Mmorpg: Martial Gamer Chapter 738


“Oh… Right, right.” Peak Of Perfection who was still in shock shortly recovered from it, before hurriedly walking over to the body of the Flora Deity. He then reached out his hand to touch the corpse.

Soon, Peak Of Perfection pulled out an item that looked like a pink coloured robe. Even though everyone had yet to see the attributes of the item, the violet glow that was emanating from the robe made everyone’s heart tighten.

Everyone has their own things that they are good at. When it comes to fighting BOSSes, Wang Yu was the best at it. However, when it comes to looting corpses, if Peak Of Perfection said he was the second best at it, no one could claim that they were number one. The brat actually managed to pull out an Ancient grade item on his first pull.

Nature’s Magic Gown (Magic Gown) (Ancient)

Attack: 120-130

Magic Resistance: 300-300

+55 Intelligence

+55 Spirit

+20 Elemental Damage

[Nature’s Strength](Passive): Total magical damage increased by 30%, casting speed increased by 30%

[Nature’s Protection](Passive): Total magic resistance increased by 30%, 30% magic resistance penetration

[Nature’s Blessing](Passive): When in combat, +2% HP and MP regeneration

[Nature’s Growth](Passive): When HP drops below 30%, automatically triggers this effect. Recovers player’s HP back to the 50% mark in 5 seconds, cooldown of 360 seconds.

[Nature’s Ray](Active): When player is under [Nature’s Growth]’s effect, can choose to deal 100% of player’s magic damage as true damage in a circle of radius 500 from the player’s current position. MP cost 1200, cooldown of 360 seconds.

Job Requirement: Cloth-armoured classes

Level Requirement: 55

Item Description: Nature’s Strength was a Holy Artifact bestowed upon the Elven race by the God of Creation and was the only treasure which the previous supposed successor of the Elven Queen did not return to the Elven race.

Ancient grade ability [Nature’s Guards] (Active): MP cost: 50% of current MP Effect: Summons the Flora Deity’s three guards to fight in battle. Class and equipment of the three guards will be the same as the player’s.

“This is the equipment that can only be obtained from this hidden dungeon! Oh ancestors up above, thanks for blessing Old Peak with this lucky draw!” Spring Halo couldn’t help but exclaim in surprise after looking at the attributes of the item.

Even though the physical defense of the Nature’s Magic Gown was similar to that of other cloth armours of the same grade, the magical resistance, on the other hand, was at 300, surpassing its peers. Furthermore, this robe could actually raise one’s elemental damage and defense at the same time. When an Intelligence Job Class equips this item, the user’s magic resistance would greatly surpass even that of Tanks!

Under the passive recovery effect of both the [Nature’s Growth] and [Nature’s Blessing], it was enough to allow any individual Magic-based player to triumph over more than 10 other Magicians in combat. Even if the opponent was a Guardian, under the effect of [Nature’s Ray]’s magic resistance penetration, the enemy would not be able to survive either. Clearly, this Magic Gown was a godly item for any Magic-based job class.

Of course, apart from its overpowered attributed, another reason why an Ancient grade item was valuable was because of its additional Ancient Grade Ability.

The Ancient Grabe Ability of the Nature’s Magic Gown was a summoning ability, allowing the wearer to summon three guards to participate in battle.

However, the player would be unable to summon the Gold grade BOSS version of the three guards and could at best summon an Elite monster version. Despite so, everyone had witnessed the abilities of the three guards in the previous battle. They each had their combat specialities and some were better at attacking while the others at defending. Furthermore, the grade of the guards summoned would increase along with the player’s abilities. The guards were not in any aspect lacking when compared to the Demons that Spring Halo could summon.

A complete Ancient grade equipment was simply too overpowered. The only flaw to it, which was not really considered a flaw, was the fact that the Magic Gown was pink in colour and it was a cloth armour.

Within Quan Zhen Sect, including Wang Yu, there were a total of four players playing a cloth armoured job class. However, they were all men… Even if the item was an Ancient grade one, it was simply too revolting for a man to put it on.

