Martial Peak Chapter 913

Recalling everything that they experienced in that weird space, the two Monster Race Great Seniors felt a cold chill.

Whether it was the green sea, the blood sea, or the last eight pillars, each one contained unimaginable power. Third-Order Saints like them were barely able to withstand the first two barriers and were instantly rendered powerless by the last stone pillars.

The mere methods laid out so many years ago were already so powerful, so how strong was the real Great Demon God?

Thunder Dragon and Earth Splitting Divine Ox could hardly imagine it!

In front of that legendary figure, they suddenly felt as weak as children and deeply recognized their own insufficiencies.

“Who knows how strong he was,” Yang Kai smiled brightly, “Perhaps he was a Third-Order Saint, perhaps he reached a realm above the Saint Realm.”

“A higher realm?” Thunder Dragon’s eyes narrowed, “Why has This King never heard of such a thing?”

“A decade ago, I didn’t know that there was a Transcendent Realm above the Immortal Ascension Boundary. In the place I came from, the top powerhouses didn’t even know the Transcendent Realm’s name, let alone about the existence of the Saint Realm.”

Thunder Dragon Great Senior stared at Yang Kai in amazement, after a long time his mouth twitching as he asked, “Just what kind of backwater countryside did you grow up in? How could there still be such an ill-informed place?”

“Let’s not talk about that, have the two of you finished restoring yourselves?” Yang Kai asked.

“Pretty much. Although the pill you gave us didn’t seem to be very high grade, its restorative effects were surprisingly good. Send some more of those to this King. In any case, your Nine Heavens Holy Land is constantly producing pills right?” Thunder Dragon demanded without the slightest bit of politeness.

During their exploration of the Mysterious Small World, the four Monster Race masters trekked across mountains, oceans, and desserts, but none of them obtained a single benefit and instead almost lost their lives. On the other hand, Yang Kai had gained a lot.

Li Rong obtained an epiphany and broke through to the Third-Order Saint Realm while Yang Kai found and rescued his Senior and his Senior Sister who he had not seen for ten years.

Thunder Dragon felt that if he couldn’t extract at least something now it would be too much of a waste of his time and effort.

“Let’s head back for now. When I return, I’ll send you some pills,” Yang Kai said generously, knowing that they would not be satisfied if they couldn’t obtain some benefits.

“En, then This King will wait for the good news,” Thunder Dragon nodded and let out a satisfied laugh.

“Don’t forget this Old Ox’s share!” Earth Splitting Divine Ox called out.

“Of course, of course,” Yang Kai nodded, “In the future, everyone will still be neighbours, I’m sure I’ll have times I need to rely on two Great Seniors.”

“Your too polite, hahaha!”

Finished saying what they wanted to say, Thunder Dragon and Earth Splitting Divine Ox sat in meditation while waiting for Cai Die and Jin Ni to finish restoring themselves.

Yang Kai sat down next to Xia Ning Chang while, once in a while, glancing towards Meng Wu Ya with an expression of relief.

Even after ten years, Little Senior Sister’s aura hadn’t changed at all, but her figure had become more mature, the curves of her body now filled with adult charm that was only emphasized by her tight black robes. Each time she took a light breath, her rich peaks gently rise and fall.

Yang Kai’s eyes couldn’t help being drawn to her.

The sweet fragrance which wafted from his Little Senior Sister was refreshing to both his mind and body.

“Master… this little girl seems to be awake,” Li Rong quietly sent him a Divine Sense Message.

Yang Kai glanced at her face and noticed that his Little Senior Sister’s long lashes were fluttering somewhat while her aura had become somewhat uneven. Even the sound of her heartbeat had become more powerful and slightly faster than just now.

“When did you notice?” Yang Kai asked back.

“When you were talking to Thunder Dragon.”

“At that time…” Yang Kai was somewhat astonished but simply smiled in the end, “Just pretend you didn’t notice.”

