Low Dimensional Game Chapter 379

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Within the Astral World and outside of Maria’s Word.

The Capital of God, the Floating-Space City, was parked outside Maria’s Word. Around Maria’s Word, the most prominent thing was no longer the Floating-Space City, but a Half Bitwall which was speeding towards Maria’s Word under the gravitational attraction of Maria’s Word.

The Half Bitwall dragged with it a long Elemental Wave from the depths of the Astral World. It had only one goal and it was to reach Maria’s Word.

The huge Maria’s Word was like a burning flame, and Half Bitwall was a moth that was rushing towards that flame; it bolted desperately towards Maria’s Word. It was expected that the Half Bitwall would eventually crash into Maria’s Word.

Although it wouldn’t cause the destruction of the whole of Maria’s Word, there would be a catastrophe if the huge Half Bitwall collided with Maria’s Word head-on.

“This is a catastrophe at the level of world destruction. It might cause everything to revert to its original state!”

“In fifty years, it’ll crash into Maria’s Word. Space will be smashed and then collapsed, Elemental Waves will sweep across the core world, and groups of meteorites will fall onto the earth!”

“With the exception of Gods, everyone else will die!”

Verthandi, Kelly, and Delmedi stood beside Lu Zhiyu. The four of them stood on the edge of the Capital of God. They were looking at the dim but visible light in the distance. It was getting brighter and brighter at a slow and steady speed and gradually showing its size.

Lu Zhiyu retracted his gaze. “What you said will not happen. It’s not the end, but a key factor to promote and improve the whole of Maria’s Word.”

When Lu Zhiyu looked at the grim and scared expressions of the three goddesses, he suddenly smiled. “In the face of such a crisis, a hero will emerge to save the whole world!”

“Isn’t there a saying? When they’re in adversity, they’ll naturally become heroes!”


Lu Zhiyu’s lame joke wasn’t welcomed by them. Instead, he suffered from their contemptuous looks. Verthandi said angrily, “Even the gods can’t perform such a feat, except you, old man. I don’t think anyone has such formidable power.”

“Strong power isn’t necessary, but it has to be used correctly. Wisdom and knowledge are the most formidable power.”

Lu Zhiyu turned his head toward Maria’s Word as if he had caught sight of the world’s most prosperous civilization and the numerous living beings who were struggling to succeed. “Don’t worry, there’ll be no accident, they’ll have wisdom and power far beyond your imagination.”


Rode had the accumulations of the first 100 years, coupled with the knowledge base that Alice inherited from Adenos, and the wealth that Adenos left behind. It seemed that the cooperation between Rode and the Red Moon Business Group was in the bag.

Rode spent several years making a breakthrough in Space Anchoring Technology and then spent nearly ten years studying the Space Transfer Array engraved on the Ring of Anthony. Finally, he was able to complete the replication of the Space Transfer Array and made some minor changes as required. But his Space Transfer Array could only transfer small objects and not huge cargo objects, moreover, only non-living objects could be transferred.

Rode used a projection spell and finally targeted a space bubble in the bitwall. He opened a small Space Transfer Array and the image of the Elemental Organism was projected; it was a way to explore the bitwall. He perfected his Space Magic and Space Storage Theory bit by bit.

Through anchoring and reinforcement spells, further renovations, and the successful additions of Space Transfer Magic Arrays and nodes, Rode finally controlled the first space bubble belonging to him. It was about 100 square meters, located in the depths of the bitwall. Without coordinates and guidance, even the gods couldn’t target such a space bubble in the chaotic bitwall.

With that as a foundation, he finally succeeded in creating his own Space Storage Alchemy Props.

“Rode’s Storage Bracelet! Manufactured from Rode’s Space Magic Props Alchemy Workshop and guaranteed by the Bank of Monar. Each Storage Bracelet has a special number and unique mind power lock It corresponds with a space storage cabinet of Rode’s storage space bubble.

“Rode’s storage space bubble, located in the depths of the bitwall, absolutely safe and hidden, there’ll be no accidents. It’s the storage space that the Space Magic Master, Mr. Rode, personally anchors, reinforces, and designs. The small Space Transfer Array, divided into 100 lattices, corresponds to 100 Rode’s Storage Bracelets.”

