Martial Arts Master Chapter 518

After finishing his noodles and drinking two mouthfuls of soup, Lou Cheng put down his chopsticks, took out a coin to spin with his left hand, and started complaining about Smith with a lowered voice,

"Spidey is really too much. I had only mentioned once that I felt it would be a little dangerous if I went alone and that it might have been better if I didn't go. However, he immediately agreed to come along and even enthusiastically perfected the plan and brought up tying the loose ends. At that point, I still thought that he was an awesome head special agent with insane mental qualities. Who would have expected him to be like a docile little lamb after the incident, complaining that this was against his beliefs? He even said he is no longer deserving to be Spiderman. If this was the case, why didn't he reject it initially?"

Yan Zheke rested her chin on her hand and listened on quietly. Her dark eyes were like a pair of gems and scrutinized Lou Cheng. As her gaze fell on the spinning coin in Lou Cheng's left arm, she heaved a sigh and continued with an unsure tone,

"Cheng, the truth is that you aren't unbothered by the incident either right?"

Ah? Lou Cheng was stunned for a moment and instinctively wanted to deny. However, when his gaze landed on the spinning and flipping coin, it was as though he had seen his heart lake.

Its surface seemed to be calm and quiet and only had some small ripples. However, the truth was deep within it: tense with iraging waves.

Yeah. After I paid a visit to Joseph, I also couldn't control myself from torturing the bottle of mineral water I held after the incident. Cooling it and heating it up, then cooling it and heating it up again. It was only when I saw Ke that I managed to barely calm myself down...

As a young student who had always obeyed the laws, he wasn't the person he described to Smith, a weak sense of justice and living on the edge of the knife. He had never desired a life that would make him always be worried about something.

Although he had experienced the killing of the Dark Sect's ninth pin expert and other incidents that had increased his ability to adapt to living on the edge of death, those were incidents where he was dragged into the situation and they didn't involve human lives. Moreover, his sect had been responsible for tying the loose ends and he didn't have to worry about it. There was a distinct difference between these incidents and ambushing the Butcher and eradicating Maszewski on foreign land.

To sum it up, I'm only a rookie in this aspect and I'm not very fond of doing these things.

Having his mind interpreted by his wife, Lou Cheng had various thoughts gushing out. In the end, he heaved a sigh,

"Ke, come and let me hug you."

"Mm." Yan Zheke left her seat and walked in front of Lou Cheng, allowing him to stand up, open his arms and hug her tightly.

A familiar smell snuck into Lou Cheng's nose and into his mind. The great and slender figure was warm and their breathing was in unison. Lou Cheng's mind gradually calmed down, and he saw the uneasiness, anxiety, worry and other feelings gradually sink into the quiet lake with no longer any hiding raging waves.

Throughout the whole process, Yan Zheke was clumsily trying to console him by caressing his back as though she was handling a girl's hair.

"Other than the Butcher and Maszewski, the other criminals in Connecticut City are either untouchable or within the range where Aunt Du could handle them. Mm. Only Pavel is left. However, he is hiding in the Holy Top Church and wouldn't dare to sneak out without being in there for a few months. Moreover, his targets are underaged kids. There's nothing for me to do anymore and we can enjoy our lives…" said Lou Cheng with a low voice. He wasn't structuring his thoughts and just said whatever came to his mind.

Yan Zheke's actions to console Lou Cheng gradually became more familiar and smooth. She sank her head on Lou Cheng's shoulders and answered with a soft voice,

"That's pretty good, that sounds good…"

After hugging for some time, the two of them split up. Lou Cheng picked up the bowls and chopsticks and laughed heartily,

"Hi, your bowl washing employee is here!"

"You make it sound like I ate out of them…" Yan Zheke looked at Lou Cheng with disdain and teased him, "When somebody came back, he looked so at ease and had an 'I just went out to get some groceries' look. Hunger is more important than the superhero incident. In the end, all of this was just an act!"

Speaking of this, she turned around, smile and mumbled softly,

"I feel assured now…"

After cleaning their dishes, the couple took their showers separately and lay on the bed. With their backs resting on their pillows and the blanket covering them, they were both swiping through their phones.

"Eh, the group chat of exchange students are saying that Senior Jennifer is involved in the case for Maszewski." Yan Zheke wriggled her legs and turned her body to the side.

"The news has been leaked so quickly?" Lou Cheng still hadn't got the newsfeed.

As to foreign forums, he still had no idea about it. He couldn't understand them and didn't go and research about them.

"There's a student whose uncle migrated to Con. City for business. His cousin happened to be working in the police station." explained Yan Zheke. She shifted herself and her phone closer to Lou Cheng and wanted to see what happened afterwards with Lou Cheng.

Based on what that student had described, Jennifer, who was an active figure at Con. City University, had been under Maszewski's control for a while to assist him in finding suitable girls. The usual tactic was to invite them to a party. After having fun a few times and getting familiar with them, she would tempt them to consume secret drugs to seek higher levels of enjoyment. Following which, she would gradually increase the dosage causing addiction. In the end, she would introduce them to "Wild Parties" of "Spirit Cultivators" to indulge themselves and fall into deprivation. These girls would become "tools" for Spirit Cultivation or for Maszewski to bribe the people in the upper class of the society.

When they were used or if they did not have talents in this aspect, they would be thrown to the people at the lower levels and be controlled to make money.

During this whole process, the girls who had been hoodwinked would also become like Jennifer, pulling in more girls who had their guards down, causing the numbers of victims to increase like a rolling snowball. However, not everyone would have fallen for it. To put it more correctly, most of the girls would rationally decline after taking part in the parties several times and realizing that something was wrong. These girls would then not be willing to go to such parties again. Obviously there were also pitiful victims who were forcefully fed the drugs.

