Martial Arts Master Chapter 573

Huacheng, Longhu Club, Volcano Experiment Lab.

"Empress Luo", Ning Zitong answered the phone. After replying twice, her facial expression started to get more and more serious.

Holding the phone in her hand, she looked towards Dragon King, Chen Qitao, and Optimus Prime, Long Zhen. With a depressed and low voice, she said, "Lou Cheng was assaulted."

The surrounding suddenly turned dark and the electrical voltages seemed to have plunged suddenly. Dragon Kind held both of his hands together gradually and asked, "What's the situation now?"

"His life is in danger." Ning Zitong replied succinctly. "Luckily, Li Waide happened to be in Linfu. He should be safe."

Li Waide was over forty years old and was at the peak of the inhuman stage. In the past, he was also one of the few people who could possibly reach the physical invulnerability stage. When he eventually lost all hopes of achieving it, he fully maximized his interests in the medical field since he had nothing better to do. From a guy without any foundation, he studied western medicine step by step before combining them with medicinal pills and acupuncture. Using his steady, error-free hands and the realm of the "All Seeing God" to understand the smallest part of the body, he became a top-notch doctor in the country. He was especially famous for his surgical skills.

He had also participated in the preliminaries of the Battle of the Kings this time, mainly to meet up with old friends and to join in the fun.

"What about the assaulter?" Chen Qitao asked with a regulated tone.

"He was finished off by Lou Cheng." The beautiful face of Ning Zitong showed clear doubts.

Chen Qitao nodded his head gently and relaxed his tightly held hands. His mountain-like build suddenly stood up and he walked towards the door. Although there wasn't any wind in the area, the surrounding hanging lights were swaying.

While walking, he said sternly, "Seal off the information. Let Linfu contact the military directly. When I arrive, I want to see a detailed report of the situation."

"Alright." As an expert from an earlier generation, Ning Zitong chose to follow the instructions of Dragon King.

After pondering for a few seconds, she also strode out. She turned her head around before leaving and said to Long Zhen, "I'll go to Linfu too and I'll leave this place to you."


Wuyue Province, Moshang City.

As the Battle of the Kings was ongoing and the professional league had a two-week break, Shi Yue was researching into culinary skills with the free time she had at home.

At this moment, her phone suddenly started vibrating incessantly. It seemed that there was something very urgent.

Shaking her wrist, the water stains on her hand turned into ice and fell off. Shi Yue picked up the phone and placed it next to her ears.

Her casual face got sterner and was frowning with anger and doubts.

"Dad." After hanging up the phone, she paused for several seconds before shouting in the direction of the living room.

Geezer Shi, who was watching some competition, nagged, "What's the matter? I'm not drinking alcohol in secret!"

"Something happened to little junior!" Shi Yue walked to the living room.

"What?" Geezer Shi stood up. Initially he was lost and couldn't understand. However, his face turned stern and his eyes became unparalleled cold. It was as though he was back to his time when he was still roaming the war zone.

"Didn't that brat just finish his competition just a while ago?"

"Little Junior was assaulted when he was heading to the underground carpark. He suffered… suffered grave injuries." Shi Yue was clearly choosing her words.

Cough cough cough! Geezer wanted to ask further but end up coughing intensely. His face turned red and his lungs felt like splitting.

"The Longhu Club has gotten Li Waide to operate on him now." Shi Yue quickly added after seeing her father's cough started to get better.

"Did they capture the assaulter?" Geezer Shi asked after panting.

"He was killed on the spot by little Junior." Shi Yue answered as she was told.

Geezer Shi frowned. A strong sense of suspicion was rising within his pure anger.

Initially, he thought the assaulter was one of his enemies that wanted to start a war. However, it seemed that it wasn't like what he had expected.

If the assaulter was a physical invulnerability expert, that brat would definitely not escape alive!

So what had happened then?

After a moment of silence, Geezer Shi waved his hand and said, "Let the military get me a plane. I'll be going to Linfu!"

"I'll go too!" Shi Yue answered decisively.


Province Xing, Xiushan City.

Yan Zheke was resting on a chair with a backrest, lifted her legs and placed her tablet on them.

After watching the other matches, she picked up her phone beside her and unlocked the screen. However, she did not see Lou Cheng's reply. There were only the contents of the conversation they had previously,

"Getting a ride back to the hotel! [Clenched Fist expression]" said Lou Cheng.

"Do you want to get some supper at the same time to replenish the nutrients? You almost lost the match after all~ [Covering smile and laugh expression]"

Kacha. She locked the phone and turned her attention back to the tablet. After discovering a new source, she watched the match between Lou Cheng and Zhitong again.

After several minutes, she picked up her phone once again. However, she still didn't see a reply. She couldn't hold back her question and asked,

"[Question mark above head expression] Have you gotten on the car?"

After waiting patiently for some time, she still did not hear the familiar special notification sound. Yan Zheke glanced at the screen from time to time and was vaguely a little frustrated.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click wuxianovelonline.com for visiting.

Why didn't Cheng reply?

If he had something going on, he would have said it in advance…

"Stuck in the lift?" Yan Zheke couldn't control herself and sent out several messages. However, they all went unanswered.

She moved the tablet away, got off the chair and started walking back and forth.

Can it be that Cheng is angry? I was only joking just now…

Moreover… Moreover, he isn't such a petty person!

Can it be that his phone had run out of battery? But he always says in advance when his battery falls below ten percent…

But I saw from a news article that sometimes when a battery is below twenty percent, there might be a situation where the phone goes dead suddenly…

His phone might have suddenly broken too...

Yan Zheke thought of various reasons to make her calm down and wait patiently.

