Mmorpg: Martial Gamer Chapter 737

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[Half Step Crushing Fist], as its name suggests, was a move that released a powerful punch when the user was taking half a step.

Rumour has it that this boxing technique originated from a Xing Yi Quan (a type of Chinese martial art) Martial Artist that was trapped in prison. The Martial Artist was similar to Wang Yu’s current predicament and had both his arms and legs chained together. However, to a Martial Artist, even if you are able to chain all of his limbs, you will never be able to chain his heart. Thus, that particular Martial Artist was able to create this boxing technique even when he was chained and locked in prison.

The Xing Yi Quan was a boxing technique that emphasized on one’s ability to release his power and was a rather vicious boxing technique. The [Half Step Crushing Fist] was one of the pathways of this Martial Art that had the most explosive power. Thus, its explosive strength was exceptionally high.

The high explosive power of the [Half Step Crushing Fist] compensated for its flaw in the range of its attack and the damage dealt from this move could normally one-hit K.O. an opponent. Thus, it was often called the move which “did not require a second hit”.

Wang Yu’s decision to equip the Flaming Arm Armour was to achieve the oppressive power that was required in the [Half Step Crushing Fist]. After all, in the span of half a step, not much movement speed was required as the distance travelled was insignificant.

“Oh? Standing still and punching is also considered a boxing technique?” After hearing what Yang Nuo had said, Fearless mocked. Wasn’t this similar to how primary school kids would fight?

Yang Nuo replied, “It seems like you don’t understand it at all. A normal person would not be able to receive one hit from this boxing technique.”

Ling Longmeng then asked curiously, “If a normal person would not be able to receive a hit from it, would a BOSS be able to?”

“That’s why he did not stay on the spot. Rather, he took half a step to bring himself closer to execute the punch,” Yang Nuo explained. Following which, she sighed in admiration and added, “He truly is a genius.”

As a Xing Yi Quan practitioner herself, Yang Nuo was naturally familiar with the [Half Step Crushing Fist]. The reason why Yang Nuo could only recognise the technique after Wang Yu had executed it for the second time was because the feet movement that Wang Yu had used was different from the feet movement that was meant for the [Half Step Crushing Fist].

The [Half Step Crushing Fist] was a one-hit K.O. move. Even the Baji Quan that was renowned for its brutality could not be compared to it. Furthermore, the move itself involved taking half a step instead of one full step forward. Thus, it was clear that the [Half Step Crushing Fist] was a technique that pitted strength against strength and did not allow for the user to dodge any incoming attacks.

As Wang Yu knew that he was unable to kill the BOSS in one hit, he decided to be flexible with his footwork. On the surface, it seemed as if he released his punch when he was half a step in. However, he was able to precisely and swiftly tilt his landing foot at an angle which allowed him to dodge the enemy’s attack.

Wang Yu’s was currently still bound by the shackles. Thus, his movements were restricted to no more than half a step. Regardless of whatever footwork that he used, he would not be able to move a distance greater than half a step in one stride.

With such a restriction, being able to dodge the retaliation from the BOSS was something simply ridiculous and terrifying. In Yang Nuo’s eyes, such a feat could only be pulled off by the Martial Artist who had created the boxing technique himself.

Wang Yu was currently less than 25/26 years old and yet he was able to perform such a level of Martial Art. Clearly, his talent for Martial Art was frighteningly high.

“Woah… That’s true. The BOSS didn’t even manage to touch Old Bull…” After hearing Yang Nuo’s explanation, Fearless finally came to realise it himself.

“Heh, it’s pretty good. We should all take some time to learn a thing or two from him.” Ling Longmeng acknowledged.

“…” When Yang Nuo heard it, she was speechless.

Fearless’ and Ling Longmeng’s abilities were good. However, for someone that was not a Martial Artist, they had the impression that these moves could be picked up so long as they are willing to spend some time learning it. In that case, wouldn’t there be Martial Arts geniuses everywhere? Yang Nuo was considered a Martial Arts talent and an expert amongst those her age as she had started training in Martial Arts since young. However, even she herself was far away from the level that Wang Yu was at.