"How could he do this?" Yan Zheke was dumbfounded and her voice was shivering from her anger.

She didn't meet the girls Joseph had killed before and had no relationships with them. However a large number of victims of this case were from Connecticut University. 

Yan Zheke did not discriminate against the party trend of America. She only felt that it was a complete waste of time. It was also an easy oulet to create rumours and therefore she wasn't willing to participate. Who would have known that there were such hidden dangers in these parties?

Lou Cheng felt a sense of relief and no longer had doubts about his previously actions.

How capable could you be if you could only bully girls!

Moreover, this incident was more likely to impact Ke then he had previously expected! It was good that Maszewski was dead. Those spirit cultivators were evil. The only regret he had was not having the opportunity to punish them at that moment.

After complaining resentfully for a while, Yan Zheke became a little wary about parties. On the side of the police station, they had not revealed who the victims were out of consideration for the victims. 

"Cheng, you did really well this time!" After completing her rant, Yan Zheke lifted her head and looked at her husband with her glittering eyes.

Lou Cheng had initially intended to flirt with her and asked for a reward. However his current emotions were heavy after all the excitement. After looking at the sincere and glittering eyes of Yan Zheke, he suddenly felt that all he did was his reward.

"I like this form of reward!" said Lou Cheng softly.

"Huh?" Yan Zheke was confused and didn't know where Lou Cheng had mentally wandered off again. Since when did I reward him?

After calming down a little, the girl started swiping through the news page again. Finally, she found several reports:

"Deliveryman appears again!'"

"The infamous Maszewski was executed. Deliveryman isn't a law-abiding hero."

"Crazy parties, lethal parties!"

Using her much stronger comprehension ability of the English language, Yan Zheke read through quickly and translated the articles for Lou Cheng:

"...Based on the investigation of the scene, Deliveryman had a powerful companion's help. This might be the reason why he could finish off Maszewski while the other heroes couldn't…"

"...The surveillance system at the scene was destroyed and didn't record the crucial portion. However we have extracted the footage. Objectively looking at the Deliveryman, his height is under 1.7 metres and he wore the common delivery men's attire. He wears a baseball hat and a pair of large black frame glasses. We can't tell the skin colour but he should have a relatively skinny face. He is indeed great at causing explosions and had flames covering his hand. Because of this, he did not left behind any fingerprints… This is basically the same thing Cole explained briefly in his statement."

"Basically the same?" Yan Zheke laughed out and turned her gaze at Lou Cheng. Her Lou Cheng had already grown to 1.78 meters after his second puberty and it was handsome.

"If they are really consistent, I'll be getting a headache." laughed Lou Cheng as he really felt the usefulness of Bone Shrinking Kungfu.

After laughing a while, Yan Zheke continued translating the comments below. The citizens of America were basically divided into two distinct sides.

One side believed that Deliverymen's decision to make his own execution without the judgement of the law didn't make him a hero, but an evil person who was obsessed with discipline. If he could kill the infamous Maszewski without evidence today, he can finish off anyone tomorrow based on what he felt was right. These people might be innocent and doing so would be the reason for social instability. Regulations needed to be strengthened and Deliveryman hopefully captured as soon as possible. 

Another side believed that the system of America was beyond salvation. The judicial system had become a toy for the powerful, the rich and the lawyers. It was no longer capable of maintaining justice. At that moment, they were in need of a knight who was willing to bear such responsibilities and punish the evildoers.

They radically announced that Deliveryman was their idol in their heart and he was a real knight. 

After translating the few comments that were the most popular, Yan Zheke laughed,

"I do not know of others but these rebellious youths in America are definitely idolizing you."

If everyone wore a pair of black frame glasses to imitate, it wouldn't feel right. Lou Cheng thought.

The couple continued to discuss and have a good laugh until their biological clocks sent them to bed.

In the middle of the night, Yan Zheke wanted to turn over. However she realized her right hand was clasped tightly and she couldn't shake it free.

She lifted her head and looked to the side. All she saw was Lou Cheng sound asleep, but his hand was still holding hers tightly and had not loosened by a bit. The warmth and seriousness on his eyebrows had subsided and he looked just like a child.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click wuxianovelonline.com for visiting.


The next morning, the couple woke up on time and went for their morning practice. As she had the experience of practicing the other word formulas, Yan Zheke finally grasped the gist of the "Fighting" formula after several days of training. This made her elated and she even ate five more mouthfuls for her breakfast.

After parting outside the school gate, Lou Cheng jogged towards the Msasi Martial Arts Gym. Along the way, he indeed saw many imitators wearing a baseball cap and a pair of black framed glasses. In response to this, the edge of his mouth could only twitch.

After a week, as Pavel had not left the Holy Top Church after all, Lou Cheng had become more law-abiding. In order to stay away from the limelight, he even gave up his plan to challenge the martial artists of the Geruga sect.

In the blink of an eye, it was almost the end of the month, the day when Lou Cheng had to leave.

At the main hall of Orion Airport, Smith heaved a long sigh of relief while surveying on the couple, who were unwilling to part, through the screen.

Over this period of time, he had gotten a clearer picture of his own soul. He understood that since the day he failed to get a search warrant despite Joseph's huge suspicion, he had deviated from the path of Spiderman and had the thoughts of executing judgement based on his own view of justice. Therefore he had agreed when Lou suggested for an alliance to eliminate Maszewski. However Lou was a dangerous man. If he stayed in Connecticut, it would be easy for him to cause problems. He would then be too busy to handle the aftermath.

Phew. Thank god. He's finally leaving... Smith did a sign of the cross sincerely.
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