists vibrate. The two of them looked at each other and knew that the results of their placements had came. The two of them took a breath, lifted their arms and looked at their communicators…

Then in an instant, they were petrified!

Chen Yifan looked at the notification sent to his communicator and couldn’t help but raise a brow. He was just thinking that 250 Mecha Clan was the perfect clan for him and his little brother. He didn’t think that he would actually be placed in there. But Chen Yifan wasn’t sure if Chen Yi’an was placed there.

“Yi’an, where did you get placed?” Chen Yifan softly asked Chen Yi’an, who was now standing there like a statue.

Chen Yi’an turned his head stiffly, “Elder Brother!” In the next second, he hugged Chen Yifan and began to cry loudly, “Elder Brother, it’s 250 Mecha Clan. I don’t want to be a useless nobody.”

Zhou Yu slumped into his chair. He began speaking to himself, “250, it’s actually 250? Why is it 250?” Was this fate? Was this why he had to go to the 250 Mecha Clan where all the useless individuals gathered? Will he never be able to get rid of the nickname “useless” in his entire life?

Zhou Yu’s family wasn’t just any normal family. This was also the reason why he knew some of the secrets of the 23rd Division. It was just that he didn’t think that his desire to have a start fresh was in the end played around by his terrible fate. It turns out, all of his hard work was all for naught.

“Come to the 250 Mecha Clan with your elder brother alright?” Chen Yifan’s voice echoed beside Chen Yi’an wailings. Chen Yi’an raised his head in surprise, “Ah, elder brother, you’re going to the 250 Mecha Clan as well?”

“Yes!” Chen Yifan replied with a half-smile.

“That’s great! It’s the same anywhere if my elder brother’s there.” Chen Yi’an rubbed his face with his sleeve and smiled stupidly once again.

Chen Yi’an was a simple man. His sadness after knowing he was sent to 250 Mecha Clan was quelled by the excitement he felt knowing he was going to be together with his elder brother.

Zhou Yu wanted to cry but couldn’t. He clearly knew why the 250 Mecha Clan was formed. It was to give useless and glorified seniors a place to stay. And logistics personnel in the clan were there to care for these washed-up mecha operators… Unless an individual had a strong background, they wouldn’t be able to get out of 250 Mecha Clan. Zhou Yu knew that the Zhou family had given up on him and would definitely not use their military connections for him.

Zhou Yu foresaw that the three of them would waste 10 years of their lives in the mecha clan and would not see the light of day.

Disregarding Zhou Yu’s deepened sorrow, Chen Yi’an’s excitement and Chen Yifan’s calmness, 400 people who had the lowest scores above the passing grade were all placed into 250 Mecha Clan by the mainframe.

Chen Yifan on the other hand, hid his real potential in order for him to be placed in the same clan as his younger brother by manipulating his grades to be similar to those of Chen Yi’an. It should be said that although the placements of the mainframe were fair, as it would still use the training grades as the reference. This would make those who deliberately hid their potential to get past the system like Chen Yifan. Just by looking at Chen Yifan’s data would make it clear that his training grades were altered.

It was not He Xuyang’s idea to make the mainframe place 400 of the worst logistics personnel into the 250 Mecha Clan. It was just that 250 Mecha Clan had such a bad reputation. Although He Xuyang had told the lower ranks to care for 250 Mecha Clan, those in the lower ranks didn’t want to waste such good soldiers. Instead, they made their own decision and put down 250 Mecha Clan as the lowest level, level F.

The placements done by the mainframe was in accordance with the level of the clan. A triple S level clan such as the special forces, would of course be given the strongest of the new recruits. While the lowest level, level F, would of course receive the weakest new recruits.

When Ling Lan received the list of 400 names of the logistics personnel after the placements, she figured it out after the fact after seeing the piss poor training grades. Unfortunately, the ship had already sailed and she could only take what she was given.

Of course, Ling Lan didn’t care too much about the terrible grades of these new recruits. In her eyes, there were only lazy people and no useless people. As long as she ruthlessly train them to force out their potential, some of these trash-like logistics personnel would definitely not be too far off from those outstanding logistics personnel.

Since there were so many people, Chen Yifan and the others followed a group of new recruits and sat on a hover bus. The bus flew quickly and after a few hours, they arrived at the entrance to the base of 250.

The infrastructure of the base was very modern. Chen Yifan only glanced at it for one second and knew that the walls were laced with magnetic storm nets. If any idiot wanted to fly past the wall, they would definitely be electrocuted by the magnetic storm nets. The entrance seemed ordinary, but the circular object that looked like a decoration was actually a gatling laser cannon. If anyone wanted to get pass the entrance, it would only be possible if there were thousands of people attacking it.

Chen Yifan’s frowned. Was all this firepower and defensive equipment actually going to be used to protect a bunch of useless mecha operators?

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