“En,” Li Rong gently nodded, not knowing what kind of strange dynamic was playing out between Yang Kai and his Senior Sister. After not seeing each other for ten years, if she had already woken up, why did she keep pretending to be asleep instead of opening her eyes and greeting him?

Yang Kai just stared at Xia Ning Chang with a tender smile.

Little Senior Sister really hadn’t changed at all, after a whole decade; she still had the same marvellous ‘pretending to be asleep’ ability as before.

After half a day, Cai Die and Jin Ni finished restoring themselves; however, recalling the bitter torture and powerlessness they had just experienced, it was clear they still felt some lingering fear.

They had never even dreamed that with their current cultivation and ability, a place that could pose such danger to them still existed in this world.

Jin Ni went out to inquire about the situation and soon confirmed that they really weren’t in the Beast Sea Jungle. After returning to inform the group, everyone was stunned.

“Then where is this place?” Yang Kai asked.

“There was a small town about a hundred kilometres from here. I went there to ask about our location and learned that we’re about a two months journey from your Nine Heavens Holy Land… well, calculated by the speed of a Transcendent Realm cultivator that is.”

“That far out?” Yang Kai exclaimed.

Thunder Dragon and the others were also equally shocked about this. They had obviously entered that place from the Beast Sea Jungle, yet when they came out, they had actually appeared tens of thousands of kilometres away. In the end, they could only blame the discrepancy on the Void Corridor they left through.

It was likely the stretch of The Void they crossed was different from the one they entered through.

“How strange, this old master entered that realm from the Demon Land,” At that moment, Meng Wu Ya’s voice sounded somewhat hoarsely, probably because he was still in the midst of recovering.

“Treasurer Meng,” Yang Kai was shocked and quickly looked over at him.

Meng Wu Ya smiled and nodded, “I didn’t expect that the one to save this old master this time would actually be you, you little brat. It seems that I’ll have to find an opportunity to repay you later!”

Yang Kai grinned and waved his hand, “We’re all one family, there’s no need for such words between us.”

Meng Wu Ya’s face instantly went black as he coughed a few times, “You can eat whatever you want, but you cannot speak words so freely. Since when did we become family?”

Obviously, he was not willing to admit that Xia Ning Chang only had eyes for Yang Kai.

“These are…” Meng Wu Ya quickly fixed his expression before sweeping his gaze over Thunder Dragon and the others.

The four Monster Race masters returned a serious stare to Meng Wu Ya, none of them daring to take him lightly.

In front of them was a man hailed as the Human Race’s strongest master, someone who had defeated Blood Dragon Great Senior in less than an incense stick worth of time. On top of that, not all Humans were like Yang Kai who had no racial biases, if this old man harboured hatred towards the Monster Race…

In any case, they had to keep their guard up.

“These four are my friends from the Monster Race!” Yang Kai immediately introduced them to Meng Wu Ya.

“It turns out they’re from the Monster Race, no wonder the Monster Qi around them is so thick,” Meng Wu Ya nodded slightly before turning a look of suspicion towards Thunder Dragon, “Have we met before? You seem somewhat familiar.”

Thunder Dragon Great Senior solemnly nodded, “Five hundred years ago, in the Beast Sea Jungle!”

Meng Wu Ya frowned as he saw Thunder Dragon directing a somewhat unfriendly look towards him, wondering where he had offended him. Thinking for a while though, his eyes lit up, “Were you one of Blood Dragon’s subordinates from that time?”

“Your Excellency’s memory is impeccable,” Thunder Dragon smiled, “One day, this King will exact revenge for Blood Dragon Great Senior!”

Meng Wu Ya laughed and said, “It’s not like this old master killed him, it was just his capacity was too small. After suffering just one loss he was unable to pick himself back up again, how is that my fault?”

“How dare you insult Blood Dragon Great Senior!” Thunder Dragon stood up and roared.