While they were speaking, Wang Yu had already exchanged a few moves with the Flora Deity. However, regardless of whichever angle the Flora Deity attacked him, Wang Yu’s actions were always the same and would always easily dodge her attacks. He would first grab hold of the Flora Deity’s arm before throwing a punch towards her elbow.

As time went by, the movement of the elbow which Wang Yu kept on punching slowly started to become slower. After exchanging ten over moves, a “Crack” sound suddenly rang out. The green-jaded arm of the Flora Deity was fractured and the dagger in her hand was thrown onto the ground beneath them.

With a sweep of his hands, Wang Yu managed to scoop up the dagger, promptly analysing it.

Physical Attack: 200-240

Magical Attack: 120-160

+50 Agility

+50 Strength

Set Effect (Unactivated)

Item Description: Weapon used by the Flora Deity, Flower Whisperer to protect herself.

After seeing the attributes of the dagger, Wang Yu smiled. It seems like his speculations were right. The moment a BOSS dropped its equipment, the equipment will have its own attributes and can be equipped as well.

“Breaking Point Attack… He actually managed to execute a Breaking Point Attack on the BOSS…” When everyone saw Wang Yu snatching away the Flora Deity’s dagger, they were stunned.

Breaking Point Attack was a type of effect resulting from an attack and was a recent discovery made by the players. In order to bring about this effect, a player has to focus his attacks on a particular position on the monster, causing the monster to drop any item held by that position on the body. Of course, with the current players’ capabilities, they could only hope to pull off this effect on normal monsters. Being able to pull it off against a BOSS’s weapon was something beyond what a human can achieve and something only Wang Yu could achieve.

After all, being able to defeat a BOSS was difficult enough, much less hoping to continuously focus one’s attacks on the same spot.

After fracturing one of the arms of the Flora Deity, Wang Yu shifted to the other side and started focusing on the other hand.

When the Flora Deity was able to use both of her hands, she wasn’t even able to fend off Wang Yu’s attacks, much less now when she was only capable of using one hand. After over twenty exchanges, Wang Yu once again managed to pull off a Breaking Point Attack and the other dagger landed in the hands of Wang Yu.

Physical Attack: 120-160

Magical Attack: 200-240

+50 Spirit

+50 Intelligence

Set Effect (Unactivated)

Item Description: Weapon used by the Flora Deity, Flower Whisperer to protect herself.

After losing both her hands, the Flora Deity was practically useless. Following Wang Yu’s vicious beatings, the Flora Deity finally perished. Her jade body crumbled and fell to the ground shortly after.

After the Flora Deity was defeated, the bindings on Fearless and the rest were removed. Apart from Fearless, the rest of them still stood rooted to the spot. Clearly, they were baffled by what had unfolded in front of their eyes.

Peak Of Perfection, especially, was having mixed feelings over what had happened. He initially thought that when Wang Yu insisted on beating the BOSS to death, he was only shooting his mouth off and never took his own words seriously. Who would have known that he meant every word he said and was able to live up to it.

It was a LVL 55 Obsidian grade Ancient-class BOSS! Peak Of Perfection was starting to wonder if he was actually dreaming right now.

“She… Is she really dead this time?” Peak Of Perfection pointed at the scattered pieces of jade on the floor and asked, still refusing to believe the fact that it was all over.

After witnessing the Flora Deity resurrecting three times, everyone was traumatised and still had their doubts that she was truly dead despite the restrictions placed on them being removed.

Fearless stepped forward and placed his hand underneath the Flora Deity’s collar and said, “En, her chest is still warm. Do you want to take this opportunity and…”


“Finally she’s dead!” Wang Yu heaved a huge sigh of relief and wiped off the sweat dripping from his forehead.

Soloing a BOSS was not an easy thing to do, especially dealing with a BOSS like the Flora Deity. Furthermore, Wang Yu’s limbs were both shackled together and yet he was not beaten by the BOSS. Clearly, the amount of mental strength that he had used in that battle was unimaginable. Even though Wang Yu was not physically tired, he was tired mentally.

“Let’s loot the equipment!” Wang Yu turned around to look at Peak Of Perfection and said.

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