Based on the attributes of the Magic Gown, if either of the four them were to wear it, they would receive a huge boost in their abilities.

A Pugilist was a close combat job that acted as a substitute tank in the front lines. Adding on the fact that Wang Yu also had some points in his Intelligence, if he were to equip it, he would become a never before seen super tank in the front lines. If Fearless was to equip it, his survivability would greatly increase, which would mean that the entire team’s survivability would increase as well. With the addition of three guards, Spring Halo’s abilities would greatly increase as well. On the other hand, as the only player in the entire game that could learn all types of magic, the Magic Gown was the most suited for Ming Du and was the most beneficial for him.

“Old Bull, since you are already used to wearing cloth armours, just take it.” Fearless initiated.

From the contributions contributed by each member in this dungeon, Wang Yu’s contribution was definitely the greatest. Even if Wang Yu decides to snatch the Magic Gown away, no one would voice out any resentment on the issue.

“No thanks, it’s trash!” Wang Yu harshly criticized the Magic Gown.

“Eh… An Ancient grade equipment is still considered trash?” everyone said, almost puking blood.

Sometimes, even a smart person like Fearless was unable to keep up with Wang Yu’s way of thinking. An authentic Ancient grade equipment was actually considered trash in Wang Yu’s eyes…

“I know that it’s an Ancient grade equipment, the thing is, it will not be beneficial for me if I were to equip it.” Wang Yu raised his hands in the air and said.

Peak Of Perfection stepped in to explain, “Do you know that if you were to equip this on, you would be even tankier than a Guardian? You would definitely be able to withstand the attacks of ten over Magicians at the same time!”

“Oh… Then all the more it would be a waste for me to equip it on since Magicians aren’t even able to hit me in the first place,” Wang Yu nodded and said.

“Eh…” When Peak Of Perfection heard what Wang Yu said, he was speechless.

However, what Wang Yu said was true. As overpowered as the Flora Deity was, her map wiping abilities couldn’t do anything to Wang Yu at all, much less other players’ attacks. Taking a step back, the armour that Wang Yu was currently equipping was a growth-type armour. Its attributes would increase as the player grows and thus was more suitable for Wang Yu’s style.

Apart from the fact that a long gown like the Nature’s Magic Gown would not be suitable for close combat fighting, asking a man like him to put on a pink coloured gown was simply too inappropriate.

“Let’s give it to Old Li then,” Spring Halo suggested, seeing that Wang Yu did not want it.

Ming Du was always the one dealing the most damage in the team. Previously, he had even sacrificed himself to protect Peak Of Perfection. Additionally, the item was most suited for Ming Du. Thus, it would be reasonable for him to have it. Of course, another important reason was that Old Li was perfectly fine with wearing pieces of female equipment, thus he would not have any complaints towards receiving this item.

When Fearless heard Spring Halo’s suggestion, he promptly agreed and said, “En, sounds good!”

After keeping the Magic Gown, Peak Of Perfection lowered his head to continue touching the corpse. Soon, he pulled out a ring that emitted a faint green glow.

“Haha, Old Peak, the luck of your draw has finally failed you for the first time.”

Seeing the green glow of the ring, everyone started laughing as the green light was an indicator that the item was of Bronze grade. Even though articles of accessory type equipment were rather rare at this stage in the game, no one could be bothered with a Bronze grade ring. It seemed like Peak Of Perfection’s luck had its limits as well.

Peak Of Perfection did not say anything and merely displayed out the attributes of the ring to everyone.

After reading the attributes of the ring, everyone’s eyes sparkled with excitement and exclaimed, “This… This ring… F*ck!”

Physical Attack: 1-1

Magic Attack: 1-1

Effects: [Deity’s Green Field]: Shapeshifting ability. Reduces the target’s body size to 10% of its original size. Unable to be cast on the wearer. When cast on an ally target, no change in the target’s attributes, duration of 120 seconds. When cast on an enemy, target’s attributes decreased by 10%, duration of 12 seconds.

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