Seeing the two of them starting to get riled up, Yang Kai quickly interjected.

At this time, if they really were to fight, he would no doubt wind up in the middle; plus, Meng Wu Ya was still in the process of recovering, he was clearly not in a suitable condition to fight.

“It seems we’re unable to agree about even a word,” Thunder Dragon Great Senior coldly snorted before turning to Yang Kai, “Kid, we’ll take our leave first, don’t forget about your promise to deliver this King those pills.”

“En, I’ll remember,” Yang Kai nodded.

The four Monster Race masters nodded once more before flying off.

Meng Wu Ya shrugged indifferently before turning a smile to Yang Kai, “Smelly brat, it seems after not seeing you for ten years you’ve picked up a trick or two. How did you get to know such powerful people?”

“It’s all thanks to Treasurer Meng’s teachings,” Yang Kai quickly said.

“Quit trying to flatter this old master, it’s disgusting!” Meng Wu Ya rolled his eyes, “Don’t think that I don’t know what you’ve been up to. You’re nothing short of a walking disaster, always wandering about getting into trouble, I can’t possible feel relieved leaving Ning Chang by your side.”

“Like she’ll be safe following you around, old man,” Yang Kai snickered and shot back.

Meng Wu Ya felt like he was choking on his own words, quickly coughing and switching the subject, turning to Li Rong and asking, “How should I call this lady?”

Yang Kai quickly introduced him.

Meng Wu Ya stared at Li Rong, the look of suspicion in his eyes growing stronger as time passed, “Why do I feel that this lady’s cultivation technique is somewhat unusual.”

Hearing his thinly veiled words, how could Li Rong not understand the deeper meaning to his question? Smiling lightly she openly admitted, “Senior is quite observant, I am actually from the Demon Race.”

Meng Wu Ya’s face went a bit stiff before he quickly sent Yang Kai a Divine Sense Message and asked, “Little brat, what have you been up to? How come you’re making friends with such powerful Monster Race and Demon Race masters? Haven’t you learned that those from different races can’t be easily trusted?”

Before Yang Kai even had a chance to answer, Li Rong said, “Senior, if you are worried that I’m harbouring ill intentions towards Master, you need not concern yourself. My clan has sworn a vow to only obey Master’s commands so long as he may live, for the rest of our lives.”

“Master?” Meng Wu Ya eyes nearly popped out of their sockets as he glanced back and forth between Li Rong and Yang Kai, asking hesitantly after a while, “You willingly address him as ‘Master’?”

“Yes!” Li Rong nodded sincerely.

Meng Wu Ya’s expression fluctuated back and forth, after a long time before solemnly saying to Yang Kai, “Another day, when there’s an opportunity, we need to have a long chat.”

After not seeing him for ten years, he suddenly discovered that Yang Kai was associating with Demons, causing Meng Wu Ya a great deal of worry. In particular, the strength of this Demon lady was much higher than Yang Kai’s, it would be a simple task for her to force him into a dead end.

“We can talk later, for now, let’s head back,” Yang Kai grinned, knowing what Meng Wu Ya was worried about.

“I’ll return this thing to you now, the Blood Qi inside has almost been consumed clean by me,” Meng Wu Ya said as he handed Yang Kai the Blood Essence Stone.

Yang Kai took it and felt it, his expression changing greatly in the next moment, “What cultivation level do you have right now Treasurer Meng? How did you drain such a massive amount of Blood Qi from this thing?”

Meng Wu Ya smiled, “Before entering that place, this old master was only a First Order Saint, but now… my cultivation has been fully restored. Thanks to the torture I received while bound to that stone pillar, the seals in my body were greatly damaged, giving me the opportunity to completely destroy them.”

Yang Kai’s spirit shook as he asked enthusiastically, “So the seal has been completely removed?”

“En,” Meng Wu Ya nodded.

Yang Kai’s eyes lit up as he smiled, feeling sincerely happy for Treasurer Meng.
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