However after another ten minutes, she still didn't receive anything from Lou Cheng despite glancing at her phone several times during the period. At this point, she couldn't get herself to do other things.

Taking in a light breath, Yan Zheke opened the "Call" interface and directly called Lou Cheng's number.

"Ring, ring, ring. The number you have dialled is currently unavailable. Please try again later…"

Yan Zheke was shocked for a moment and called once again instinctively to confirm.

"Ring, ring, ring. The number you have dialled is currently unavailable. Please try again later..." While listening to this expressionless voice, Yan Zheke's hand froze beside her ears.

Can it be that his phone is really broken? She forced a smiled out to comfort herself.

If Cheng lost his phone, I'll make fun of him for his entire lifetime!

She was trying hard to think positively but negative thoughts keep flashing passed. Yan Zheke started to get restless and disturbed.

Looking out at the night skies, she clenched her teeth. She couldn't care about any other thing at the moment and ran out of her bedroom to knock furiously on the door of her parent's room.

"Ke, what happened?" Ji Mingyu was in her pyjamas and asked with doubts in her mind after opening the door.

"Mum, do you know anyone in Linfu? I couldn't contact Cheng. I'm afraid he got into an accident." Yan Zheke didn't her thoughts. "If you don't, I'll look for grandpa and grandma and asked them to inquire from the disciples of Shushan Study."

"How long has it been since you couldn't contact him?" Ji Mingyu frowned.

"Over twenty minutes. He… If he isn't stuck in a jam, he should be back in the hotel and will definitely contact me over the internet…" Yan Zheke rubbed her legs on the carpet and answered disorientedly.

At this moment, her phone suddenly rang. The vibrations were strong and the ringtone resonated throughout.

Turning her attention to it, she saw that it was "Grandpa" calling. Yan Zheke's heart started beating faster without reason. Thump, thump, thump, thump. It was as though something was going to jump out from her throat.

"Hello, grandpa?" After accepting the call, she asked carefully.

"You should get to Linfu quickly. Something happened to Lou Cheng." Ji Jianzhang said sternly.

Something happened, something happened… Yan Zheke's hand trembled and her gaze looked dazedly ahead. The metallic phone in her hand slipped down and fell onto the carpet.


Linfu airport.

Once Dragon King, Chen Qitao and Empress Luo, Ning Zitong got onto the reception car, they received a detailed report.

"The cameras on the ground were destroyed and the surveillance system where the assaulter had passed by had been interfered with. However, we still managed to find some video information. After going through an emergency investigation and interrogation throughout the city, we have basically identified the hotel of the assaulter and the trails he left over this period of time. Combining with the information and the drawings provided by witnesses and verifying them with the intelligence system, we have preliminary confirmation that the assaulter was the home tutor of Princess Irina of the Samanno Royal Family, Ge Hui. He went overseas for study when he was eighteen and completed his immigration application before he graduated. We have tried to maintain a good relationship with him previously and established contact so as to arrange for him to be a spy planted in the Samanno Royal Family. However, he rejected it in the end." A military personnel concluded the outcome of their investigation.

"The Samanno Royal Family?" Ning Zitong asked with doubts in her tone. There were many things she didn't understand.

What's their aim for ambushing Lou Cheng?

"Lou Cheng was part of the security force for Samanno Royal Family last month but he had no clashes with them." The military personnel added.

Dragon King leaned back on the seat and his eyes were half opened. Tapping his finger softly on the armrest, he mumbled to himself in a soft tone, "The Samanno Royal Family…"

He suddenly opened both of his eyes. They were bright despite being black, just like the brightest stars hidden in the night skies. In a calm and composed tone, he continued,

"Let's talk again after Lou Cheng wakes up."

Dragon King was easily angered but was never rash.

"Alright, we would be analyzing the items he left behind in the hotel and the remaining parts of his body next.," The military officer said sternly.

The next day, nine o'clock in the morning.

Outside the surgery room, the atmosphere was heavy. Medical personnel that were walking past all walked carefully. It was as though they were small ships that were moving in a storm.

In a small area outside the room, there were a total of six physical invulnerability experts!

Dragon sat upright on the long bench, closing his eyes and resting while waiting. Geezer Shi drank some hard liquor and would cough from time to time. Shi Yuejian and Ning Ziyonh were sat near the windows just some distance away. Both of them clearly had no desire to interact and walked back and forth from time to time. Ji Jianzhang and Dou Ning sat to the left and right of Tan Zheke.

Yan Zheke's fingers were crossed subconsciously. Her eyes were red and stared attentively at the door. Her expression was determined and stubborn. She gave support to her partner in the operation room while Ji Mingyu and Yan Kai looked at her worriedly.

After another half an hour, the signal light outside the room went off and the operations finally completed.

Li Waide, who wore a mask could feel strong winds pressing against him the moment he stepped out of the door. At the same time, he could almost feel the strong gazes turning to him at the same time.

He didn't dare to showcase his humorous side. After clearing his throat, he continued, "The operation was a success. The patient has a very strong will to live. As for my capabilities, they aren't too bad. He has gotten out of the danger zone but will still need to be under observation for some time.

After hearing these words, Yan Zheke's eyes suddenly went blurry. She could hear herself sighing and the choking feeling she had been suppressing for a long time.

She wiped her face quickly as it was filled with trails of tears.

Geezer Shi and the rest all heaved a sigh of relief. At this point, Li Waide coughed twice before saying, "However, to have such grave injuries… As to how far he could recover in the future, and whether he has the hopes of reaching the physical invulnerability stage, I can't give you my guarantee... Furthermore…"

He paused again before continuing,

"Furthermore, he over exhausted himself and suffered serious energy backflow. There might be some sequela in the future."
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