It's Not Easy To Be A Man After Travelling To The Future Chapter 682

The rest of the new recruits that saw them dashing right in front of them, raised their eyebrows in confusion. Some felt that they were wasting their energy while others got enlightened by their actions and started increasing their pace too. Some even started running alongside them. The 30 man group turned into a 50 man group after some time. Those people who were joined in were people who were originally running alone. They might as well join this group when they are all running.

Soon, the 400 people were split into three groups. The 50 man group was in the front. 200 men group were in the middle. This group didn’t want to stand out or be at the bottom. Hence, they kept their pace and stayed in the middle. The remaining people were at the back. These people wanted the others in front of them to scout out the path for them.

“Do you think the first group wants to stand out or have they seen through our trap?” Lin Zhong-qing asked Luo Shaoyun softly.

“The person leading them was the one who gathered people to discuss just now. They should have seen through our trap,” Luo Shaoyun replied with uncertainty.

“They probably saw through it. The map is simple but it consists of all the hints we gave. If they still couldn’t see through the trap…” Ling Lan shook her head. If they couldn’t see through it even with such obvious hints, she would have a hard time training them.

As she thought about this, Ling Lan got unhappy. She was hoping that more people would see through her scheme. Seemed like she was too optimistic.

“Actually, there are some good candidates. For instance, this person.” Lin Zhong-qing saw a profile from the list of profiles of the 400 recruits in front of him. He clicked on the profile. The name ‘Chen Yifan’ appeared.

“This person looks familiar,” Li Jinghong said.

“The All-Federation Military Academy Grand Mecha Tournament at the start of the year,” Lin Zhong-qing reminded.

“Oh, it’s him.” Li Jinghong remembered this person. He was puzzled. “Chen Yifan was an ace operator from the Third Men’s Military Academy. He could become a Senior Captain. Why did he participate in the normal soldier recruitment to become a logistician?”

“Yeah. He is just a private. His result during the recruit training is quite bad. He almost couldn’t graduate from the recruit training camp.” Lin Zhong-qing announced Chen Yifan’s results to everyone. Even Luo Chao, who had the lowest stamina among them, could achieve a better result.

“It’s hard to achieve a good result in the final test of the recruit training camp if you don’t have the ability to. However, it is also easy for some powerful recruits to hide their true strength. Qi Long, Luo Lang, and the rest of them didn’t give their 100% during the test so their results were not the best too,” Ling Lan explained.

“It means that Chen Yifan is hiding his power. Why did he try so hard to enter our mecha clan?” He Chaoyang started to think about the worst possibility.

“I don’t think that he aimed to enter the 250 Mecha Clan. Would you expect the worst 400 logisticians to enter the 250 Mecha Clan before the results were shown?” Ling Lan rejected He Chaoyang’s guess. No one would be able to predict such results. Even the people in charge didn’t know that someone will give the 250 Mecha Clan an F grade.

The 250 Mecha Clan got this batch of logistician based on pure luck. If someone was able to guess this outcome, he must be extremely smart. Such a clever person would not use someone as obvious as Chen Yifan as a spy.

Ling Lan’s words enlightened everyone. Yuan Youyun smiled. “Seems like getting an F grade is not that bad. We manage to get an ace operator. No matter how bad these logisticians are, we got something good out of it.”

“Yes. Getting an ace operator is a good thing for us.” Ling Lan nodded. After entering the division, Ling Lan started to understand the importance of having ace operators in a team. No mecha clan would give up their ace operators unless someone with a higher authority asked them for it.

Ling Lan felt fortunate that 250 Mecha Clan was a special mecha clan. There were no battle teams below her which she could ask people from but there was no one above her who would ask her for some operators. The mecha operators of the 250 Mecha Clan all belonged to her. They would not be transferred to other mecha clans. Ling Lan could train her mecha operators without any worry. She hated it when other people took her fruits of labor.

It was good to have more ace operators. People like Chen Yifan had much potential in them so all the mecha clans wanted people liked him. This was why the battle teams would fight to get new ace operators into their teams.

The 250 Mecha Clan had no right to snatch ace operators from other big mecha clans. Hence, they never expected one to send himself to them. This good news lifted Ling Lan’s mood. She felt much happier when she looked at the logisticians again.

Actually, Ling Lan was quite a poor thing too. The 250 Mecha Clan was said to have 250 ace operators but that was not the case.

Only a few of the once ace mecha masters still retained their abilities. Most of them only managed to reach the status of a special-class operator after months of tough training. A few of them only managed to reach the level of an advanced mecha warrior.

Without going on the battlefield, Ling Lan was not sure if these mecha operators could really fight. Would their potential be released after experiencing some life-or-death situations on the battlefield? Or would their mental state be destroyed once again?

Although there were many uncertainties in this bunch of mecha operators, Ling Lan still wanted to train them. She chose to train them and not take in new advanced mecha warriors because she didn’t have enough time. It would be easier to let ace mecha masters regained their skills compared to training advanced mecha warrior to become ace mecha masters.

Ling Lan lacked time.

“Ah, they reached Xie Yi’s trap.” Yuan Youyun stared at the screen and shouted excitedly when he saw the first bunch of people entering the trap.

Everyone was focused on the screen. The first 50 man group were entering a dense forest.

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