Mmorpg: Martial Gamer Chapter 780

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“F*ck, this is the team passive skill? Why is it so useless?”

Looking at the skill added to their skill list, everyone’s sense of victory were washed away.

Usually, the more insane the skill was, the longer the cooldown time, but this was just a possible recovery skill and yet it had 1200 seconds of cooldown time. What a cheat.

1200 seconds was a full twenty minutes. A battle between the experts would take at most a few minutes. With 1200 seconds of cooldown, it could only be used on one person which was already not very helpful. Furthermore, it had a possible recovery rate so it was really barely any help.

Those team skills sold in the auction houses, at worst, had at least additional defence. This “United” was worse than the worst.

After spending so much time, they got such rubbish. It was needless to say how Quan Zhen Sect felt.

Seeing how everyone was upset, Durit smiled and said, “This is the pseudo skill. The real “United” is not just this.”

Hearing what Durit said, everyone realised that the skill had the word ‘pseudo’ behind it.

Ming Du was upset, “Didn’t we pass? Why is our reward reduced?” Reducing rewards was indeed the system’s usual style.

“Because you reap what you sow, little brother… You can pass by cheating so the reward will be given based on it too.” Durit said.

“Didn’t you say it was none of your business how we passed the rounds?”

Durit shamelessly said, “Yes, and so why is the reward my business…”

“F*ck! Despicable!”

Hearing what he said, everyone raised their middle fingers at Durit, then teleported out of the temple.

Wang Yu had the same temper as the rest of Quan Zhen Sect. As long as he was happy, he did not mind his gains and losses. Although they only received a useless skill, it was still accidental wealth.

Then again, there were three rounds in the trial. Based on Quan Zhen Sect’s intelligence, they saved more than half their energy… It was not wrong to say they cheated so it was good enough that they did not fail it and get cursed. Who would pursue such a small issue? After all, it was typical for the system to be this despicable. Upon returning to Twilight City, Quan Zhen Sect forgot about how the system played them.

Quan Zhen Sect was hanging out in a house not too far from the convenience store, gathered around a huge office table to discuss the competition.

As Quan Zhen Sect’s headquarters was destroyed not too long ago, Li Xue and the other lifestyle jobs did not have a place to stay. Hence, they rented an office but since the headquarters was renovated and the office’s rent was not up, it became Quan Zhen Sect’s new gathering spot.

In the office, Wang Yu was in his usual good mood, chatting with Choba 345 who was beside him. Fearless, Spring Halo and a few other jokers were showing off their sense of humour, humouring the ladies into laughter. Only Frost Blade was holding an old notebook to do the battle report.

The qualifying round was over and from tomorrow onwards, it would be the preliminary round.

The teams in the preliminary round had a certain standard. This time’s qualifying round had thousands of team from each main city but from every battle region, only 20 teams could pass it. On average, every main city only had 10 teams, which was a 1-in-10 pick.

To be able to fight their way to victory, they had to be top fighters with battle experience. Furthermore, because of the participation of large guilds’ teams who wanted to win, these teams had many rich top fighters.

Frost Blade read according to his script but got angry when he realised the rest was not paying attention.

“B*stards!” Frost Blade who was ignored slammed the table and stood up.

“…” Seeing Frost Blade flared up, everyone stopped chatting and turned to look at him.

Frost Blade said, “B*stards, did you hear what I said?”

“We were listening.” Ming Du turned and responded, then continued to ask the ladies, “Guess what the Pangolin said?”

“Dang! Dang!” Frost Blade took out two blades and threw them on the table, and stared at Ming Du in fury.

Ming Du panickedly sat down and smiled, “Brother, don’t be so bothered by all these details.”

“Damn it, if you guys continue to be like this, I won’t do the battle report anymore!” Frost Blade said loudly.

Darknorth Fisher rose his hands, “Frost, I am listening…”

“Good brother.” Frost Blade shed tears of joy.

“Can you repeat? I fell asleep listening halfway,” Darknorth Fisher said, feeling bad.

“Scram!” Frost Blade angrily tore apart the notebook in his hands.

“Alright, alright… Frost Blade, don’t be angry. This bunch of b*stards are like this, never serious.” Seeing Frost Blade fuming mad, Fearless hurriedly stepped out to mediate.

“Hmph!” Frost Blade snarled and ignore Fearless.

“Sigh…” Fearless sighed and said, “Let’s have the meeting proper. Mrs Bull, who is our next opponent?”

Mu Zixian looked at the battle schedule and said, “000007 Team Raptor!”

“Team Raptor?” Frost Blade heard the team’s name and shockingly repeated it.

“Frost, you know them?” Fearless asked Frost Blade nicely.

“Tsk!” Frost Blade turned his head again and ignored Fearless.

Everyone else in Quan Zhen Sect was also surprised, “F*ck! 000007, what a good number!”

“Really? What’s so good about it? Why can’t I feel it?” Wang Yu asked puzzledly.

Fearless explained, “Number 000007 means that this team is the seventh team to register in the seventh region.”

The teams’ registration number in <> were similar to car plate numbers in real life. Before there was mass registration, the earlier teams were registered based on time sequence.

For example, Quan Zhen Sect’s headquarters’ registration number was 000001 as their headquarters was the first to be registered in <>.

However, as the number of teams increased, to earn money, the gaming company sold a lot of sequential number and lucky numbers in the stores. Once they messed it up, the newer teams’ registration number was random, causing today’s chaotic situation.

Hence, for Team Raptor to have a single-digit registration team number, they were not just veterans but they were also registered very early on. To be able to pass the team quest in the game’s early days meant that even if this team was not strong, they were not weak.

“I see” Wang Yu rubbed his chin and mumbled, “I wonder how’re their abilities? If it can match up to this registration number.”

“Of course!” Frost Blade said furiously, “You guys played the game for so long and haven’t heard of the Raptor’s team?”

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