“At the same time, the goods stored in the interior will be kept by the Bank of Alice. They’ll never be lost or meet with a mishap. I heard that the Bank of Monar will also provide space warehouse service, let’s wait and see.”

“The auction starts now!”

“30,000 standard third-grade Magic Crystals!”




When the auction started, there were many nobles, royals, high-ranking officials of various churches, and saints under the stage bidding wildly. Space Magic was the highest field that the saints had yet discovered.

The appearance of the first Space Storage Alchemy Props, although the space anchored by a Storage Bracelet was only a square metre, contained the profound knowledge of alchemy. Only the top-notch alchemy warlock and the strongest Space Magic Master could produce such an alchemy prop.

In the auction room, the first batch of Space Storage Alchemy Props, Rode’s Storage Bracelet, sparked a feverish response. The first batch of 100 Space Storage Bracelet was sold out.

“The Great Space Magic Master, Rode – The Tephis News!”

“The Man Who Changed the World – The Light Weekly News!”

“Breaking the Threshold and Boundaries of Space Magic, The Greatest Person of This Era – Swirl Continent’s Misty Moon Broadcasting Channel!”

“We’ve Opened The Door To The World Outside – The Elf Daily News!”


Newspapers and channels of various magic radios, from the Alen Continent to the Swirl Continent, immediately published and broadcasted various reports about Rode, the Space Magic Master. Originally, Rode’s influence was limited to only Hagrid City, but now he had become a world-renowned figure overnight.

Everyone knowing his name and the whole world talking about him and praising him was enough to keep Rode excitedly awake and sleepless. It was enough for him to boast to his wind raven, Black Jack, for days and nights on end.

But at the moment, Rode was dutifully controlling the new Space Wave Detector in his Master Tower for measurement and calculation. The new Space Wave Detector was more than ten meters high. It was grandiose from the first glance. At that moment, it was rotating violently and accepting the spatial fluctuations from the distant Astral World.

A dozen of the master’s assistants were at his side. They were helping him to calculate the data. More than ten blackboards on four walls were filled with all kinds of digits, symbols, and formulas. On the table and on the ground there were papers with calculations on them.

When Rode drew a ladder-shaped figure on the front of a blackboard, he finally threw away the chalk, at a loss for words, and sat down on the ground.

“Mr. Rode?”

“Mr. Rode? What’s going on?”

Several assistants were immediately concerned but Rode waved them away. “Nothing. That’s all for today. Thank you for all of your help these last few days. Go take a break.”

His assistants didn’t know the meaning of the data that they had been calculating. They just thought that Rode’s experiment had failed. It was normal for research-based masters to take it hard when that happened.

When the Master Tower was empty, Black Jack landed on Rode’s shoulder. “What’s wrong? Rode, this is unlike you. Is there something wrong?”

Rode looked at Black Jack, then stood up and pointed to the constantly changing numbers on the blackboard. “The spatial fluctuation we explored more than a decade ago has basically been determined; it should be a legendary Half Bitwall. It hasn’t reached the world’s level, but it’s so large that it’s beyond comprehension.”

“That’s good news! If that’s the case, we’ve discovered a Half Bitwall. If we can explore it, you’ll be a pioneer of a new history.” Black Jack wasn’t fully understanding the situation.

But Rode shook his head and said, “No, the data isn’t right! Over the past decade, the coordinates of this Half Bitwall have been constantly changing, and…” Rode looked at Black Jack and said bitterly, “It’s getting closer and closer to us!”

Black Jack sprang out its wings and jumped in front of Rode. “You mean it’s approaching our world?”

Rode nodded. “And according to the data, its trajectory is facing us, and it’s likely that it’ll hit Maria’s World head-on. If such a huge Half Bitwall hits our world, Black Jack, can you imagine the consequences?”

The air froze in an instant. A man and the bird looked at each other speechlessly. They were shocked by the discovery and couldn’t say a word.

Black Jack finally spoke after a long pause. “Maybe… the situation isn’t as bad as you think. Maybe it’s going to brush past us.”

Rode immediately stood up and said, “Yes, so we need to explore this Half Bitwall as soon as possible.”

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