Mmorpg: Martial Gamer Chapter 781

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“Are they really famous?” everyone inexplicably asked.

Frost Blade replied, “You have probably heard of who War Is Peace is right?”

“F**k!” As Fearless heard his name, he was a little triggered. “Are you refer to that War Is Peace?”

“It is indeed that War Is Peace!”

“So it turns out that it is that guy. That is no surprise,” Darknorth Fisher muttered with a serious frown on his face.

War Is Peace is a popular figure in the mercenary community. The people in the circle called him “Lord Seventh” and he is indeed a person with strong connections and combat abilities.

Unlike Darknorth Fisher who relied on illicit activities for income, War Is Peace only engaged in proper business in a large number of industries.

Darknorth Fisher was claimed to be the Mercenary King because he was always very cautious when doing things. He was never caught in a situation where he had miscalculated.

However, no matter what type of mission War Is Peace accepted, he was able to successfully complete each mission. All the top players know that War Is Peace was actually the unrivalled one. Thus, he was given the nickname Mercenary God.

With the formation of each mercenary group, it was a tradition to visit War Is Peace to pay their respects. Even for a renowned mercenary group with Darknorth Fisher, they would also visit War Is Peace without fail. The consequence of not doing so would mean trouble for the group.

Team Raptor’s registration number was seven. It was not the case that they were only ranked at the seventh place. However, they chose the number seven to be associated with War Is Peace nickname of “Lord Seventh”. For a team to be able to choose their number freely was indicative of the group’s combat strength. Even big guilds would not dare trifle with such a mercenary group.

“Others do not know about Team Raptor, but even you Darknorth Fisher don’t know? Isn’t he your superior?” Frost Blade ridiculed Darknorth Fisher.

Darknorth Fisher’s face darkened as he replied, “My team was only formed for two days before people went up to find trouble with us… Where would I find the time to pay them a visit?”


Frost Blade uttered to himself, “Hehe, there is some upside to this predicament. You don’t have to worry when you are with us. Bully whoever you see fit. Isn’t it better than being a mercenary?”

Darknorth Fisher flashed a smile and said, “Oh, that’s true. You bunch of trash are indeed better than others in some ways.”

Wang Yu sighed, “Little Fish, your words are so vulgar. Becoming more and more like a Quan Zhen Sect member!”

“I have also never denied that I was an inseparable part of the Quan Zhen Sect,” Darknorth Fisher replied softly.

Frost Blade was still a little angry. However, as Darknorth Fisher expressed his feelings, Frost Blade’s anger subsided.

“Anyway, how much confidence do you have facing the old boss?” Frost Blade chuckled and asked Darknorth Fisher.

“If it was the me in the past, I would have no confidence… But things are different now.” Darknorth Fisher glanced at the crowd before him and his gaze landed onto Wang Yu, “It is only Team Raptor, nothing much to be afraid of!”

“I am very pleased with your confidence!” Frost Blade patted Darknorth Fisher on the shoulder and said, “But the rules for the competition is going to be different from today. When meeting an expert, one can only rely on themselves.”

“Rules?” Everyone was startled, “What rules?”

Mu Zi Xian who was the team leader answered, “The rules have changed from group PVP to that of a regular match setting.”

“Oh, so this is the case!” Hearing Mu Zi Xian’s explanation, everyone was enlightened.

The official competition was divided into three modes. King of the Hill, 1v1 PVP and team PVP.

Everyone was familiar with the rules of team PVP. It was a battle between two teams in a stipulated amount of time. A team would get a point by killing a member from the opposing team. After the clock is run down, the team with the most number of people still alive would be victorious. Furthermore, the winning team would receive 10 points for their victory.

1v1 PVP would be individual battles. Each team would choose five members out of their ten to represent them to battle five other players from the opposing team. The winner of each individual battle would get two points. While similarly, the team with the most points after five battles would receive an additional five points for their victory.

Similarly, for the King of the Hill battle, each team would send out five members. After each battle, the person that is victorious continues to fight the next member from the opposing team. This happens until all the five players from the opposing team have lost.

Each round win is also worth two points while the winner of their mode would receive five points.

The total available points were 20+15+15, for a total of fifty points. The final results would be based on this tally.

That said, even though there was such a strong competitor like Wang Yu, if his teammates were not up to par, they also could not progress far in the competition.

This was because Wang Yu was only in control of his own battles and he could not help his teammates in any way in their individual battles.

After they understood the competition rules, Darknorth Fisher laughed and playfully nudged Frost Blade’s shoulder, “As long as you don’t drag our feet and be a burden, we still have a chance.”

“Not bad, not bad!” The people nodded in agreement and looked to steal a glance towards Frost Blade.

“…” Frost Blade did not know how to respond.

Although the Quan Zhen Sect was small, all the members were talented in their own ways. There was only Frost Blade which relied on Renminbi. Within the Sect, other than Fearless which had no attack ability, Frost Blade did not have the confidence to win any of the others in battle.

As for Ling Longmeng and Mu Zi Xian, Frost Blade wouldn’t stoop so low to compare himself to two girls… This was even so when they were just reserves.

The competing teams were of good standard. Even though they could not be compared to those teams with big guilds behind them, they still had commendable equipment.

Frost Blade was a potential weak spot for Quan Zhen Sect.

According to the rules of Quan Zhen Sect, those who fall behind will be laughed at… After the competition, Frost Blade was highly likely to be the next laughingstock of the Quan Zhen Sect.

“Hey, don’t worry, Frost Blade. We are good brothers. Even if you let us down, we won’t laugh at you.” Ming Du was the first to jump out and console Frost Blade, even though his emotions did not seem that he was truly concerned about Frost Blade.

“Scram, you take care of yourself. I want to be a reserve too!” Frost Blade vented out his anger annoyance as he moved his stool to sit at a corner.


Just when everyone was gloating, they heard a large sigh. As they turned in the direction of the sound, they saw Wang Yu’s palms to his cheeks and his elbows lodged the table. He clearly was in a depressed mood.

“What happened to you, Iron Bull? Why are you sighing?” Everyone was confused.

“Sigh…” Wang Yu let out another sigh as he learned Ming Du’s tone. “Everyone is a good brother. When it is time to compete, I hope everyone won’t drag me down.”


As the crowd heard Wang Yu, they all felt embarrassed and went to sit in a row beside Frost Blade.

Mu Zi Xian playfully punch Wang Yu and scolded, “You guys, stop playing around!”

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